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    HSA in the 14nm generation - summit ridge with [some] shaders, or, HSA from AI dGPU?

    Is HSA still AMD's future? If so, how does this work with high-end Summit Ridge CPU's? To me there are only two possible choices: 1. Everything is an APU, i.e. Summit-Ridge will come with around 256 shaders to permit HSA operation. 2. PCIe latency is overcome allowing Summit Ridge to work with...
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    Acer Predator XR353CUB 35" 2560x1080 VA 144Hz FREESYNC Super-Wide ZeroFrame Curved

    Anyone heard of this before: ?
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    List of FreeSync monitors that support Low Framerate Compensation (30Hz - 75Hz)
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    MSI X99 - need a fast boot drive - m.2 SM951 (ahci) or 950 Pro (nvme)?

    Just ordered myself a 960GB Sandisk Ultra II for the trifling sum of £150 (my 2010 Crucial C300 128GB cost £314), and now I want a super speedy 256GB m.2 PCIe boot drive to go with it. Only problem is: I intend to use Win7. So, the questions: 1. Will the SM951 (ahci) drive install and boot...
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    Freesync - 32" - 1920x1080 - cheap - does such a thing exist?

    Looking for a new computer for the folks. Gamers with poor eyesight so large screen and low res is fine. Can I find a cheap freesync screen of this size? Basically a telly with freesync...
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    The full Tonga - aka Radeon 380X (mk2) - when?

    Are we ever going to see a fully enabled Tonga? At the right price and sporting 4gb of GGDR5 it would be a great AMD card given: > GCN 1.2 > Bandwidth compression tech > Full A-Sync support What news?
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    Win7 fresh install on an NVME ssd - no / with third party drivers / yes?

    Remember pre SP1 XP, where to install on a sata drive you needed to load third party ACHI/sata drivers? Have we reached that point again with Win7? MS says that Win 8.1 and Win 10 are capable of installing onto an M.2/sExpress drive using the NVME protocol, and I have heard some board vendors...
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    MSI 990FXA Gaming m/b with USB 3.1 and NVME support..... but no M.2/SataExpress slot?

    How does this work?
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    Do all AMD FM2+/7xxx series chips support full hardware virtualisation?

    Do all AMD FM2+/7xxx series chips support full hardware virtualisation? i.e. AMD-vi/IOMMU? interested in running a 45W kaveri as a server chip. do kabini/kabini+ support IOMMU?
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    kaveri refresh (godavari), follewed by a carrizo desktop addition (bristol ridge)
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    how valuable will A-sync/G-sync be for gamers on 60Hz UHD style displays?

    Hi there, Currently run a 3x 1920x1200 eyefinity setup with an MSI 7970 lightning for gaming, and I am interested in A-sync/G-sync as the next big improvement that might tempt me into getting a new screen. I am not a framerate nut, being quite happy to play BF4 at 5760x1200 at high settings...
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    z97 with 20Gb/s M.2?

    hi there, are there any Z97 boards with a PCIe 2.0 4x M.2 slot? i believe there is an Asus mITX board with PCIe 2.0 4x, but i'm looking for mATX or ATX. i also know about the Asrock board with PCIe 3.0 4x, but don't want borked GPU bandwidth. thanks
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    New computer ~ October - best Z97 motherboard?

    Hi there, Looking at a new system to replace my main PC (1090T in the sig). I am wanting it have a 1TB M.2 (PCIe) drive for OS and games. I love the look of Haswell-E and X99, but i am a little daunted by the price. Having all those PCIe 3.0 lanes spare on the CPU seems perfect for M.2...
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    Asus Z87I Pro - No audio from onboard HDMI

    [Solved] Hi there, Just bought a fancy new Asus Haswell board, with every intention of using an external GPU. The GPU was duff so I have used the onboard GPU via the HDMI connection to my TV. On problem: I get perfect picture, but no audio. Specs are: Intel 4440 Asus Z87I Pro 8GB Crucial...
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    will a tundra 01 fit between the chassis and the shell on an in-win 901

    pretty much as the title says. would like to build a system using the in-win 901 case and looking for a tidy all-in-one cooler that can fit tidily between the case chassis and the outer aluminium shell...
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    In-win 901 - ITX Glass/Aluminium cube

    Looks awesome: Seems pretty practical too: 120mm in (filtered i think) Room for 300mm cards 92mm out (room for 120mm radiator externally) 2x 3.5" + 2x 2.5" Hidden slim ODD They say they are announcing...
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    16 core AMD processor with HT

    A new server platform to succeed G34: Might we also see a rebirth of the AthlonFX brand via dual use of the C32 successor?
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    do Eyefinity / NVSurround care whether horizonal rez is the same on all monitors?

    case in point: 1920x1080 | 2560x1080 | 1920x1080 does the display driver, or the game for that matter, care about the cumulative horizontal resolution? or even: 900x1440 | 3440x1440 | 900x1440 I like the idea of a larger centre screen, but it would need to be able to game.
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    Silverstone throws its hat in the ring for a Steambox style mITX case

