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    2 sodimm slots but can only use one stick of ram

    I seem to have an unusual HP laptop but I'm not sure if something is broken or if this is just some weird crap that HP does. I just got two matching sticks of ram, 2x8GB 2400MHz 17-17-17-39 1.2V, xmp/docp is not necessary for these sticks. The board has two sodimm slots but it will only boot up...
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    4TB drive showing up as 1678gb and requiring EFI reflashes

    I tried running the Hitatchi WinDFT tool to erase the whole drive (took hours) and the MBR (even though it is a GPT disk). The Hitatchi tool says the drive is 4TB in one window and then in the next it says it is 3TB. Disk management, diskpart, and Testdisk all say the drive is 1678GB (the...
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    The AMD FX (Bulldozer) Scheduling Hotfixes Tested

    Just noticed it over at Anandtech and wow the results are underwhelming to say the least.
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    Western Digital drives dont work on Intel SATA controllers?

    Ok so I have three 3TB WD drives and one 400GB WD drive that refuse to work correctly on Intel SATA controllers. I have to use the Marvell controllers instead. On Intel controllers the 3TB drives each show up as 749.39GB unallocated in disk management (yes it is GPT and 64bit Win7 SP1). The...
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    Does TRIM work over USB3?

    SSD drives should use TRIM to keep them fast, but can the SSD use TRIM when it is connected via USB3.
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    Software to measure frame rate every 1/10 of a second?

    Is there a program that will do this? As far as I can tell FRAPS only queries once a second. I want a program that queries at least every 1/10 of second. I am trying to illustrate the stutter that Black Ops is experiencing. An average of 60fps isn't playable if the first half of a second...
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    New driver 263.14 fixes some problems. It's not up on the Nvidia site yet but it fixed the majority of stuttering problems I'm having in Black Ops. Thought I would post it in case anyone wanted to give it a try.
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    Firefox 4 Beta 7 is out, I was bored so I ran some benchmarks.

    Ran some benchmarks on my system (check sig for specs). There are some big speed improvements with the javascript engine update on Beta7.
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    How do I make a time based chart?

    I want to run some benchmarks on COD Black Ops with a time based chart like [H] uses but I am not sure how you go about getting the data for the chart. Anyone happen to know? Is there a program that will output the data to a formatted file? Then I assume I plug that into a spreadsheet? Is...
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    606GHz overclock!!!

    Okay so it's a glitch and I'm actually at 3.8GHz. Still looks nice though :p Here is my CPU-Z with the correct info.
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    Clean your heatsink!

    Just a reminder to clean your heatsink. I forgot all about it this month and then my computer wouldn't reboot. Then I notice the CPU fan was unable to keep spinning for more then a second. I pulled the fan off and the surface of my thermalright ultima 90 was completely blocked with dust. No...
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    Apple is hijacking my liteon sohw-1693S dvdrw!!!!

    Something in Apple software is hijacking my DVDRW... Anyone have info on this!? Ok so I finally got sick of Apple Quicktime+iTunes being on my computer so I uninstalled all the Apple junk (except safari which I don't even use anyway). The next day I wanted to watch an old movie so I popped...
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    new flash exploit

    Heads up: This is why I block scripting and plugins... This is constantly happening.
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    bleeding colors? cant seem to get it fixed!

    Monitor: Westinghouse 24" L2410nm Video Card: MSI 9600GT I just got a new video card (9600gt) for my computer and with this new card the display doesnt look quite right. Around black text on white background there are small amounts of blue and red. Also the colors are not uniform or...
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    didja ever notice?

    didja ever notice how all nvidia/via chips are recessed in the middle??? wtf is up with this it keeps the heatsink from touching the core:confused: I use some artic silver and a razor to fill in the hole and put a masked off layer on the hs too but I wonder if this is optimal to flat contact?