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    PS3 slim to be released on 1st of September?

    I never met a dead horse I didn't want to beat... I have owned a 360 and a PS3. I currently have a PS3 and both systems seem the same to me. My PS3 was worth the extra $100 because it had a Blu Ray player and wireless built into it. On the other hand the 360 is worth the price because...
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    How to get rid of Xbox live gold

    I went through the process last week and was expecting a long drawn out call. It took me less than 5 minutes and I had no problems with MS. They did ask me why I was canceling, but there was no follow-up question to that. I still wish I could have done it online though.
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    1KW PSUs.

    I had purchased one of these locally after reading the review on Hardocp. The build quality seems nice, even though I don't know what to look for, and the fact it was modular was great. Unfortunately, mine was a dud and I returned it after a couple of days.My computer was constantly freezing...
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    Mirrors edge PC any one get it?

    After reading thread I picked up a copy of this game. I was having the random lockup issue and was infuriated. I tried several things to fix before I realized my own mistake in not looking for a patch. Installed 1.01 and everything works great now. The game itself is very fun and does a good...
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    Best glossy 24" LCD?

    feron315, I have it connected with a DVI to HDMI cable and haven't had any issues with it going sleep. Keep in mind I generally shut down when I leave my computer. I have played COD5 and Crysis on it with no complaints. I am coming from some Acer 22" I got pretty cheap over a year ago so...
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    Best glossy 24" LCD?

    I decided to finally get a new monitor and went to the local CompUSA. After doing a little bit of research I decided a TN panel was really all my budget would allow. I went into the store to check out a Samsung T260 and a LG W2600H with the assumption I would be purchasing one of these monitors...
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    Quick question...

    Need some advice on a power supply and likely just need a link to a reliable calculator. I currently have an evga 280 regular, Q6600 OCed to 3.2, 4gb of ram: 1 gb sticks, single sataHD, and a single sata DVD RW drive. I would like to try SLI and purchase another 280 Will my Corsair tx650...
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    Fallout... finally played it.

    Thanks OP I was undecided if I should get FO3, but for some reason your post was the one to convince me I needed it. I stopped by the store on the way home from work and am installing now. Thanks.
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    280 Strange Noise

    I wish I had some explanation and appreciate the help I know it is coming from the video card and not a fan or the psu. The card works well so I can't complain. Actually, I probably would complain but I think I may do the trade-up if the rumored 290 release is within my 90-day period...
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    280 Strange Noise

    Thanks for the suggestion Any idea what the noise could be?
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    280 Strange Noise

    I have an evga 280 w/ stock cooler and have noticed a clicking noise under load. I opened the case and verified it was coming from the card and thought maybe it was the fan. Having stopped the fan entirely, for a very short moment, the noise persisted. Anybody have an idea what this could...
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    I love EVGA

    I bought my first evga card just recently, a 280. The overwhelming amount of posts similar to the op's are what sold me on the company. I hope I never have to RMA this card, which has been more than I could have asked for, but if I do I am confident I will have a good experience.
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    Garmin Nuvi 200W $139.99 AC

    Thanks guys, I had been debating picking one up and this offer sold me on it. I tested it on the way home and it worked well for me. I am in Tampa and don't travel through the bad part of town often so this works well. Any idea on what to expect with battery life?
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    Is quad-core really worth it?

    Last night I went out drinking for my roommate's birthday and a friend I don't see too often came with us. We are both pretty big into computers, him even more so than myself, and I have to say I think it was the first time I had ever seen an advantage of a quad core personally. He got to...
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    Silent(or nearly) Mice

    I own a deathadder and it clicks quite loudly.
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    Review: Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 on 8800GT (dialup beware!)

    I had ordered a a S1 from SVC a couple of weeks ago and am still waiting on it. When it arrives is there any way I can use the header on my 8800gt to power the 120mm fan I will be placing on the cooler? I was thinking it would be cool to be able to continue to use rivatuner to control fan speed...
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    My pictures of the Cooler Master 690 (the new $50 uber-case!)

