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    5 years... It's time.

    I haven't upgraded my board and processor since 9/8/2009. I used to be big into over clocking and upgraded every 6 months. But competing hobbies have taken me away from the cycle and for a long time it wasn't financially worth upgrading for such a small percentage gain. I've been thinking...
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    What do you use to control your HTPC?

    What input device do you use for a dedicated HTPC? I'm using the Lenovo N5901 but find the keys very small and the track ball a little cumbersome. I do like its small size though. Full size keyboard and mouse is out of the question for me. I wish I could get a Wii remote to work with my HTPC.:D
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    Driver issue or bad card?

    I have a 6870 with 10.10e drivers and have three monitors hooked up. two HP w2207 and one NEC EA231wmi. The NEC is DP and the two HPs are on DVI. My issue is that one of the monitors in extended mode displays a black screen only. It is detected fine by Windows and CCC but I get nothing on...
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    Win7 Sync Center question

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to synchronize my photos that are on a network share but don't want the local sync file on C:\ There doesn't seem to be an easy way to move those files in sync center. (I have a 64gb SSD with my profile on D:\ I did that through a registry hack.) does...
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    A [H]ard Drive

    bored today. Played around with my camera and lighting and needed something mildly interesting to take a picture of.
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    Win 7 Windows Virtual PC/XP Mode question

    I have Win7 RTM loaded and just upgraded my PC (New CPU and Board) and want to blow my system away and reload. Does anybody know if you can just copy the "Windows XP Mode" folder from C:\Program Files and not have to reinstall XP Mode? I don't want to have to reload everything in Virtual XP...
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    Help for HTPC newb?

    I have a PC with Windows Home Server (Core 2 Duo E4500 with 4GB ram) and like to hook it up directly to my TV to stream Movies (DVDs and Blu Ray) I'm looking at buy a Gigabyte 4350 video card and a Lite-On Blu-ray player. I want to connect the video card to my TV with an HDMI cable and watch...
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    Internet t1 - frame relay?

    My company now has fractional (768)T1 frame relay and is going to "Internet T1" to save money. First of all, what is the difference and will it be faster? Our network now is pathetic. At each site we have, on average, 50 devices that all need to communicate to a central office. There are no...
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    How is your cards Warranty process?

    I had to RMA a EVGA 260 that I've only had for 5 months. It just refused to work. No video on post. just nothing. I was running it as stock speed with stock cooling. It cost me $16 to ship it back and EVGA will not cross ship so I have to wait about two or more weeks. How has your experience...
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    Far Cry 2 Sutpid question

    How the hell do you back up when in vehicles in Far Cry 2. There doesn't seem to be any options to map a key for reverse.
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    COD WaW blows!

    I just bought COD WaW and couldn't believe the crappy graphics and very very linear game play. I bought this game for the CO-OP and haven't tried it yet. Hope when I do it makes up for it.
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    Wasting my money on a 280?

    I have a 22" widescreen monitor running at 1680x1050. Is a GTX280 (389 after rebate Free Far Cry2) a waste of money running that resolution? I want to stick with Nvidia EVGA. I will be playing all current and future games that come out in the next year. Well maybe not all of them...but the...
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    Current Intel CPU price drop?

    How much will the current Intel processors drop in price after the i7 release? I have a Q6600 now with a 650 EVGA nvidia board and am looking to upgrade. I originally wanted to wait for the Core i7 but am rethinking that decision. Maybe a Q9550 with an X48 board and DDR3 memory. If I can...
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    FS: IBM A31 Laptop 2GHZ P4m 512MB Ram

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    Nehalem Bloomfield Pricing

    Has anybody seen pricing for the Nehalem Bloomfield coming in late 08? I'm putting money aside this summer and want an idea what I'll need. Already budgeting for a new board and memory. I have an EVGA 650i and an Q6600 and 4GB of DDR2 800. Board will be worthless, thinking of screwing it...
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    Beaver Case Mod

    No not that kind of beaver... Pervert! Although that would be funny too. :D Beaver Case Mod
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    Is BTX Dead?

    What ever happened to the BTX form factor. Has it been officially killed off?
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    TCP/IP Printers?

    My company prints to printers with TCP/IP not printer queues. Were replacing several hundred laptops and most of our laptop users have dozens of printers installed. How can I back up TCP/IP printers and transfer them from one laptop to another without having to reinstall all of them again? I...
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    NVTweak\Coolbits Vist64

    is there a utility to unlock the over clocking function in the newest Nvidia drivers 158.24 with Vista 64? thanks
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    Rinbot Virus ?

