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    Upgrade from 4670k to 4790k?

    I'm just looking for some input if you guys think it's worth the jump. I'm currently running my 4670k at a modest overclock at 4ghz. I game at 1080p@144hz with a GTX 1080 so I imagine I would benefit from a beefier cpu to pump out a few more fps at that refresh rate. I don't have any...
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    Morrowind - Free Until March 31st Free for the Elder Scrolls 25th Anniversary. I put many hours into this game back in the day. Edit: Looks like it's free all week.
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    Dark Souls II Beta 38QQ-8DNE-97AA Redeem this code quickly at the playstation store and you can get into the closed beta.
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    PC - Duke Nukem Forever - $36.49 -

    Not a huge discount, but it's best I've come across. You purchase a key that you activate on Steam. edit: I think it's a weekend only sale
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    Buy Street Fighter 4 to help the people of Japan Capcom just lowered the price of Street Fighter 4 for the Iphone to $1. All proceeds are to the Japan relief effort.
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    Could someone would a 120hz monitor do a test for me?

    I'm curious. I've noticed on 60hz lcd's, anything that scrolls across the screen blurs a bit until it stops moving. that includes images, text or even looking left and right on a fps shooter. I'm thinking it has something to do with the refresh rate not quite being fast enough to keep the...
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    Just got a 6870, ditch the 8800gt for crossfire?

    I just replaced my 4890 with a 6870 and I still have a 8800gt for physx. I've been checking some of the crossfire benchmarks and it seems the 6870 scales very well, beating 2 5870's in most cases which makes crossfire very tempting. I game at 1920x1080 on a single monitor. if you were me...
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    700watt supply enough?

    Question for ya, My specs are in the sig below, but i'm contemplating getting two 6870 cards to run in crossfire. if i decide to keep my 8800gt for physx (replaced fan with passive cooling) will my ocz 700watt power supply be enough to power 3 cards? i also have 2 hard drives sucking up...
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    S/PDIF In Question

    Hey Folks, Question for ya? Can I hook up my xbox 360 to my pc through toslink and have it output to computer speaker system in 5.1? I have windows 7 installed on my pc, using onboard Realtek ALC889A codec on my motherboard (it has an spdif in header), and my speakers are the logitech...
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    Dirt 2 GFWL Question

    Hey folks, question for ya. I have Dirt 2 for the pc, it works and runs just fine on my gfwl account. But my wife texted me (i'm at work) telling me that she couldn't login and play and that it kept asking for a cd key. she entered the key that came with the game and it says that it's...
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    Should I add a second 4890?

    Greetings, Question for you folks, my rig currently has a phenom 2 940 with a single 4890 and a 8800gt (for physx) i just found a posting for a used 4890 listed for $180 (canadian). if you were me, would you hold out for the dx11 gen cards to drop in price, or would it be worth it to...
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    Very Strange Issue - Router Interrupts TV?

    This is very strange. I noticed yesterday as I was watching the world cup games on CBC HD that when I did some web browsing on my computer it would interrupt the tv signal and sometimes cut it off completely. I currently don't have digital cable or a set box, but my tv is picking up the...
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    Screen Tearing on Samsung 46"

    Hey folks, question for ya. I have a 46" Samsung LN46B540 60hz LCD tv. I've noticed from both gaming on my 360 (using hdmi at 1080p) and my PC (VGA 1920x1080) I get some screen tearing. it seems to occur when there's quick movement on screen. If i turn around fast on a fps game for...
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    Random Page Not Found Errors

    Hey Folks, I just bought a new router. I'm using a D-link DGL-4500 router and it keeps giving me random page not found errors in both I.E. and Firefox. I have no problems downloading files and no problems playing games online. I just get intermittent page not found errors while browsing the...
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    LCD TV Question

    Hey folks. I've got a question. Which LCD TV brand is the most reliable. and by reliable, i mean won't die anytime soon. I have a 32" sharp aquos lcd tv which i've owned for about a year and a half. at the end of november it died on me, so i had to take it back to best buy and have them...
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    DVI/HDMI vs VGA on a sharp 32" 720p lcd screen

    Hey folks, i'm thinking of setting up my pc on my lcd tv. I've tried using component cables which gave me 720p/1080i resolutions. the games looked awesome at 720p but small text was a bit blurry and it wasn't all that great for websurfing. using my 8800gt, would you suggest i get an dvi to...
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    a good agp vid card that a 300watt power supply can handle

    Hey folks, I have question for you guys. I've put together a pc from some old parts i had lying around. it's currently a p4 3.2ghz, 512megs of ram, a tnt2 vid card (i know.. i know, lol), 200gig hard drive and a 300watt power supply. I thinking of getting a few things to add a little oomph...
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    Computer freezing (even in bios) need help

    Hey folks, I've got a problem. My computer has been freezing alot lately, mostly when i'm booting up the computer or just after i've logged into windows. and when it freezes i have to either cut the power or hit the reset button. also, sometimes when booting the computer, it powers and sounds...