    Crotan I did the same thing. I couldn't stand the sound of a fan mounted on the side so I moved it to the front like you did. Temps stayed about the same but it is quite a bit quieter.
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    Q6600 OC question...sorry for the billionth post on this proc

    Thank you for your suggestions, Hardforum has once again proved to be a great place for help. I did search the forums a bit more and found my problem. Although I thought I was trying to boot at 400x8 it was actually 400x9. Apparently with ESIT enabled I am unable to switch multipliers...
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    Q6600 OC question...sorry for the billionth post on this proc

    I'd like to start by apologizing for yet another Q6600 post in this forum, but I'm am quite confused on this. I was messing around with the clock speeds on my computer today and I managed to confuse myself a little bit. I have had my G0 Q6600 at 378x9 = 3.4ghz on my Abit IP35-e. I was a bit...
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    X-fi, IP35-e, and z-5300e

    Thank you. I tried your suggestion of moving it as far as possible from the video card, but with no luck. Although I did not mention it earlier I had previously disabled my onboard sound adapter in bios and had removed the drivers for it. Any other ideas? I'd appreciate any help I can get.
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    X-fi, IP35-e, and z-5300e

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma and I do not know how to solve it so I hope you folks can. Previously I had been using the built in sound included on my Abit IP35-e, Realtek High Def Audio or something of the like, and had noticed quite a bit of crackling when firing my weapon and in other...
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    Abit IP35-e PCI latency

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma with my IP35-e. In the bios there is no option to change the PCI latency and I think it may be necessary for me to do so. I have a X-fi sound card and there seems to be a little bit of crackling when I play COD 4. Everything else runs just fine with the card and there...
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    3870 512MB vs 8800GT 256MB

    I think I would go with the 8800 at that resolution. I have no evidence to support this though.
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    8800 Ultra died a few hours after installing VF1000

    In the first post he stated that XFX does honor their warranty even if the card has been modded with an after market hsf.
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    Did I just total my comp?

    I think people are going to be interested in what your system specs are along with voltages, ram divider, and timings. As a complete shot in the dark I am going to say that you need to give a little bit more power to your RAM or NB. Is the RAM already at 2.1V and what is it rated for? Just to...
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    Question about 8800gt OC (Noob at VC ocing)

    Your GT overclocks a lot better than mine and many others I have seen have. For shaders i was under the impression that only rivatuner will allow you to change the clock. I do not know this for sure as I have only used rivatuner, but I know you can change it independently with it.
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    Zalman Coolers

    I have a Scythe Ninja rev B and the fan that comes with it is pretty quiet. It isn't the best hsf combo out there but it does a pretty good job of cooling and is relatively quiet.
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    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Retail Box - Slacr $255 + 12 shipping

    Darn. At $155 it was going to be a Q6600 Christmas for a couple of friends. At this price they get coal.
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    w00t! Abit P35-E

    What bios are you using? I have the latest Abit beta for my IP35-E and it doesn't dual boot, unless I completely turn off power to my psu. The previous poster said he turns off the power strip before work and this would have mine reverting back to dual booting.
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    Bios update for Superclocked 8800gt

    After reading your post I decided this was probably the best route for me and I went back and did the same. I played a little bit of CoD4 with no sound to see if it worked and it was nice to hear the fan kick up a few times. Thank you, I thought about this before but just never got around to it.
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    Bios update for Superclocked 8800gt

    Just curious, are these something that can be used on any 8800gt to have them overclocked to those speeds on the bios level? I thought all of the cards were the same and the differences were in the bios.
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    Why such strong performance from 3850?

    I like "shader-stuff."
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    Barely anybody buying 8800 GTs

    I'm not sure if you are trying to say a 3870 is better or not, but if you are than don't. As for the op, did you pick one up?
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    Help: Prime 95 crashing computer at low temperatures

    vcore? Shot in the dark.
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    Bad bios flash... can anything be done??

    I also hot swapped on an NF7-S rev 2. I played around with the thing so much it was inevitable I would have had a bad bios flash at some point. I'm a little bit amazed to see such a negative reaction to something like this on this forum. I thought doing things like hot swapping were what...
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    What is "too hot" for a 8800GT?

    My question sort of relates, how do i adjust 2d and 3d fan speed independently? I'm using rivatuner and when i move the slider for 3d and hit apply the other couple of sliders move to where the 3d one is set. I am doing this under driver settings, not low-level system tweaks. Any help would be...
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    Halo 3 not impressive at all

    I am just going to pretend that it's his second language...or seventh.
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    What wireless adapter to use for 360?

    I gave in and bought the MS wireless adapter. It took me about a minute to set it up and the thing has worked perfectly.
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    What wireless adapter to use for 360?

    I wish I could help you out as I need some help too. My roommate and I just purchased a new TV and agreed to go wireless and finally get the ugly cord out of the way. Unfortunately, neither of us want to spend the $100 on the official wireless adapter. I know there are alternatives, but I don't...