    Anybody else been having problems with W32.Rinbot in their company recently. I've had to deal with this crap since Monday.
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    97.46 NVidia Vista drivers Not Working

    I just downloaded the 97.46 drivers released today by NVidia for Vista and can’t get them to load. I tried manually installing the driver with no luck. I get an error saying there was problem during installation. I did do an uninstall of the old driver first. I asked my brother in law if he...
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    Mad Dog Compusa 600W power supply?

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    Is Gmail ever coming out of Beta?

    Is G-Mail ever coming out of Beta? It's been in Beta for nearly 3 years. I use it almost exclusively now and am thinking about switching to Yahoo.
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    Best $ Free DVD to DIVX MPEG software?

    I want to convert several DVDs to DIVX or MPEG what is the best free software for doing that?
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    CPU for a home file server?

    I'm putting together a file server for home use and will be running Windows Server 2003 (no I will not use Linux) I have an Asus A8NSLI Delux mother board. What should I get for a processor? Am I wasting my money on a dual core? I can get a retail 3800+ for $150 or should I get a single core...
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    Quad Core CPUs?

    "Quad Core CPUs In 1Q 2007" How many apps today even take advantage of dual core never mind quad core. Once an app is written for dual processors does it then have to be rewritten or patched for quad core? If thats the case there is no point of being the first to buy a quad core, Of course...
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    Snap Server 3.4.805?

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    COD2 or Quake 4

    I'm getting Quake 4 for free from EVGA after buying a 7800GT for $300 I really wanted COD2. Should I trade my copy of Quake for COD2 or would I be just as happy with Quake 4? Basiclly which is a better game?
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    FS - 80 sticks of 128MB PC133 SDRAM $120

    128mb Sdram Pc133 Assorted Brands (no Generics) Micron - Samsung - Toshiba - Kingston - Etc.... This Memory Is Used And Was Pulled From Working Systems
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    Free 7800gt when you buy COD!!

    Free 7800gt when you buy COD!! Ofcourse COD cost $300 I'm sure most of you by now have seen this deal at Newegg Free SLI Motherboard with purchase. What a joke. the same card with out the "free" Motherboard is $304 :rolleyes:
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    Highest voltage for Opteron 165

    I ordered an Opteron 165 from Monarch (dont get me started on how much I think they suck. I ordered it two weeks ago and had to e-mail them twice to get a status) anyways I see that some people are getting pretty outragous overclocks. I was wondering what the highest voltage you can safely...
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    Anybody Remember the game CarmaGeddon??

    Anybody Remember the game CarmaGeddon?? Of all the remakes of old classics they really have to bring back this awsome game!!
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    Free DVD to DIVX-AVI software??

    I'm looking for free DVD to DIVIX or AVI software. I want to rip DVDs to my laptop to occupy my kids on a three hour flight. I'm not really concerened with quality, more so with size. My HDD is only 20GB. Anybody have any suggestions. The key word in this post is free. Thanks
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    Free DVD to DIVIX or AVI software

    I'm looking for free DVD to DIVIX or AVI software. I want to rip DVDs to my laptop to occupy my kids on a three hour flight. I'm not really concerened with quality, more so with size. My HDD is only 20GB. Anybody have any suggestions. The key word in this post is free. Thanks
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    A8N-SLI Beta BIOS 1005 changes?

    Anybody know what was changed in the 1005sd beta BIOS for the ASUS A8N-SLI? I already flashed my BIOS with it and didn't notice any obvious differences. I was running the 1004 beta before.
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    Asus A8N-SLI Chip set replacement fan?

    Any body know where I can find a replacement chipset fan for the Asus A8N-SLI board? Mine started making a wierd whining sound and I want to replace it before it fails. I'm looking for a quite one.
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    Mad Dog Compusa 600W power supply?

    I need a new power supply and noticed that CompUSA has a modular 600W power supply with four fans that are controllable. It states that it is 620W Peak and 600W normal. It has a 5 year warranty and after rebate it's only $80. I don't think I really need 600W but I like the fact that its...
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    6600 GTx2 SLI or single 6800 ultra?

    I cant find a 6800 ultra PCIe for for what it would cost for two 6600Gts. 6800 ultras are running about $500 if you can find them but 6600Gts you can get for about $200. The MSI SLI nForce4 board at ZIPZOOMFLY is only 20$ more than the non SLI nForce4 board. Am I missing some thing. I've read...
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    Thermaltake Big Water CL-W0005

    I've seen plenty of reviews for the Thermaltake BigWater but cant find any body that sells it. Can somebody let me know if they have seen it any where for sale?