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    Windows 8 user account(need help)

    I'm helping a friend out with his pc, that has Windows 8.1 installed. There is two user accounts on the pc, his and his wife. His account works fine, but his wife account is not accessible. When you boot up the pc only his account available. After you login into the computer and try to switch...
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    Windows 7 hates Asus software

    I install Windows 7 on a computer with Asus MB (P5Q PRO), and found out it absolutely hates Asus software. Multiple errors when you try to use or install Asus software. Now I learn when computer goes into sleep mode it turns off the fans. I already check for updated version of software and even...
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    Time Warner Cable speed increase . They are increasing the download but leaving the upload the same(another dumb move by TWC)
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    To Downgrade Or Not To Downgrade (That is the question)

    Need some advice: I currently have TWC wideband service 30 Mb down / 5 Mb up. After dealing with the pros and cons of it, I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or downgrade to 20 Mb down / 2 Mb up. "][/URL] Wideband(30/5) Pros - Faster downloads and finally a decent upload (movie...
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    Best Buy sale

    For anyone thats interested Combo Deal 1- LG 42LE5400 2- Xbox 360 (250 GIG HD) 3- COD Black OPS 4- $ 999
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    Memtest86 Version 3.5

    Has anyone try the new Memtest 3.5 Memtest86 3.5 What’s new in this release: * Limited support for execution with multiple CPUs. CPUs are selected round-robin or sequential for each test. * Support for detection of additional chipsets. (from Memtest86+ v2.11) * Additions and...
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    Lian Li PC-60F and PC-60FW is now available

    For those that are interested:
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    Versa Table

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Versa tables. Just my ongoing search for a quality desk. Its similar to jerker in style with plenty of accessories. The 48 inch cost $399, but with no tax and free delivery its something to consider. If anyone ever used one or has a comment...
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    SAMSUNG XL24 available

    The SAMSUNG XL24 is now available at Newegg for $2,229.99 (any takers)
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    LIAN LI PC-A17B now available

    I remember few people was asking when this case will be available. Newegg has them in stock for $169.
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    Hazro Monitors

    There seem to be a new player in Monitors. current news it will offer IPS panels in different sizes. Specs seem pretty decent, except for contrast ratios (seems low). Was wondering if anyone had any more info on them
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    Dell 2407WFP-HC

    I was searching the Dell Website, and came across the manual for Dell 2407WFP-HC. Does anyone know the when Dell is coming out with their new models.
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    Benq 37 inch

    It looks like Benq has new 32 and 37, thats good for gaming(no real specs yet), except it has 8ms response time and can display 1920x1080 the highest HD resolution available today. Benq
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Patch

    It's beta patch , but if you are having problems you can try this(but remember to backup your save games) ]Beta patch
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    Dell 2007WFP + Xbox 360 = ?

    Has anyone had the opportunity to try the Xbox 360 on Dell 2007WFP yet. :)