    RVZ01: Questions: 1. Will there be a fortress version? 2. What are the intakes fans, and are they filtered? 3. When can i buy it?
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    looking for a cheap ATX board with 16x physical slots in #1 #4 #7 positions

    seems the ideal config for a litecoin mining rig. run that with three r9 270's and that should generate a decent hash-rate without consuming too much power. know of the right board?
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    what happened to all those kabini mITX boards?

    there are loads of them, they were announced six months ago: there are lots of kabini laptops, and a few OEM sff boxes, but where is the retail stuff?
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    New 7790 card in an asus kfn32-d workstation board - GPUz result is odd?

    should i be worried it shows the card running at PCIe 1x @ 1.1? was getting ~24fps running Valley at Ultra @ 1280x800. cheers win7 64 / 2x 2.4GHz quad opterons / asus 7790 directcu II oc / catalyst 13.11 beta6 / 8gb pc5300 ecc/r / 160GB SSD
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    New Xigmatek Nebula cube ITX case

    Looks amazing: Dust filter on the bottom intake.....?
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    these new Bay TraiWin 8.1 tablets - can they run linux?

    i know the arm based WinRT devices are locked down like mobile phones, but surely i could hook up a USB optical drive to the new dell venue and install opensuse on it, right?
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    thin-mITX - kabini anyone?

    any rumours on this? it seems to me that thin-mITX is going to take off as a standard, if only because of the integration of power supply elements (not just flat dimm sockets), and the result is going to be some reallty interesting NUC/Brix style chassis's in the years to come. i'd like to...
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    Seagate already shipped one million SMR drives does this mean 5tb drives are inbound to the retail channel imminently? or, are these lower capacity drives that we simply haven't noticed so far?
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    More FM2+ boards announced, including some high-end variants

    First Asrock, now Asus and Gigabyte: Given that two of the boards look way too high-end for a £120...
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    First FM2+ boards arrive from Asus

    with PCIe3:
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    FM2+ CPU's and BoltonD4 chipset to support PCIe 3.0 (at last!) Two questions: 1. I am presuming that boards that split the 16x electrical lanes into two separate 16x physical slots, can still run 16x electrical if just one slot is used? 2. Does the chipset really support PCIe...
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    would an eight-core kaveri sporting 512 GCN shaders be too large on 28nm?

    It seems like AMD are winding down their high-end given that there is no successor to AM3+ in sight, but surely they want more than the wafer thin margins on a $120 Low/Mid-range APU. How would they do that? Possibly by going 'large' on the Xbox720/PS4 designs. Could they build a 100W APU...
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    need help - what memory does an asus kfn32d sli/sas take?

    i have an alienware workstation** with two opteron quads in it, and dodgy memory. i have tried twice to find new memory for it, and both times it hasn't fitted. it requires ddr2 fully buffered ecc dimms............... but which ones? **...
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    Is there a 3GB GTX 660 (non-Ti) available or announced yet?

    From the anand review: "Like the GTX 660 Ti launch, partners have the option of going with either 2GB or 3GB of RAM, with the former once more taking advantage of NVIDIA’s asymmetrical memory controller functionality. For partners that do offer cards in both memory capacities we’re expecting...
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    650Ti - is it a 960 shader GK106 or a cut down 1344 shader GK104?

    really curious about this one, as i am hoping for the a smaller midrange GPU.
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    2GB HD7770 from Asus - was i the only person to miss this?

    been waiting for a 2GB card for ages, and now one shows up...
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    Silverstone Modular 450W SFX (ST45SF-G) - Now has a product page - NextQ = When?

    The ST45SF-G is nearly here folks:
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    will a corsair H60 work on an FM1 motherboard?

    as per the title. cheers
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    best overclocked 7970 for use in a vertically oriented case (heat pipes)?

    Hi all, I have a 10% off voucher code for overclockers for the next ten days that is burning a hole in my pocket, and I want myself a shiny new discounted 7970 with three free games. the choice is here: the...
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    FX 8140 = 8 cores at 3.2GHz and 95W given the 95W TDP is this heralding the arrival of the B3 stepping Bulldozers CPU's?
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    Vishera on AM3+ for 2012 and 2013!

    AMD analyst day: i am disappointed in their desktop roadmap. ditching sepang/terramar means no on-die PCIe 3.0 controller (with socket FM2), and relying on an aging chipset stuck with off-die PCIe 2.0...
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    28nm GCN midrange = 1024 shaders + 2GB on 256bit?

    What do we know about the upcoming midrange GPU's: I heard worrying rumours of 844 shaders (or thereabouts) which screams "disabled shader units!" I personally would find this disappointing, as i hate buying tech with artificially disabled functionality. what say you? oh, and memory, while...