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    Navi "4k killer"

    Didn't Lisa Su or someone from AMD say big Navi was going to be a "4k killer"? The new XBox X will game at 4k 120fps in at least some selected titles so, why can't big Navi? I've got nutbags attacking me for even mentioning big Navi at 4k 120fps - what's up with that? Xbox Series X Graphics...
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    AMD BIOS F50 vs F31 ???

    I'm still using BIOS F31 from 2019/05/06 and not sure if I should update to F50 2019/11/27 or not? Should I or should I not? I have the X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI (rev. 1.1) and the 2700X CPU
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    WiFi 6 wireless routers with WiFi 5 devices?

    Will wifi 5 devices work any better with a wifi 6 wireless router? Are there any benefits of updating to a wifi 6 router if all of your devices are still wifi 5? Apparently, no but, will the beam-forming thing work at least for a more reliable connection? It just doesn't seem like there are any...
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    Best 4 or 5 port ethernet hubs in 2018 ???

    My WiFi struggles to keep a good connection with my XBox One X so ... I figured I'd just go wired: What are the best 4 or 5 port Ethernet hubs in 2018 with USB 3.0 speeds or better? My PC is wired Ethernet. I think I just need a good Ethernet slitter so I can go back & forth between my PC &...
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    Intel Z390 Disappointments

    Intel Z390 Disappointments: HDMI 1.4 - should be 2.0 since HDMI 1.4 came out in 2009, HDMI 2.0 came out in 2013 DDR4 2666 - should be 3200 BIOS needs lots of work Utility CD instead of a USB thumb drive 9700k only 8-thread instead of 16 Why is it so expensive then?
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    TV just died - what would you recommend?

    I had this small 19 inche TV (1997) that I never used for gaming and I had planned on replacing it when HDMI 2.1 came out with a TV worth getting with FreeSync 2 so that I CAN game on it but, it just died so, what should I do? I'm trying to be smart with money here ... I have an XBox One X and...
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    iphone 5 vs 8 Lightning to USB Cable/USB Power Adapter

    Does it matter if you use your old iphone 5 Lightning to USB Cable/USB Power Adapter to re-charge an iphone 8 or an iphone X? From what I understand, we can use the same cord and while the iphone 5 USB Power Adapter will work in a pinch - it's best to use the new one because the specs are...
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    XBox One X power cable issue

    Humm, my buddy's new XBox One X has died - played it for about a month and then it would not turn on any more. It turns out to be an issue with the provided power cable. "The default cable included with the console is rated at 7 amps and 125 volts, while the replacement cable is rated 10 amps...
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    Best new PC audio options for 2018?

    If you were hoping to put a new computer together say by spring, what Computer Audio options would be best for 2018 onward? I currently use a pretty old system and have just been using these wired Turtle Beach X12 headphones & and some cheap PC speakers so I'm not sure what cool new options...
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    AMD AM4 X470 Motherboards

    AMD AM4 X470 motherboards don't launch until April 2018 for Pinnacle 12nm LP (low power) CPUs coming in February 2018 Will anything be updated and improved upon?
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    Samsung 970 and 980 NVMe coming soon

    Samsung 970 and 980 NVMe coming soon ... I guess around September or October 2017?
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    GPUs: Gamers Left Behind as the Compute Market Taking Priority

    What do you guys think of this video? GPUs: Gamers Left Behind as the Compute Market Taking Priority ; (
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    NVidia 760 2g upgrade to 480 4g Radeon

    I've been gaming on my NVidia 760 2g and stumbled across a used Radeon 480 with 4g from a buddy ... how long ya figure I'll be able to get by on that before I'll need a new GPU?
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    2017-18 Intel vs AMD which is better?

    2017-18 Intel vs AMD which is better? I am still not sure which to go with, Intel or AMD ... I like to game but I do a lot of work on my PC as well so, I need/want the best of both worlds - best bang for the buck. I'd to be able to game in 4k at 144fps, stream, and run a business ... render to...
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    4k gaming & VR at 120 fps requires PCIe 4.0

    I just read that if we want ... "4K video at 120Hz (or 240Hz) on a PC will require PCIe 4.0" How true is that comment? I'm hearing that with NVMe fast storage and VR, we will need PCIe 4.0 if we want 4k gaming and VR at 120 fps or 144 fps or whatever especially with 21:9 ultra-wide. Also, is...
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    New TV standard ATSC 3.0 1st time in 25 years

    New TV standard ATSC 3.0 1st time in 25 years. It'll be a 4K standard. ATSC 3.0 Next Generation Broadcasting
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    Dolby Atmos for PC and Mobile ???

    How does one get the Dolby Atmos to work on PC and mobile ... or at least to work with headphones? Dolby Atmos works on Overwatch but, at Origin it shows up but is greyed out as if to be an option but not yet for Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1. Dolby Atmos, PC and Mobile...
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    8K TV's available worldwide in 2018

    8K TV's available worldwide in 2018? "CES in January 2018 will see the first 8K TVs go on sale around the world. If we’re right, the countdown to 8K TVs for the home has already begun. We must be ready." Is it possible to buy an 8K TV now? Yes – Sharp sells its 85-inch LV-85001 for...
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    Best Liquid Coolers for Z270 & AM4 ?

    I am interested in new and improved liquid coolers geared towards the new Z270 and AM4 platforms. I've never used a liquid cooler before and not sure if I really even need it or not. My issue is that we do not have central air so, in the summer it gets 85f to 90f ambient room temps in here so...
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    M.2, U.2 or 2.5 best NVMe ssd on z270 or AM4?

