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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Got an RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra on May 11th. $543.19 Can check later when I registered.
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    Gigabyte 3080 Thermal Pads are Garbage

    Ooh, I could def use some of those pointing downwards. Thank you.
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    +1. A buddy of mine asked me last week what games I was looking forward. None was the answer (on PC at least, have maybe a few on Switch).
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    New to AMD!

    My ASUS X570-i too
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    I meant I got my card (3080 XC3 Ultra) from the queue on November 16th. I signed up way before that.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    My turn came November 16th!
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Oh I don't need one, I just want to pass mine to a needing soul.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Where can I get such a code? I already got my card (without using the discount...) so someone else might as well use it.
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    Can you get half RTX3080 performance for half the price? Asus TUF RTX 3060 review

    Same. I don't think I had time to launch a game in weeks.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    My guess would be the actual (as in now) price?
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    Choosing between 2 GPUs - help on 2 basic principles needed

    Sandwich refers to the layout of the case. Dan A1, Formd T1 and Ghost S1 are all sandwich layouts. Which means you have the GPU on one side and the mobo, cpu etc on the other.
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    Choosing between 2 GPUs - help on 2 basic principles needed

    I'm pretty sure Optimum Tech tested the ref design in an SFF case (the T1 I believe). I would avoid reference in a sandwich layout, personally. Edit: oh, 3070. Does that cooler blow through like the 3080s and 3090s?
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    Is 10gb VRAM really enough for 1440p?

    Cold War has allocated all available VRAM on every system/GPU I've ran it on. 11 on 1080Ti, 10 on 3080 (with 4K pack), 6GB on 1060 and 8GB on 580. Every single time. 3440x1440, 1080p. Even 720p IIRC.
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    RTX 3060 12GB

    We built a rig for my wife spring 2018 and I remember paying a little over 400 CAD for a 1060. Felt absolutely gutted back then. Sold it for 300 a couple weeks ago (almost 3 years later). Edit: RAM prices were also batshit crazy IIRC. As in almost double year-on-year (had built mine a year before).
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    I'm not even mad ... that's amazing

    They shipped my 3080 pretty well. Its box bubble wrapped inside another box. Crossed the continent just fine.
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    6700k paired with 3080 (bottleneck?)

    And available.
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    Best option for adding 2nd HDMI port w/ 3090

    Index is DP too.
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    EVGA Queue Discussion

    Got 3 emails from EVGA so far. Only signed up for the initial 3080 models (no Hybrid, WC or Kingpin) and the initial 3060 Tis for a buddy. Got a mail for a 3080 XC3 Ultra which I have in my rig. The model I wanted, too, after FE... Nov 16th. Also got a mail for 2 3060Tis, the 2 fans XC version...
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    1080Ti is HDMI 2.0b isn't it?
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    Evga RMA Process.

    I contacted them via email during Xmas time about unusual whining with my card (which turned out being an issue with the electricity in the room I moved my office in) and they replied the next day or the one after with an RMA ticket already opened and everything if I ever wanted to go that...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    There you go.
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    Evga 3080 xcs Display Port numbering? Credit: some redditor
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Got an email for the 3060 Ti FTW3 this morning. It's the second 3060Ti email I got (2 fans version about a week ago).
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    So.....who's buying a 3070?

    3070 will be great for 1440p 144hz! What are you upgrading from?
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    Running 2 graphics cards?

    Since both will use the same drivers it shouldn't be too much trouble. You also have the iGPU option (make sure it's activated in bios) as a last resort.
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Sony wants to bring more exclusives to PC as well.
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    8 or 12 gigs

    My first GPU I bought was a 8500LE 128MB, instead of IIRC a 9600 or something. I, however, had the excuse of being 13 and having no smartphone at that time😅
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    8 or 12 gigs

    3060Ti should be closer to 3070 than 3060 going by the specs.
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    New 3080 question

    Whichever you can buy.
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    RTX 3060 12GB

    Got the email for one of those yesterday (but passed...)
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    Day before release around 9 in the morning
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    You mean when I signed up?
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    I Bought an RTX 3060 Ti Today!

    Just got the email from EVGA for the 3060Ti. 2 fans model. We ultimately found one in store on release day so I don't need it but they are sending emails for the queue.
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    What's with these prices? Just trying to find a simple card for wife and i'm floored at the pricing.

    Did they flat out stopped Turing production or did they keep making them but for OEMs? Can't remember. I guess it's not impossible either that such OEMs as Dell still have stock of Turing.
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    3070 FE w/12 pin dongle

    Is it MSI Afterburner's? DarkSideA8
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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    I had to check eBay. HOLY CRAP you were not exagerating 😵