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    TRX40 owners and in particular Gigabyte

    Hi Guys and Gals, - Esteemed and somewhat at times unlucky owners of TRX40 motherboards Have you had any or other issues with your motherboard bios see the poll! <if you think there should be other options please let me know> I have had some issues, where the bios resets, where the bios have...
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    Optimizing Threadripper ? thread! How to get the most out of it

    Hi Guys, I confess upfront - I don't really understand all the settings, so this is really a cry for help. How can I and others get the most out of their Threadripper system Components CPU choice of 3 generations 19xxX, 29xxX and 39xxX and soon the Pro series (very exciting times) Mainboard...
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    Not sure but it sounds like someone have parked a 747 in my Threadripper loud whining noise

    Hi guys, i recently build a Threadripper system and with that I also entered the water cooling arena. So please bare with me if these are obvious questions and issues. with some recommendations from several members here I settled on Alphacool Eisbaer Extreme 280 - Black edition, then someone...
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    NVME - why are disks less then 1TB not performing as well as their bigger sisters?

    Hi Guys, apologies if this has been discussed before. but I wouldn't mind picking your brains again ;-) Trying to find the best storage solution (Cost, benefits - speed, access etc...) I can fit 12x NVME in my system via two AIC cards (threadripper systems, at least that is the plan) as I am...
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    windows 10 Pro - largest size disk I can use to install windows on? (Windows 101)

    Sorry guys, but my brain has gone a bit soft I know I install windows 10 Pro on a 2TB disk, but how big can I go? don't ask me why, I am just curious now ;-) I know I should keep my data on a second or third disk thanks
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    Gigabyte forum - is down

    does this seem odd to you
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    TRX40 mainboard - PCIe lanes

    Hi guys, most of the boards have 4x PCIe x16 slots but it looks like you really only get 2x 16x and 2x 8x is it possible to run at least 3 x 16x ? one GPU and 2 Storage controllers? at full 16x speed? thanks again henrik
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    Can I pick your brain - Threadripper system

    Hi, sorry to bother you all but I was hoping I could pick your brain regarding a Threadripper system. I currently have an X570 3900x setup but this storage system is troubling me, that I can't get the AIC to run at full speed. this has always been a pet issue for me in the past. the Ryzen is...
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    Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 AIC adaptor - anyone got it working on X570 board?

    Hi Guys & Gals, Bought one of these thinking I could expand my storage with M.2 drives but I am having trouble getting it to run @ x16 it apparently can't see all drives if it is only running at PCIe x8 which is a little frustrating on an X570 board CPU 3900x Mobo: MSI MEG X570 ACE and also...
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    MSI PRESTIGE X570 CREATION installing Windows 10 on RAID-0 (Xpander card)

    Hi Gals and Gals, I am having an issue installing windows 10 on a RAID-0 system MSI PRESTIGE X570 CREATION Ryzen 9 3900x, Noctua D-15 2x32gb G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200 1x Seagate 520 1tb gen4 NVME 2x Corsair MP600 2tb gen4 NVME MSI XPANDER NVME card (holds 2 NVME) ASUS RTX-2070 super I would like...