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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    I think the chief problem with this monitor is LG's competition: itself. For $1000 less you can get the 34GK950F/G (F is better btw) which is basically the same with less pixels. 3840x1600 is nice but jesus more than double the price of 3440x1440 and it came out over a year later? Goddamn...
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    How Vital is UPS These Days for Personal Home Computers?

    Unless you have a whole-house system (and some of those have a transition time with no built-in buffer) then main PC and networking gear gets a UPS. No power grid is perfect, and weather does what it wants. Because fuck downtime, it always strikes when you're in the middle of doing shit.
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    3rd gen Threadripper, big fail and missed opportunity for AMD.

    lol wait until you see TRX80 pricing Still cheaper than intel by a mile if you compare by actual performance in use
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    Anyone else eagerly awaiting Threadripper 3960x results?

    Apparently they did tweak the socket, different PCIe lane configuration for starters. I still think TRX80 is just gonna be desktop Rome.
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    2x16GB sticks or 4x8GB sticks on Ryzen Gen3

    While possible (32GB DDR4 dual rank unbuffered now available) these do not exist in the market, and likely never will. Every good 16GB dimm for Ryzen is dual rank, and b-die. (but I repeat myself)
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    Anyone else eagerly awaiting Threadripper 3960x results?

    Current plausible rumor is TRX40 is basically X399 updated (possibly actually using the same X570 "southbridge" since the 60 available TR lanes comes from CPU already, just need redrivers/trace design for 4.0) and TRX80 is basically Epyc platform with different firmware. The big I/O die bits...
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    Best BIOS support for "medium to high-end" board

    Actually, speaking from experience here, its about all you need for a credit card chargeback, payment fraud claim or similar move that sticks. Especially if your card is one that extends warranties - I can make a claim any time within 2 years. Liars lose when you can prove it.
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    Best BIOS support for "medium to high-end" board

    Socket cover (which comes with every board, no need to "go buy one") doesn't mean shit if they lie about it, or help it out with a thumb. The real lesson to be learned from the Asus RMA horror stories: take multiple high-resolution photos before sending a board in. Make extra sure to have good...
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    Trying to pick the best x570 motherboard

    The 2.5Gbe out there are almost always realjunk controllers. You are better off plugging into the intel 1Gbe port, and if the board doesn't have two ports I would find a different one. Boards with onboard 5 or 10 are usually Aquantia chipsets which are good. If you can actually use 2.5 on your...
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    Best x570 under 300

    Are you counting the cpu discount or not? If you can stretch to $320 (350-30) then aorus master is quite a step up, its basically the same as the extreme ($700) minus the 10GbE and passive heatsink. Honestly beats the other brands $400-500+ flagship boards in many ways. Otherwise the 200-300...
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    Anyone else eagerly awaiting Threadripper 3960x results?

    Waiting for TRX80 platform info myself. I intend to get my single thread IPC/clock boost dinner and enjoy massive core count increase cake too.
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    Anything better than h150i pro?

    Fuck sealed AIOs (99.999% of retail units) they are just pretend water cooling with none of the actual benefits. Most of the times they only look better than solid air coolers when people ignore the sound, or only measure the fans and totally ignore the shitty pump. Also raw dB readings never...
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    Is using a USB to M.2 adapter to boot and then copy to NVMe inside the right way?

    The pluggable is worth the extra bucks ($10 off right now apparently) if you intend to keep using it: built well, swap drives without a screwdriver, comes with both cables and actually sheaths with the case as a heatsink decent enough. Modern flash actually likes being warmed up during use BTW...
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    X570 / AM4 ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact - a Mini-DTX SFF powerhouse...?

    If anyone still follows this, I can confirm it does fit a DRP4 without blocking the m.2 riser. The aesthetics of these match rather nicely. It might even fit a D15S or regular D15, but didn't have an unattached one sitting around to be sure.
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    Why wifi on ATX mobos?

    The BoM on integrated wifi is very small (laptop mass market effects) and the demand is fairly high. Most motherboard designs use a single pcie for the actual wireless (BT uses USB portion of the key) which is still a better solution than shitty pure USB dongles. I hate wireless for any serious...
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    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    E-waste them to an electronics dumpster (dont put computer gear in regular trash) seriously those things are beyond ancient now. Had loads of similar gear in the special dumpster at work even years ago. A $20 8 port gigabit can handle whatever "random casual networking" needs and uses less juice...
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    4x16gb or 8x8gb for Threadripper

    Buy Best. Buy B-die. 3200C14 Dual Rank (16GB) B-die is your best bet for highest performance 64GB on TR. It also happens to be a really good binning on the DR modules, with several bling and non-bling kits out there to choose from. You might even boot and run with the default timings, but you...
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    Ryzen 3950X Build Help

    The channel is well supplied with B-die. If you can't find any, you aren't looking, or perhaps live in Timbuktu. Amazon, Newegg and even a freaking retail outlet (Microcenter) keep restocking some good bins often enough.
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    Ryzen 3950X Build Help

    The sizes I listed are for single dimms, those are almost always sold in pairs. Considering the 2nd best mainstream b-die binning is a 2x16GB 3200C14-14-14 kit, definite yes. Those are the stock XMP settings too, you can almost always improve to some degree with manual tuning. Zen2 finally has...
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    Ryzen 3950X Build Help

    In roughly ascending order of B-die bin quality but also accounting for ~3600 being a great speed to optimize timings and keep 1:1 ratio on Zen2: 3200C14-14-14 8GB 3600C16-16-16 8GB 3200C14-14-14 16GB 3600C15-15-15 8GB Non B-die will have inferior timings (this is an objective fact despite...
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    Any other Ubiquiti Unifi fanboys here?

