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    F/S: Quad Core/8800GTS/4GB

    Coolermaster CM 830 aluminum case 4GB Ram (2x 2GB Gskill 1066 DDR2) Intel Q6600 G0 Stepping 2.4ghz stock @ 3.4ghz (clocks higher but this was the best voltage/heat trade-off with air cooling) Xigmatech s1283 HDT style cpu cooler (heatpipes directly contact CPU) WD 500 GB Sata 300 HD Samsung...
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    No DX10 for Supreme Commander

    fiddlesticks.. :mad:
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    FS Koolance & other watercooling gear

    Koolance Stuff: 2 NV GPU Coolers (last mounted on 7800 gt's) 1 GPU or Chipset cooler (gpu-180-l06) 1 CPU cooler (cpu-300-h06) 1 Exos-AI Other Stuff: huge copper Danger Den cpu cooler 1/2 tubing huge copper Danger Den gpu cooler 1/2 tubing eheim pump bunch of 1/2 clear DD tubing...
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    Triple Monitor Gaming/Am I the only one interested?

    It doesn't appear that there is a lot of interest in triple monitor gaming since the parhelia. Am I the only person even interested?
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    Surroundview/Horizontal-span where is Surround gaming today?

    I can't find any references on getting more then 2 displays in a usable gaming mode (under windows) on a SLI card setup. How likely is it that nVidia will spend any time getting this working? I don't mind disabling extra monitors to run SLI in a game, (rebooting is silly and the 80 beta...
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    Maybe the 6800gt or Ultra will get ISF certified too probably flamebait more of a chuckle to me.. screw you if you take it personally Seriously though my wife's 6800 is at 60-80% cpu playing Step into Liquid with a 3.0 p4.