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    [SPD WRITE PROTECTION = FALSE] and Asus Z690 Extreme hangs on boot.

    Hi all. I'm using a Z690 Extreme mobo with 4 sticks of 6200MHz SK Hinyx downclocked at 5.2GHz for stability reasons. Using corsair iCue to drive the RGB on my RAM sticks. I can stress test my PC with every possible software for days and there is no errors and no crash but if disable the SPD...
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    Leaving Asus for MSI after 22 years.

    Hi all, I buy Asus boards since the Asus CUSL2 in the 2000 (Pentium III mobo). Every time I buy an Asus board there are some issues that are never solved and that are clearly related to design issues. Asus simply ignore these issues and pretends nothing has happened. I'm not talking about OC...
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    Where can I sell my DDR5 memory?

    As title. Is there a section of the forum where we can sell/buy components from other users?
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    Do you want 64GB of DDR5? Be prepared to spend two times more than DDR4 to go slower!

    DDR5 is full of false advertisement, bad marketing and a lot of missunderstandings. This is the reality of the current situation. There is no single rank 32GB DDR5 modules currently. This means that if you want 64GB of DDR5 memory you have two options. Get a 2x32GB dual rank modules. Get a...
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    Asus Maximus Z690 can't boot with XMP Enabled

    I have just both 64GB of Corsair Dominator 5600MHz C36 (4x16GB). Using a Z690 Maximus Extreme mobo... If I don't enable XMP, RAM works well, if I enable XMP, it doesn't boot :( Why? :(
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    My 12900K overclocks well if CSTATEs are disabled... why?

    at the end I discovered why my OC is unstable. after an entire day passed benching and trying I found the coulprit. CSTATES makes my OC completely unstable when using AVX256 with Prime95. Using sync all cores 5.1/4.0 with AVX offset 5 and OCTVB +2. those are my settings: even if CSTATES is...
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    My 12900K reaches 85°C during rendering at 22°C ambient temp.

    Hi all, my 12900K reaches 85°C during rendering at 22°C ambient temp. During summer ambient temp can go up to 32°C this means that my CPU should hipotetically reach 95°C during rendering. Will I damage my CPU by rendering in summer?
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    Will never buy an Intel CPU again.

    I have 4K euros of components getting the dust because there is no DDR5 in the entire europe. My "refund window" is expired and I can't even ask for a refund. Shops here says that there will be no DDR5 for months, a lot of months. I have spent a lot of money for the components and I will not...
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    Is Corsair HX1200i good enough?

    Hi there, is there someone who have experience of Corsair HX1200i PSU? Is it good enough for a single GPU system? What about quality and reliability? I will use it with a 3080ti and a 12900k OC. I know that 1200w is too much for that system but hx1200i is the only one I have available now.
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    Nvidia series 40, is there an ETA?

    As title, when RTX series 30 expected to be launched? Thank you.
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    Will Alder Lake ever support PCIe5 SSDs?

    As title. As far as I know Alder Lake supports only 16 lanes of PCIe5. Those lanes are usually dedicated to the GPU in the first PCIe slot. Will we be able to use PCIe5 SSDs on Alder Lake?
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    Is my PSU too old for a newer high end PC?

    Hi all, I'm going to build a new Alder Lake system with an high end GPU. Is my Corsair AX860i PSU too old for a new system considering that i'm using it in my current system since 5 years? Should I replace it for something better?
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    Will Alder Lake be good enough to compete with Zen 3 XT and its 3D cache?

    As title, what is your feeling about Alder Lake? Will be good enough to compete with AMD?
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    Will Alder Lake be the end of the AMD period of success?

    I'm a big fan of AMD but history teaches that AMD can win only when Intel sleep on its success. At the end, Intel is too big for AMD to compete with, and when Intel pushes the accelerator AMD is always behind. This don't want to be a trolling thread but as a hardware junk since more than 25...
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    X86 is a dying plafform, will AMD switch to ARM soon?

    It's clear that X86 is a dying platform. ARM is growing too fast for X86 to compete. do you think that AMD will switch to ARM soon?
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    Chroma Subsampling where it is?

    Hi all, I have an Acer Nitro XV273K 4K display HDR400 monitor 144Hz. At 4K at 120Hz monitor should run at 4:2:2 and suffer of chrome subsampling. At 4K 60Hz monitor should run at 4:4:4 Why I can't tell the difference with this test image in the two modes? everyone says that this image...
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    Need a new CPU for 4K gaming but Zen3 has no upgrade path.

    Hi all, I'm running a 5930K@4.2GHz with a 2080Ti. I have a 4K/144Hz monitor and I'm not interested in ultra high refresh rate but I'm worried about low 1%. If I need to be sincere my CPU was enough for 4K gaming but with 3080 I feel that is a bit too old even for 4K. I would really like to...
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    Just another "is 10GB enough for 4K gaming" thread?

    As title. We have 11GB cards since 1080Ti, do you think that 10GB will be enough for 4K gaming in 2021 and 2022? Will next gen games uses more VRAM since the new consoles have 16GB? Is 3080 a safe bet or just a card to skip due to the "low memory"?
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    Luciferin. DIY bias lighting for your monitor.