    I'm trying to figure out which NVMe ssd is best for boot-up time, loading games and general over-all experience to go along with the new z270 or AM4 motherboards. I have never had an ssd yet so, I'll have to wait and see what the benchmarks say to help chose Intel or AMD. I planned on a z270...
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    Volta bandwidth on a Z270 mobo?

    Will a Z270 Kaby Lake motherboard will provide plenty of bandwidth for a Volta 1180ti GPU? What bottlenecks should I keep an eye out for? I'm really sick & tired of all the delays as now both Cannon Lake and now the consumer version of Volta has apparently been delayed as well. I simply can't...
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    X370 motherboards?

    Not interested in the Z270 motherboards or KabyLake due out January 5th 2017 they say but, I am interested in the X370 motherboards and CannonLake so, when do we get to start learning about the X370 series motherboards? 10nm CannonLake is suppose to come out in the 2nd half of 2017 and is...
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    Talk of Updated XBox One Model at E3 2015

    Talk of Updated XBox One Model at E3 2015 E3 2015: June 16-18 Computex 2015: June 2-6 Be sure to let Microsoft know your gripes about the XBox One and demand a new upgraded model: Welcome to Xbox Feedback!
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    H170 vs Z170 Motherboards

    H170 vs Z170 Motherboards I've never had an H mobo before and wonder what the differences are between the H and Z versions? I was considering an H170 for a Skylake build when it comes out. What are the pros and cons of going with an H170 Skylake motherboard vs a Z170 mobo?
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    Will Spartan run at 120Hz in Windows 10?

    Will Spartan run at 120Hz in Windows 10? I'm reminded of this thread: Help Convince Microsoft To Support 120Hz in Internet Explorer Wonder if the newer IE will too?
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    Windows 10 to support 8K video resolution

    Windows 10 to support 8K video resolution:
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    Windows 10 Boot-up time

    Windows 10 Boot-up time Will Windows 10 boot times be any improvement over Windows 8? I remember when we used to have to remove all those background processes to conserve resources for Windows XP to help keep our PC's snappier and give faster boot times. Keeping those background processes to a...
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    M.2 and SSD's 20 to 40 Gbps with NVMe

    Wow, SSD's at 40 Gbps would be sweet! The current connectors and AHCI interface is the limitation for SSD's (and disc hard drives too) capping out at around 600 MB/s making SATA soon to be obsolete, however, SATA has already made the decision to evolve into M.2 and PCIe along with a new NVMe...
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    upgrade now or wait?

    Hi, I would like to hear your thoughts or recommendations on what you would do if you had my system at this point in time nearing the end of 2014. Everything is working and money is an issue as always so keep that in mind but, I'm wondering what I may be missing out on as far as noticeable...
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    Monitors with the new DisplayPort 1.3 and HDMI 2.0

    Monitors and TV's with the new DisplayPort 1.3 and HDMI 2.0 I'm trying to find out when we can expect to see the new DisplayPort 1.3 and HDMI 2.0 on 20-22 inch displays, preferably with NVidia's GSync and/or AMD's "Project FreeSync" or "Adaptive-Sync" I know that Seiki has Announced 28", 32"...
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    Windows 9 and DirectX 12?

    Will Windows 9 include DirectX 12 or not?
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    Motherboards with the new DisplayPort 1.3 ?

    When will we see motherboards with the new DisplayPort 1.3 ?
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    Motherboard Diagnostics Test?

    Where can I find a really good Motherboard Diagnostics Test? and a PSU diagnostic test too? PC keeps crashing/re-booting
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    PC keeps crashing/re-booting

    Hi, not sure if this is the section to post this issue yet or not but, here's my issue: About once or twice a week my computer just freezes, locks up makes a weird sound like the sound is trying to play but skips super fast like an old record and then, shuts down and re-boots again. My cursor...
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    Best Onboard Motherboard Audio?

    Best Onboard Motherboard Audio? I am really interested in great onboard sound. There's some really sweet audio technology onboard motherboards nowadays but, which is truly best after reading through all the hype? And is all that GOLD really necessary or is it just jacking up the price? I'm...
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    Windows 9, 128-bit ?

    Will Windows 9 be 128-bit or not? Some websites discussing Windows 9 are also talking about the possibility of 128-bit. I certainly do remember the 32/64-bit fiasco. Have we already maxed out 64-bit? Will going to 128-bit be another fiasco? Are we ready for 128-bit? Microsoft Working on 128-bit...
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    Modem: Cisco DPC3825

    Hi, I am not sure which is the proper section of the forum to discuss modems? So, if a mod moves my post please PM me if there's a new link so I can find it. I've had the Cisco DPC3825 modem since 2/28/12 and wonder if it's worth keeping or if I should get a new one? We need a modem that...
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    New GPU with an older system???

    I am curious to find out how much my older system may be affecting the performance of my new GPU and how much so to find out if it's enough to need a new system yet. I'm open to any suggestions for ideas to consider. Or maybe I'm ok until Skylake comes out? Mainly, I wonder if my SATA 2 & PCI...
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    Right vs Left-Handed Gamer Keyboards

    We need more left-handed keyboard options for gamers. I game left-handed. I hate the right-hand set up because the WSAD does not line up and it messes me up. I prefer to game left-handed because I do much better with the 8546 as they're in perfect alignment and using my thumb on the page &...
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    Old vs New Keyboards

    I still use my old white Logitech SK-2500 keyboard from 1998 and I still use it because it still works like new. When I asked Logitech if it was still good enough for gaming a couple years ago they said there's hardly a difference between my KB and new ones as far as speed goes: What's the...