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    4090 availability?

    Any idea when you can just walk into microcenter and buy one? February or March?
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    Oh would you look at that. Oh yeah plenty of stock at launch. You know with them holding back to make it look like demand and now this. I swear. I WAS looking into buying one if I can get the case I wanted but more shit Like this happens every...
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    Was taken to the cleaners. 13900k RETURNED

    I pre ordered from new egg a 13900K for $719 shipped. I see it will come on oct 25th a day before i go back offshore for 42 days. I see my local microcenter selling them for $569 and i get to pick it up tomorrow. I will never pre order a item again. going to call newegg tomorrow and see if they...
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    z690 hero 128gb?

    I have a Z690 hero and i do remember about 6 months ago that you could not run 128gb and everyone was having problems. Is that the case today if I was to update all drivers and bios?
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    When and where

    When and where will we be able to order a 13 900 K?
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    Did something happen to the 8TB 870 EVO?

    Trying to buy 2 of them and i see 8TB samsung QVO in all my search results and amazon seems to have de listed them and i saw them just a few weeks ago. new egg only has upto 4TB what the hell happen and if you know of a good place to buy 2x of those post a link
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    Maingear case or falcon Northwest case?

    So I have a few thousand dollars to burn I can and have the main gear case F131 modded to accept a EATX case and a 1600 W power supply and possibly add a second radiator up top for the new cgpu coming out and the CPUs Or I can have modded a old Falcon Northwest Mach V case but I’m not sure...
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    All P core chips?

    When are we going to get an all P core chip? I would love to do video encodes with that.
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    Lol evga Notify

    Signed up 10-10-20 for a 3080 Notify sent 6-15-22 Will never use that system again
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    Topaz AI and Handbrake all down clocking

    12900KF 64GB DDR5 Hero wifi MB Dual 3080 Every time i start these programs or programs like these if they are downsized the performance drops hard. If I leave it up on the screen i get back the performance but if i bring up another screen and it covers it the performance just drops. I know win...
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    FS 3900X/2080/Asus itx/64gb ram $264+shipping

    Selling the following. Amd 3900X in a Asus rog strix X570-I gaming with low profile fan and 64gb of ram and a 2080 founder card. Device Type: DDR4 Device Type Detail: Synchronous Memory Speed: 3200 MHz...
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    Want to become a "Gamer" Need Help

    I gave up on gaming many years ago due to a shitty PC and zero video cards. No idea were to start. *Best place to buy games? *What games other then sport or MMO games do you think are good? *What Controller works with Win 10 pro and is good? I hit google for top games and 2 that i think i...
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    12900KS under volt?

    I bought a Pre built Falcon Northwest with a 12900KS. I would like to try and under volt to save on watts were ever i can with out losing any performance when doing encoding or when I am in Houdini trying to cache a Sim. I could do a search but I was looking at you guys to see any good tips or...
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    2x 3080 LHR 10gb on 1000 watts 70% power

    If I am doing rendering with red shift or octane and set the power limit to 70% for both cards do you think a 1000 watt could do it? Falcon Northwest said I should upgrade to a 1200 W but I lose the Ability to add in 2X 20 TB hard drives later on down the road … i I think I can pick up a 1200 W...
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    3080 xc3 Ultra Gaming status?

    Are they making this card anymore? I only ask I think I'm Fucked. 10/20/2020 12:18:56 PM PT Notify sent? Fuck No. Ha Ha Ha I might make the 2 year mark. If I do i'm getting a T-shirt made.
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    MCM and Air cooling

    Do you think we will expand to 4 slot cooling when it comes to MCM chiplets? Will it be harder to cool or easier you think?
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    2x video cards 3 slot problems?

    Has anyone run into problems running 2x 3080 video cards on a z690 hero wifi? I am talking about the spacing. I would be running the video cards at 70% power for 3d render work but i did not know if some or all of these video cards have gotten so big that running 2x was a problem for the...
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    13900k ITX future

    Does anyone know if something down the road is coming that would prevent a ITX board? With CPU getting really fast and now offering 128gb on the intel board I am starting to wonder what i would really be missing but wanted to know if a cpu was coming that would prevent itx?
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    Mix Video Card Water Blocks

    I have a 2080 founders. Lets say I order a Digital Storm computer with a 4090. I would like to add my old card and maybe a 4060 or some such do all of the holes that are in and out line up? I ask because I would like as much rendering power as i can get but i don't want to throw away gpus.
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    Main Gear F131 Blue Printing

    I bought a used MG F131 for $800+shipping. The only problem it had was a single strip screw on the back panel upper left. Things I want to do: 1. Clean it up and prepare it to be blue printed so that I will always have the dimensions of the case should something go wrong and to have some one...
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    .Bat File for Program installs?

