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    M/b with pci-x

    Hello. Recently i buy one sata raid controller.(3Ware AMCC 9550SX-4LP ) Any sugestions for motherboard with pci-x slot?(amd will be great intel will do the job) Im from Europe so Usa shops will not fit me . Thank you :)
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    dead cpu

    Hi all :) in the pc of my signature i burn the one of the 2 possible to found new one? as far as i look in local market (i live in greece) i dont found nothing :( .any sugestions were i cant found cpu? is little bit old machine but i love it and i dont want to throw it away. Thank...
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    is mp or not?

    i run by mistake this prog and i get this results: ---------------------- CPU-Z version 1.26 ---------------------- CPUID Output ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Number of CPUs 2 CPU #1 Name AMD Athlon MP Code name Palomino...
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    water cooling for dual m/b

    hi all any sugestions how to water cooler my dual system? i trie to make my one? i buy 1 full system ? i need to water cooled for quiet (the damn thing is TOOO NOISEE) any opinions and sugestions are welcome thanks