    I have almost everything but the security gateway. Most of their stuff is really good bang/$, no subscriptions or cloud-required bullshit if you don't want to use it that way. Their cloud login stuff is handy if you do use it, and can bolt on google 2-step auth as well. Ubnt has a soso...
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    Thoughts on the TU150?

    Their site shows it with a DRP4, so D15-anything fit stock at least. Website dimension specs being what they are, in real life a DRP4 sits slightly higher in a Q500L than a D15, they both touch the plexiglass window but the be-quiet presses into it a bit more. Whether or not your ITX socket...
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    Effect of bent socket pins on functionality and stability.

    FYSA, the "pins" on LGA sockets are not actually pins, they are mechanically closer to springs. Each one has a bent joint, they flex to a slight degree and the pressure keeps the pad in good contact with the bend of the spring. This gives it better electrical connection than straight up pins on...
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    The ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 Uses Intel Coolers

    The rear I/O "cover" is actually a rather significant chunk of metal and is part of the main VRM heatsink. I would advise against it. Bottom fan is going to get awful close to the chipset heatsink and secondary VRM tower, but it might still fit depending on orientation. This board is not large...
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    Thoughts on the TU150?

    Nwegg's mobile app says 9/22 for me. Still doesn't stop me from refreshing the product page a couple times a day... Fuck overly crammed ITX cases with pcie risers chasing the volume autism that require AIOs or only support anemic air coolers. Both worse and/or noisier than a good tower...
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    The 27" has basically the flat version of the 34" panel (nano ips, 98% DCI-P3, similar PPI) how did they fuck up the contrast so much? TFT's 34" was 980:1. Wonder if trying to maximize the bullshit g2g "1ms" metric on IPS does this, if so totally not worth it. Makes me wonder if a firmware...
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    Does NUMA Matter when Installing SAS HBA's, NVME drives and other expansion in MP systems?

    I would not use a dual socket server to only drive a single NIC and single HBA, rarely is a fully populated system used this way, unless it is over-speced to leave room for future growth. Usually a beefy server is running many VMs or doing multiple tasks, I would try to align the physical I/O...
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    Leaving dual XEON 5675, ECC is the last thing stopping me

    IPMI options, if you're doing actual remote servers: TR too...
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    Does NUMA Matter when Installing SAS HBA's, NVME drives and other expansion in MP systems?

    Yes, it very much matters when you are actually using a system to full tilt, or are concerned about latency. Crossing NUMA domains is not free, especially not for I/O. Some network monitoring boxes at work were misconfigured with processes on CPU1 monitoring traffic from cards on CPU0. Was NOT...
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    X570 Motherboard Recommendations

    Yep this is a segment/features thing, the premium boards are usually 8-layer, midrange are 6 and some budget/oem are possibly still doing 4 designs? Thin pcb is a bullshit metric to become a brandboy over for sure. It all varies based on how many traces they need to connect everything and how...
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    Clarification: Is Motherboard WiFi mPCIe?

    *BSD still doesn't have proper AC support, yet the next gen standard parts are already shipping. Some of this is vendors not playing along with the *BSDs needing low level documentation to do real drivers (along with FCC attention and similar involvements into software radio recently) but there...
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    X570 Motherboard Recommendations

    Might want to check again - the asrock ITX board has intel LAN, optical out and TB3. TB3 gives you 10GbE two different ways. Its painfully short on usb ports but that is easier to deal with.
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    X570 Motherboard Recommendations

    Unfortunately its the same price as CH8 and objectively inferior to it on a purely technical level, and that is just considering the same OEM. If they were comparable or it was priced accordingly ($ starts with 2 instead of 3) then it would be a nice 'rgb-free' option. No surprise that...
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    Did someone test ECC RAM on new Ryzen 3000 ?

    Epyc is registered, TR & AM4 are unbuffered. Its possible with a firmware update (cpu itself most likely, not just bios code) that it would work, but only AMD would know for sure. I do know that in general ddr dimm slots with all traces are electrically compatible, as an example X99 boards...
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    Is a 128 GB SSD still large enough for Windows 10 in 2019?

    You can free up a lot of space by turning off some of the windows rollback/restore options. But if you don't mind opening it up and it supports NVMe, cheap upgrade is probably worth it. If you are fine on overall space could also consider going for a 1TB (or even 2TB) and getting rid of the...
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    X570 Motherboard Recommendations

    IMO the winners of premium boards each gen were: X370: Taichi and derivatives, everyone else was meh or trash. CH6 was a dumpster fire at launch and to this day is still a risk with 0% fan scenarios - totally unacceptable. X470: taichi still good, basically the same. CH7 got a redesign (and new...
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    Tower or mid-tower with a ton of USB ports?

    I'd go with real full ports over hubs, OP already said they had some issues with hubs. Most hubs suck for throughput anyways. In 5.25" there are several direct connect options including the new type E connector for C:
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    The ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 Uses Intel Coolers

    TB3 is 10GbE already, either direct p2p over the bus or with an external adapter. It really just needs a dual port TB3 controller (JHL7540 instead of 7340, keep it on the x4 CPU lanes), twice the usb ports exposed (they are in the cpu and chipset already) and another m.2 or U.2 somehow. Also...
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    A little threadripper help

    The Noctua TR coolers have an offset screw for 3mm and 6mm adjustments which should give you enough room, unless you have the bad Asus board then you are SOL. At least you always have another x16 slot on that platform.
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    A little threadripper help

    This, I have 4 I unplugged sitting waiting to RMA, 2 obvious fails and 2 I sure as fuck don't trust being near my hardware. Oh, and their "new" versions are nothing different as my failed pair are 1 of each type - they just stuck a RGB cover on the same defective design. I have no intention of...