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    Any graphic designers use Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    Galaxy Note 10.1 either the old or the new 2014 edition... If you use this for graphic design what are your thoughts? Is the S-Pen useful or a gimmick. Are there any apps you can do vector art in and save out as an ai file? Thanks
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    T amps are overhyped

    There I said it. I keep reading posts about how good they sound.. So I bought one that I didn't even really need... a Topping TP21. It sound thin, reedy, underpowered and no better than a mid range AVR. I won't be recommending one again to anybody. Sure for the price and the size it's not...
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    XBone Kinect

    Is this thing is always on, even when the Xbox is turned off? Wow, that sounds horrible with all the recent NSA revelations. i realise you can power it down, but honestly who's going to do that 6 months from now when you're used to it in the living room and you've forgotten all that just...
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    audio - how to increase the quality of sound

    I don't claim to be an expert, I'm not. I've spent the last 18 months obsessed with audio, the 18 months before I was obsessed with computers, which is why I now hang out in this section :D I feel like I know enough to lay down some general thoughts and maybe they can help somebody, feel free...
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    FS: Intel Celeron G530 - 2.4ghz

    Only had it for about 4 months, upgraded my cpu to an i5 since I found myself doing a lot of gaming on my HTPC... That said, this was good for gaming and my i5 is not really that much better in many games. I bought this for $50, sell for $35. Has oem heatsink and original box However I really...
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    PowerDVD 10 and letterboxing

    It drives me nuts that all the blu rays I have are in a different aspect ration to 16:9 TV and I get letterboxing. Does anyone have this issue? I can zoom in on my TV but I lose quality, why are things not formatted to the TV like they were with DVDs PowerDVD sucks and has no way of...
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    Are plasmas still bad for static screens?

    Looking at getting a new TV... either this or this
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    Thoughts on this HTPC build?

    Will be for HTPC, mostly music, movies and perhaps some light gaming. I already have an OS Radeon 4670 - Already own M-Audio 24 bit sound card - Own 4GB Crucial Ballistix 1600MHZ - Already own OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Link $54.99 Crucial 64 GB m4 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive SATA...
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    Internet never works on first boot of PC

    So, I need some help, everytime I turn on my PC it doesn't see the modem or router and won't connect to internet. I have to turn on the PC, unplug the modem and router and replug them in before it sees the internet. Any other way of doing it doesn't work. (I leave modem router on 24/7, PC is the...
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    ipod 7th gen... USB 3.0?

    The wife wants an ipod, I've tried to steer her clear of them for a long time... Does the latest one work with USB 3.0? Can't find info... seems like it is 2.0 Have they started making any mp3 players yet that are 3.0?
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    Need help with Ram/Mobo issue

    So I bought an extra 4gb of Ram for my system, installed, everything worked fine, played BFBC2 for about 3 hours then the game froze. I shut down the PC and when I booted it, everything powers up except it just wont boot, black screen. There's no beeps or anything. I switched out the video card...
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    Project: G5 Case mod

    Well, all the Apple puns have taken since this is a pretty common mod, however I'm going to post my worklog anyway even though it's been done before. Modding G5 case to fit an ATX PC. I don't want this to look like an Apple, Apple logos must die a painful death. Will either paint, powder coat or...
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    Nikon Lenses are on backorder

    I was hoping to buy this lens. The Nikon 35mm prime 1.8G. But it is out of stock everywhere, looks like it won't be in stock for months. There are...
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    Nikon Lenses are on backorder

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    Would this work?

    So, I really hate my shitty bluetooth headset but want to take calls in my car... I've got an Android - samsung moment and an old car with the cassette adaptor running to the stereo,, I usually have my phone plugged into this to listen to music. When a call comes the music automatically stops...
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    Need recommendations for a laptop

    Budget around $500. It's for a friend. So far I have this one in mind, but some of the reviews are kind of low.
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    Mainboard temp twice as hot as CPU?

    A little help here? I'm confused, why would my mainboard temp be 59c? Thats so much hotter than my GPU or CPU Motherboard is biostar 890FXE, could it be a loose heatsink, bad sensor etc. Not really familiar with the CPU-ID software so don't know which part is so hot.
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    Thoughts on this Acer for eyefinity 24" for $180 And the bezel are only 1.5 cm all the way around. Anyone have this monitor or a similar one?
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    Multiple simultaneous audio

    Ok, so I have a motherboard capable of outputting HD sound along with an M-Audio 24 bit 5.1 sound card which is connected to a 5.1 receiver, connected to my speakers. Now I can't seem to figure out a way of say playing one set of sounds through my headphones through the onboard sound like if I...