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    WTB: Mini / Micro PC (HP Elitedesk / Prodesk or similar)

    Looking to buy a mini / micro PC for my mother. I-5, 8gb+, ssd, wifi, win 10 compatible. Let me know what you have. Price shipped to AZ. Deal done with DeaconFrost.
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    FS: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 (Nvidia) & AMD Game Bundle (Borderlands 3 or The Outer Worlds)

    Just built a new PC and looking to sell the rewards from purchasing an Nvidia 2070 Super and AMD 3700X. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 (Nvidia 1 Game Reward - You will need an RTX card to activate) - $40 SOLD and sent to sirplayalot Borderlands 3 or The Outer Worlds (AMD Ryzen Equipped to...
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    WTB Nexus 5x

    Found one. Looking to buy my mother-in-law a new phone that is easy for me to troubleshoot, and it can't be an iphone o_O. Mint/Like New/Refurbished quality only. Paypal ready.
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    WTB: Nexus 6

    Looking for a Nexus 6. Color does not matter, but it must be at least 9/10 for condition.
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    Genuine Xerox DocuColor 5000/7000/8000 Toner / Developer Supplies

    My company replaced our digital press at the beginning of the year and we just found a surplus of consumables hidden in a back room. Instead of just throwing it out, I'd like to see if we can recoup some costs. Everything is new/sealed and genuine Xerox product. I've priced everything below...
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    FS: 4x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 CL8

    Two sets of 2x4gb (16gb total) in original packaging with UPC. Lifetime warranty. DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Timing 8-8-8-24 Cas Latency 8 Voltage 1.5V This exact ram: Ran in my...
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    WTB: Guild Wars 2 Key(s)

    Looking to gift to a few friends. There have been sales recently for $10 but I was out of town for the last one. If you have an extra unused key you'll part with for close to that price, let me know. Base game only, they don't care about the upcoming HoT expansion.
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    FS: EVGA 780TI SC (03G-P4-2883-KR) with backplate

    This card: Reference cooler, with an EVGA 780 back plate installed. 582 days left on warranty (as of 4/5/15). Original box and all accessories included. Looking to get $375 shipped...
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    WTB: EVGA GTX 980

    Looking for an EVGA 980 SC. Reference or ACX cooler. Backplate would be a plus, but not necessary. Best price shipped to 85016.
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    FREE: Insurgency Keys

    Two free left. Take em, say thanks, or not, I don't really care. :cool:
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    WTB: 8 GB (2x4) or 16GB (2x8) 1600mhz DDR3 sodimm ram

    Looking to grab some ram to upgrade a late 2012 mac mini (MD387LL/A). Either 8gb (2x4gb) or 16gb (2x8gb). Must be DDR3 1600mhz at 1.35 volts.
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    PLP (20-30-20) Broken in Catalyst >13.9

    So I've been on catalyst 13.9 since September of last year, with no issues. Had some free time and decided to see if there was a "latest-n-greatest" driver out, see that the 14.4 whlq came out a few months ago and decide to install and test it out. I run a 20-30-20 PLP setup using two Dell...
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    FS $50 Google Play, 8gb DDR2 800, Kindle Fire

    Heat in signature. I ship next business day from payment via USPS priority. Paypal/Amazon payments/Amazon gift card accepted. Offers welcome. PM with any questions. $50 Google Play card $40 SOLD $40 SOLD 4x2gb (8gb total) OCZ Reaper DDR2 800. $50 shipped SOLD All four sticks are the...
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    FS/FT Deadlight, Mark of the Ninja, Shadow Planet, Toy Soldiers, Iron Brigade

    I have some left over amazon steam keys. Sale price listed (each), discounts for multiples. Will also consider trades for steam games I do not own. Steam profile is d0tcommie. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (x2) - $2.50 Iron Brigade (x2) - $2.50 Toy Soldiers (x2) - $2.50
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    FS/FT Hotline Miami & Darksiders