    Luciferin is a generic term for the light-emitting compound found in organisms that generate bioluminescence like Fireflies and Glow Worms. Firefly Luciferin is a Java Fast Screen Capture PC software designed for Glow Worm Luciferin firmware, those two software create the perfect Bias Lighting...
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    If you have an HDR600 monitor or greater, please help

    Hi, I have an Acer XV273K monitor. It is an HDR400 monitor (so crap HDR) but it have a great 10 bit panel, the same panel used in the HDR1000 monitors from Acer/Asus without FALD. Sometimes HDR contents looks overbright, sometimes looks good, sometimes I loose many details with a sort of...
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    Chrome subsampling, why I'm not experiencing it?

    As title. I'm using an Acer XV273K in 4K, 120Hz and HDR and GSYNC. When using all those features my monitors goes down to 8bit + FRC. Isn't this a condition when chrome subsampling should arise? Is this test enough for testing chrome subsampling? I see no "errors" in this image. Can you...
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    HDR and color management. HDR400 is still awesome?

    I don't know why people still continue to say that HDR 400 is useless but I don't agree with this. I have an Acer XV273K monitor HDR400 and I can say that on my monitor enabling HDR improves the general quality by a wide margin. HDR enables color management from the app and the color are...
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    i1 profiler vs DisplayCAL. Colorimeter and display calibration software.

    Hi, I see that most people uses DisplayCAL over the XRite i1 Profiler even using the xrite i1 display pro colorimeter. What is the sense of using a third party software when xrite give its own software? Measurements are so different between those two software. Even the white point measurement...
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    Uniformity - what is a reasonable expectation?

    As title. What is an average brightness and color uniformity on an average monitor? Is a Delta E of <= 6 and a brightness <= 20% accross the monitor good? What are the monitor's manufacturer "tolerance" for delta E and brightness uniformity accross the screen?
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    Threadripper 3000, who bought it?

    As title. Is there someone who bought the TR3000 and want to share it's opinion on the CPU? Is it stable? Is it good?
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    Will TRX40 motherboard live "two CPUs only"?

    As title. DDR5/PCIe 5 is expected to be released in 2021, will TRX40 motherboard live only two CPUs? Threadripper 3000 and threadripper 4000 and then a motherboard upgrade will be needed?
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    Strange monitor behaviour when calibrating it with the colorimeter

    Hi all, I'm trying to correctly calibrate my wide gamut Acer Nitro XV273K using an X-Rite i1 display pro colorimeter and i1 profiler software. Something strange happen on this monitor that I never experienced before on other monitors. I can easily achieve 6500K moving the Red or Blu gain but...
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    Expensive Wide Gamut HDR monitors and Oversaturation

    As title. Many expensive HDR Monitors are wide gamut and in windows or in many app some colors are really oversaturaded. In games too. Is there a way to solve this problem ? RGB emulation does not solve the problem, mitigate it but does not solve it. Is it possible that all modern expensive...
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    Is 144Hz monitor Better than 60Hz one at 60FPS?

    As title. Is 144Hz monitors better than 60Hz one at around 60fps? Is response time better anyway even at 60fps? Have an rtx2080ti here and considering the upgrade of the Acer Predator XB271HK 4k 60hz with the Acer Nitro XV273 4k 144Hz I'm playing non fast games like action rpg and at 4k I...
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    DDR5 when?

    is there some expectations on when DDR5 will hit the market on desktops?
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    3rd gen Threadripper, big fail and missed opportunity for AMD.

    First gen and second gen threadripper was a great opportunity for AMD to get enthusiast on their HEDT segment. Many many enthusiast are waiting for a good threadripper with good single core and multi thread performance, so the 3rd gen was the CPU that all people was waiting for BUT... Price is...
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    Monitor blinks for a microsecond, is it bad?

    guys I have a serious doubt about my rig, I don't know if it depends on the GPU or the Monitor or what else. when I connect "some things" to the PC, a headphone, a USB gamepad, a microUSB stick, or sometimes even if I connect a USB charger to the wall near the PC socket, monitor blinks for a...
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    Lian Li O11 Dynamic and E-ATX mobo

    Hi all, do you know if Lian Li O11 Dynamic can fit E-ATX mobo without problems? Thanks
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    EVGA is not available in Europe...

    As title. The worst launch I remember, same on EVGA.
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    Will we see a 4K, GSYNC, FALD HDR monitor, 60Hz at human price?

    as title. I don't need 144Hz, will we ever see a 4K, GSYNC, FALD HDR monitor, 60Hz at human price?
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    H80 GT V2 liquid temperature

    Hi, is it normal that at 55°C CPU temp after some minutes the LED on my H80i GT V2 became RED even if the CPU temp remains near or below 55°C ???
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    Will 2018 be the year of DX12 mGPU?

    As title. Is 2018 a good year to built a new system based on two Volta GPUs? DX11 is dieing and with it it dies SLI. Will 2018 be the year of DX12 and mGPU?
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    SLI profile for Assassin's Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II

    As title. is there someone who finded a good profile for ACO and Wolfenstein II?
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    Dell UP2718Q, 4K, HDR10, FALD, hardware calibration.

    No one is interested in the Dell UP2718Q? It's 4K, HDR10, 384 dimming zones FALD, premium uniformity correction, pratically every color gamut you can imagine, factory calibrated and it support the best in class hardware calibration to have perfect calibration even outside color managed...
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    White balancing on CCFL vs LED, calibrating my CCFL using a colorimeter.

    Hi all, I am waiting for the HDR standard stabilization to buy a new monitor, possibly a 4K 120Hz+ monitor. In the mean time I am using my good old Eizo S2433W with a DTP94 colorimeter. The monitor is pretty color accurate since it beats the UDACT test without any problem. I calibrated the...