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    Power disruption at Micron DRAM facility in Japan Let the conspiracy theories and semiconductor company hate begin
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    WD/Kioxia lose 6.5 exabytes of NAND

    Looks like NAND might be getting a price bump...
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    Nvidia asking US gov to exempt GPUs from tariffs If this went through, do you think cards would actually sell for less.....
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    Micron ends 3DXP development, looks to sell Lehi fab
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    WTB Knuckles controllers, 2x lighthouses/usb dongles, maybe complete vive setup

    Looking to try the Reverb G2 with the knuckles and lighthouses. I may even he interested in a whole vive setup if it comes complete. Let me know what you have, Thanks Heatware
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    WTB Prusa mk2s/mk3/mk3s 3D printer

    Looking to upgrade from my old Makerfarm i3v. I might be interested in other models but mostly looking for the Prusa's. I have some x99/x79 hardware to trade as well if anyone is looking for that. Thanks
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    Samsung A-die based RAM coming to market, B-die replacement 32gb sticks of 2933 but CL21. Good to see the capacity going up, we'll see how the timgings can be tweaked
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    new windows patch killed my 6850k overclock

    I knew this was a thing before with spectre and all that but it never affected my overclock until the update that installed yesterday. Instead of my all core 4.3ghz overclock, I'm boosting to a single core of 4ghz and all core 3.8ghz. Is this happening to anyone else, and why is it happening now...
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    Cryptopia officially dead, being liquidated Too bad, was an awesome exchange
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    New ddr4 overclocking world record set by Micron E-die ram I wonder how this stuff will work with Zen 2 systems, and in dual channel configs...
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    Intel not adding NAND capacity, moving 3D XPoint production to China

    I don't know the wisdom of moving production of a new memory type to China given their track record of IP theft, but I guess the loss of IMFT to Micron is leaving them in a hard spot.
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    FS: x79+3960x, dual 2690, 4790k, am3 combo

    Cleaning out the shelves, here's whats available. Heatware under Workshop35, 34-0 going back to 1997 Payment via paypal, maybe crypto Willing to trade towards an 8 or 10 core haswell-e, maybe a 2700x Asrock x79 Fatal1ty motherboard with a 3960x - $200 shipped *SOLD* Got this one not working...
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    Bitcoin jumps almost 20%

    Bitcoin is up almost 20% today, along with most of the major coins making gains as well. Aparently there is some 20,000 BTC order across multiple exchanges responsible for this latest hike. "Today's gain was probably triggered by an order worth about $100 million spread across U.S.-based...
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    3D Xpoint bringing NVRAM to market soon

    Non-volatile RAM is looking to make an impact on the server market soon as Intel is planning on releasing 128GB/256GB 3D Xpoint DIMMS. With the large density of NVRAM, software can be loaded directly into memory. It will be interesting to see how the loss of IM Flash in Lehi Utah will affect...
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    China's Yangtze Memory Technologies to challenge memory makers in 2019

    It looks like 2019 might be a big year for Chinese memory manufacturing. Business Times (CN) writes that following the US embargo and subsequent suspension of Fujian Jinhua IC for IP theft, Yangtze Memory Technologies is looking to begin 64-layer 3D NAND flash production in the second half of...
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    I've got a bunch of unused hardware laying around that needs a new home. I plugged it all in and tested it before it was boxed and it all worked perfectly fine. I take paypal, maybe crypto, and cash local to the Sacramento area. Heatware is , 32-0 going back...
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    WTB Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens for Nikon

    Looking for a sigma 35mm lens for nikon for the wife like this one. Heatware in my sig, under workshop35. Let me know, thanks
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    FS/FT: dual E5-2670, S2600CP2J mobo, 56gb ECC ram combo with hsf $425, Netgear EX6100 $30

    I've got a dual cpu system thats basically sitting around so it needs to go. Specs are as follows (2) E5-2670 (should be SR0KX) S2600CP2J motherboard 56gb PC3L-10600R ECC ram (have 2 sticks of 4gb that didn't work, can be included for free) (2) CoolerMaster HSF anything else in the picture...
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    Found this while trying to figure how to get broadband at my place. Interesting but seems possibly sketchy. I did some basic googling and it appears to be a real company but they won't give me a contact phone number, will only communicate over email, and will only take payment from paypal...
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    2011-v3 ilm pump/block combo

    I didn't find anything with a search of this forum, and the only block/pump combo I seem to have found is the appogee ii which wont fit a 2011-v3 ilm socket. Is there anything else out there before i have to start getting creative? Btw this would be going into an ncase m1 with the asrock x99 itx...
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    WTB: SC2 Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void

    Looking for these two expansions, haven't played since Wings of Liberty. Thanks
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    any OSVR owners?

    just curious if anyone had some first-hand experience with it. It's tempting to experiment with...
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    WTS 3770k

    I have a Malay 3770k up for grabs, replaced it with a new x99 system. It's been run at stock speeds/voltages, never overclocked. Looking for 230 shipped via paypal. pic heatware might entertain a trade plus cash for a PG278Q
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    WTB 5820k, 980 (pref strix)

    Looking for these items or similar. Would like to have a non-ref 980 but may consider ref models depending on price. Thanks *already got both, thanks for looking*
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    WTS I7-3770k

    bare cpu without heatsink/fan, been sitting idle for a while, never overclocked or modified in any way. asking 235 shipped. I have heatware and beerology under workshop35 and accept paypal. if you have questions let me now. thanks *edit* its a malay chip, L222B026 EDIT SOLD
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    WTB: LG Flatron L226WTQ-BF monitor

    looking to get a second monitor to accompany the one I've had for some years now. If one of you guys has one laying around let me know. Thanks
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    kubuntu 15.04 with plasma 5?

    anyone tried this? I have read reviews and such but looking for some real-world opinions
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    custom mech keyboard a little inspiration for the diy guys
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    case fan filters

    I dont see a lot of dust filters on the cases featured in the mod gallery. Is this generally notna concern for most people or do they not use filters due to the reduction in cfm?
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    is anyone still mining?

    Other than my gridseeds i turned everything off. Is anyone still able to be profitable with these prices and the high difficulty?
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    anyone still use peltiers?

    Been out of the oc scene for quite a while. I see lots of water cooling but no peltiers on the forums. Are the power/condensation requirements just not worth the hassle when theres so many water systems out these days?
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    wifi pineapple

    anyone have any experience with these? I'm interested in wifi network penetration (not getting into someone elses, just how they can get into mine) and have considered picking one up. That and having a router with 2 interfaces could be handy for home use...
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    adding passive/active cooling to 280x

    In an effort to reduce temperatures (running around 80c at 1090/1500), I'm wondering if anyone has tried adding more passive cooling to their 280x cards. I have a pair of Powercolor 280x which have a solid back plate on them and exposed heat pipes on the top of the card. The heat pipes are...