    Have some extra steam games from amazon sales. Payment in the form of amazon giftcard preferred. I might also trade for small steam games I do not have. Heat in sig. Hotline Miami - All Gone Darksiders - $2
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    WTB Das Keyboard Professional Silent (MX Brown) or similar

    Looking for a Das Keyboard Professional S MX Brown or Blue switches. Would prefer the old style without the media keys (made in Taiwan). Will also consider similar quality keyboards with MX Brown switches, or MX Black switches (if good enough deal).
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    New Das S Professional Soft Quality

    I ordered what I thought was an older style Das S Professional Silent (MX Browns), but Amazon's description was off and it's actually a non silent (MX Blues) version. I can't seem to find anything but the new Silent Das with the media keys, which rumor has, is now made in China instead of...
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    FS: XFX 5850 & Sleeping Dogs Steam Key

    Best way to reach me is through PM. Email is rufio at cox dot net. Heatware is under 'dotcommie' (60-0-0) Offers/trades welcome. All included shipping is via carrier of my choice and US only unless otherwise specified (HI and AK please contact for pricing). Amazon Payments preferred but will...
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    Which 7950 to buy? (Gigabyte WF3 or Sapphire 950 / Vapor-X)

    It's time to upgrade my trusty 5850 to something with more umph at 2560x1600. Having trouble deciding on which for the following 3 cards to purchase. GIGABYTE GV-R795WF3-3GD - $309 AR SAPPHIRE 100352OCSR 950mhz edition - $329 SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100352VXSR - $329 I've never owned a...
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    WTT Steam/Desura Keys (mostly indie)

    Steam Keys Sol Survivor Greed Black Border (x4) Critical Mass (x3) Fortix 2 (x3) Bunch of Heroes (x3) Hacker Evolution (x4) Hacker Evolution Duality Hacker Evolution: Untold Your Doodles are Bugged In Momentum Future Wars (x4) Trapped Dead (x4) Steel Storm:Burning Retribution (x4)...
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    Recommend me an HTPC Mobo

    Looks like due to a possibly faulty SSD I may need to reformat my HTPC/Plex Server. Since it is totally annoying to open this thing up, I'm thinking of doing a rebuild when I swap boot drives. Current System Specs: Cpu: E6600 C2Duo @2.4ghz Mobo: P5WDh Deluxe Ram: 8gb DDR2 800 OS: Win 7...
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    Slooooooooowww SSD

    To preface, my plex media server was using an old maxtor 7200 rpm drive that sounded like an airsoft gun. I replaced it with an edge 128mb sata2 SSD in October, and ghosted the system drive. Everything was working fine. Over time it seemed that the new SSD was actually slower and more laggy...
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    PLEX Windows client now available

    I've been using the plexbmc plugin with XBMC to stream from plex media server. Looks like they finally released a windows client. :D
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    Win 7 Backup & Restore RE: Dynamic Disks

    My HTPC is running a 128gb SSD for the boot drive and has two 3tb drives in a dynamic software mirrored raid that hold all of my data. My intention is to have backup and restore make system images of the HTPC C:\ (SSD) drive and store them on the 3tb mirror. I also want to save images from...
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    Asus P5W DH Deluxe and 3tb Drives

    I know that 3tb drives need to be formatted as a GPT partition to use the full 3tb, and they can't be used as a boot drive, but does anyone know if there are any controller issues with the P5W DH Deluxe and 3tb drives? I'd like to get two of the Hitachi 0S03230 that are on sale at newegg for my...
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    Dolby Digital/DTS vs "Multi Channel In"

    I'm in the process of finishing up my HTPC and have run into an issue (that may not even be an issue) with HDMI audio. I have a HD6450 (XFX HD-645X-ZQH2) going to my Denon 2307CI AVR. When playing an MKV with a Dolby Digital or DTS track the Denon's display shows the stream as being "Multi...
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    Adding a secondary HDD w/windows installation then deleting windows

    This one is probably going to cost me some [H] points... I'm building a new system and I'm doing a fresh Win7 install on a SSD. My old Win7 drive is a 750gig WD black that has all of my data backed up (in folders on the rood, not in any user accounts). I was going to transfer the data to an...
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    Should I get a 5570 or 6450 for my re-purposed HTPC?