    I pulled this from a site but I am not sure if this is correct. Lets say I have 5 programs I wanted installed after i install windows does this look correct? line 2-13 I am not sure about or don't understand. I have a Samsung 2TB as my second drive and would like to install at that location...
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    64gb dimms on itx?

    ASUS ROG STRIX X570-I Gaming I know it says 64gb total supported but can these boards take 2x 64gb dimms? Or even 128gb dimms? I do have that mb by the way
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    FS Samsung S20+ ATT 512GB $400

    Phone only. Has one small scratch up left and one very small nic middle right. Does not show when screen is on. See attached pictures. I do have Topaz AI and can super size photos. Shipping $6. If in America 2day air. Pay pal fees paid by me the Seller
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    What case is this? EU case

    looking at 3:44 I can't seem to find those cases. Anyone have an Idea? Still trying to find those.
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    Are we going to see a updated 10980XE?

    Are we going to see another 10980XE in the future? That seem like a good balance for performance and PCI-E lanes and not have to go into Thread Ripper or Xeon.
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    Bitcoin all time high

    62k. Will this bitcoin shit ever end?
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    Love Lace no time soon

    Do you think with what is going on they will still launch it in 2022? I Mean I don't see this letting at all in 2021 as we are soon 3 months into this year. I Think they might delay it unless AMD pushes but why would they? People will still be looking for cards a year from now. I just want the...
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    Thanks Elon you screwed us

    Tesla announced in an SEC filing Monday that it has bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. 2020 will never end. I will not be able to get rid of this 2080 for octane render till 2022 it seems.
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    FS 2016 13 inch MBP

    Gone. trying to delete the ad.
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    Why is my under volt not working?

    I have the newest Ryzen master and a 3900x. I set profile 1 to all core of 3.5 and Vcore to 1.25 click save and run cinebench r23 newest and the temps are very high. still in the 90+ range which is what it was before. I have never done this so if there is a good video of how to do this please...
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    I think I am screwed

    I think i am fucked. I have a 2080 i upgraded my drivers to the newest studio drivers so i could run octane render but now I am getting error AA on a x570 aorus master. I have the hdmi hooked up to my 65 inch samsung tv and the drivers on the tv are up to date. The card will not work with any...
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    3900X Dan A4

    I am posting here as I think it will get more views and not SFF forum. Seems like its dead. I am a 3d rendering individual. I do 99% on my 2080. I do use the cpu only if I am doing hand brake encoding which is not often. I just bought a 750x sfx and a Rog strix X570 I gaming. My memory is...
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    The future

    Do you think the gpu will go the same route as the cpu did.? They started with 2x dies then over 3 years went up to 8 dies. Do you think we with see the same growth over 4 years when they do land? I do 3d render work so I would hope they do not milk it with 2x dies then 2 years later 4x dies...
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    Nvidia never to return to TSMC?

    With all the talk of tsmc not wanting to work with nvidia you think they will ever be able to go back? I am locked to nvidia because 3d render programs do not yet support amd.
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    GPU Chiplets

    I think with the US money printer going BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Inflation kicking in every year as food and everything else just keeps going up in price i think we are going to see prices stay the same or go up. I also think we are going to see Thread Ripper prices for GPU cards as well in the...
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    PCI-E lanes

    If a motherboard supports 3x m.2 SSD drives is each SSD drive taking up PCI-E lanes? I Have googled but want a direct answer from people on H. Also If you have that lets you run up to 4x m.2 on one PCI-E card does that...
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    Hopper in 1 year and not 2? I am not sure about the credibility so i wanted to know if you guys heard anything? Do you guys think the 3xxx Series will be...
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    100% Fans all the time?

    So I am rolling hard in Octane render with a single 2080 super founder's with a open side panel. I loaded up Evga X1 software to see the temps and saw that the fans were only going at 41% and i changed the setting to go full bore 100%. Now I do work off shore some times 28 days out 14 days off...
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    After 64 Cores?

    After trying out GPU 3d rendering I am finding that it is still garbage. So I am really looking forward to the 64 core TR. My question is when they drop down yet another node to say 5 or 3 are we just going to see more cores or are they going to do something different? What is the cut off as far...
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    Performance % lost on air vs WC

    On average what do you think the performance lost is on air vs WC? I am getting into Red shift 3d and Keyshot hard now that Gpu rendering is getting fast. I googled but could not really fine a answer. With the new cards coming and being so powerful wanted to know if i should stick to blower type...