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    Firefox 91 What do you use as User Profile local Backup software?

    I am using Firefox for over 20 years. After Installing Win 7 Pro 64bit, I did stayed at Firefox 56.0 for as much as possible, because they were available Plug-in that aloud Password editor and password local backup and import tool too. I was forced to switch this week to Firefox 91, mostly...
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    Intel Socket 1150 - Z97 weight limit for the CPU cooler

    At my recent research about Z97 boards, I found that gigabyte at their FAQ it mentions max cooler weight limit at 450g. I have Prolimatech Armageddon 750g over P45 board in the past decade. Are Z97 boards thinner than P45 boards?
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    Pending for deletion

    Nothing to read ...
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    NVIDIA GPU naming an honor to mathematician's

    My brain-cells was unable to connect in these last two decades, that NVIDIA using names of significant mathematician's at their GPU's. Blaise Pascal Alan Turing Large part of international world, this not familiar with mathematics science, and their hero, especially the youth. If we had...
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    Q9650 vid 1.30 Oced 3.8G DDR3 1333 long term statistics

    Regards to all from Greece. May of 2021, I did upgrade my Q6600 and got an Q9650, as assistance because I was looking for a bit more horsepower for playing Battlefield V. Q9650 shown as much better CPU, as it has higher internal transistors count, and delivered performance this is not coming...