    I'm about to build a new 2600K system and would like to re-purpose my E6600 machine as a htpc. It will consist of the following: SIlverstone LC13B (New) Corsair cx430 (New) Asus p5wDH Deluxe (system pull) E6600 (system pull) 8gb DDR2 Ram (system pull) WD 750 Black (system pull)...
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    WTB: Broken 160gb iPod Classic

    Looking for an ipod for my car. All it needs to be able to do is sync and stay on while plugged in. Broken screen, broken touch wheel, broken headphone jack, less than perfect battery life, all acceptable. I would prefer a non liquid damaged unit and there must not be anything wrong with the...
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    Another mobo thread v. is the P8Z68-V PRO for me

    I have been slowly piecing together a new system to replace my grossly out-dated E6600 build. The system will be equal parts work and play, with the non-game related heavy hitting being CS5 work. So far I have the following: Corsair TX750 rev1 (system pull) XFX reference 5850 (system pull)...
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    14' Core i3/i5 notebooks w/1600x900 screen

    I know of the Envy 14 but something just doesn't sit right with me about the screen being a $300 dollar addon now when it was included in the base price at release. Are there any other i3/i5 notebooks with a 1600x900 (or 1680x1050) screen option around $1000?
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    AV123 ELT525 Monitor Speakers (Cherry) $169/pair Shipped

    First Hot deal post so be nice :cool: AV123 is having a pre Christmas sale on their ELT525 Monitors. Regular price is $299 plus shipping per pair; on sale for $169 shipped per pair. I expect these will sell fast. Link Audioholics Mini Review From what I have read these would make a perfect...
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    Rufio's WTB thread: Radeon 4890/4870/gtx260

    Bought a 4870 1gb locally.
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    Rufio's FS Thread: EVGA 8800GT, Xfi Xtream Music, $25 iTunes, Watches & Free Stuff

    Updated 9.19.2011 Best way to reach me is through PM. Email is rufio at cox dot net. Heatware is under 'dotcommie' (59-0-0) Offers/trades welcome. All included shipping is via carrier of my choice and US only unless otherwise specified (HI and AK please contact for pricing). Paypal...
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    Win 7 x64 7zip/Winrar Issue

    Upgraded from Vista x64 to Win 7 x64 and now I cannot create compressed files using 7zip or Winrar using the "Add to archive" context menu. I get a 'Cannot create xxxxxx.rar/zip/.7z, Access is denied' error. I can however successfully create an archive using window's send to compressed folder...
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    E6600 to Q6700 on p5wdh deluxe

    With the price of Q6700 chips being halved, I was thinking its time for a easy power boost. I currently have a 2 year old E6600 running at 350 fsb (x9 = 3.15 ghz) default voltage on a p5wdh deluxe. Ive read that the quads will work on this board with a bios update (done prior to swapping...
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    $188.93 staples cash card for $175

    Got a big rewards check from my last business purchase at staples and do not need anything else. Save a little extra money for that back to school push! I know for a fact that there will be a 12% customer appreciation promotion going on the week of the 29th that can save you even more money...
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    FS: Intel E6300 and DG965WH

    fastest sale ever I had totally forgotten I had this, it has been in a moving box in my living room for the last 5 months and I just found it while finally unpacking the new place. No time/funds to build a 4th computer around this so its gotta go. Both new/retail - $175...
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    sound card with 2 front stereo output capability

    I have a base xfi that uses bus routing to give me two minijack outs for front stereo. This card is craptastic, the drivers slow my startup and >50% of the time I startup in recording mode with BLARING staticy horrid distortion spewing from the speakers. Drivers have not solved this problem...
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    FS: Pristine Grado SR-125 headphones + extras

    Opted out from grado to audiotechnica. A900s on the way. SR-125 complete in retail packaging with extras. Bought new from and burned in for the standard 48 or so hours. Only put another 5 hrs on these before my head pleaded for some more comfy cans. Tried everything (hence...