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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Yep. ATX standard should be bumped to 24V (industrial controls voltage). Many more I/O options would then become available for simmers and generally anyone interested in automation via desktop/server systems.
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    Starfield and Redfall Delayed to first half of 2023

    Cmon, guys. Bethesda just hired its 6th-ever voice actor.
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    PlayStation 5 Pro and New Xbox Series S / X Specs and Release Date Leaked by TCL

    Console lifetimes overlap. The PS3/360 uArchs stopped exactly when they were released, not a development advance since. Meanwhile, Core 2 was released in 2006 and saw several successors in Core i3/i5/i7 until a console finally launched in *late 2013* (~8 years after its predecessor) that...
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    PlayStation 5 Pro and New Xbox Series S / X Specs and Release Date Leaked by TCL

    I think it beats the 8-10 year cycles of dead end development (Cell/POWER) and lowest-common-denominator tech stagnation that comes of it. How many Intel tick-tocks did PC gaming rack up while development was still targeted at the PS3/360? PlayStations and XBoxes now have more hardware in...
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    Tarrifs Reduced on GPUs

    Taco Bell.
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    Re-Thinking (or overthinking) Embedded OOP

    I've been writing some embedded libraries for an ongoing personal project and downshifted to really think about my approach. Particularly, I'm sanity-checking whether an object-oriented implementation for some of this stuff is even a starter, or if my OO approach is worthless. Here's where I'm...
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    Intel produces another generation of space heaters

    Still haven’t moved on from my 8086k (generally satisfactory) and 1070Ti (terrible supply). No clue if Windows 11 is supported but I can a) write software and b) play some counterstike.
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    I had buyers remourse. Cancelled my MBP 14" order :(

    About to pull the trigger on a 16” Pro Max, 64GB, 32-core GPU, 2TB. Hold my (few) beers.
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    True. I keep being reminded of this every time I run into artificial limitations in automation control software (*cough* Rockwell Automation), specifically the fact that their compiler implements every possible operation as an inline call, which bubbles memory usage upon the simplest...
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    Apple announces M1 Pro and M1 Max

    This is weird. If you’re given documented, programmatic APIs to use the hardware, how is it an affront to “computing freedom?”
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    Intel has started benchmarking their high end GPU's

    Gotta respond to M1 with something
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    i7-9700k $269

    Built my brother’s first PC with this CPU.
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    AWS Engineer put Windows 10 for ARM on Apple Mac M1

    Early adopter: some of my existing stuff isn’t working but software is being developed Alarmist: oh no what are we gonna do?
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    AWS Engineer put Windows 10 for ARM on Apple Mac M1

    Promising. Hoping to snag the rumored M1X MBP 16” in a few months
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Picked up a Dell PowerEdge R620 with 2x Xeon E5-2640v2, 192 GB DDR3, Intel x540 dual port 10Gb, Intel I350 quad port 1Gb, redundant supplies, and a couple of 300GB SAS drives in a 1U chassis. I'll probably end up replacing its fans with quieter Noctua models, increasing the memory to at least...
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    WatchGuard M370

    Can't complain. :D edit: my mistake, it has 4 gigabytes of memory. It has another slot so I could add a 4 gigabyte DIMM to get dual-channel mode working...
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    WatchGuard M370

    Here's some information: The as-shipped M370 uses a Lanner NCB-WG4210 mainboard with a Skylake Celeron G3900 CPU and 4 gigabytes of memory. Storage is (now) a Kingston mSATA 120GB SSD. I kept the original 16GB drive with...
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    WatchGuard M370

    Unexpectedly, I ended up with both the M400 and M370... for free. I swapped the M370's drive, upgraded the CPU with a spare on hand, and installed pfSense. It's the fastest IPSec server, and firewall generally, that I've owned. No complaints. The M400 is probably going to be sold again, so I'm...
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    WatchGuard M370

    I was able to grab one of these in new condition on eBay this morning for less than $30. I anticipate the UTM license is expired for the unit, but I intend to install PFsense anyway. This is all for home lab work and ultimately a dedicated home appliance. I have been shopping around for similar...
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    E-ATX Workstation Case Decision

    The R6 is quite good. It’ll probably house several builds in its lifetime.
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    Any issues with exFAT on Windows 10?

    Yes, it works. Haven’t seen issues. What would they look like?
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    Any issues with exFAT on Windows 10?

    I use it when creating compatible volumes between Windows and MacOS. No problems.
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    RIP ThinkGeek - 75% off Sitewide

    Got a Vault-Tec bathroom tumbler for cheap, thanks!
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    What speakers are these? (nice setup!)
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    Gaming Desk?

    A small screen, a single cupholder, and two controllers for, presumably, two people to play? But hey, there's DVDs on the shelf - those ought to come in handy on a 4k monitor.
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    The Raspberry Pi 4 is here

    It’s cheaper than a video game. In 4 one. :oops:
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    240v line...did my Electrician do it right?

    One thing you can do in the future to verify an install like this is to use a meter to probe the voltage of each hot leg to ground and between each other. I own several Fluke models including a 117 and can definitely recommend it or a 115 (I bought for the dad) for residential installations. I...
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    E-ATX Workstation Case Decision

    Yes, one 5.25” object.
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    Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    All new Microsoft games coming to Steam

    Port it all - to just my XBox.
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    All new Microsoft games coming to Steam

    Just permit Steam to be installed on an XBox.
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    Access point w/ 24VDC input?

    I ended up with this model: For $42, it's a fantastic piece of equipment. Thanks again, bds1904!
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    Access point w/ 24VDC input?

    Great link! Thanks so much
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    Access point w/ 24VDC input?

    Hi all, I’m shopping around for a (preferably compact) WiFi access point that accepts 24V input by either terminal block or barrel connector. Anyone see something like this? While there are plenty of PoE injectors that accept 24V, I’d prefer to avoid the need to carry the extra weight and...
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    Date Format Specifiers (ISO 8601)

    This might be more of an "academic" question than practical, but it's been bugging me. With my custom DateTime class, if my date is Feb 29 on a leap year, and the year is adjusted to a non-leap year, what correction should take place: Maintain month, decrement day Increment month, set day to 1...
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    Date Format Specifiers (ISO 8601)

    That's probably too costly of an approach for the real-time stuff I'm working on (or perhaps any). A precious few kilobytes of memory would be burned, a lot of blocking code introduced, and so on. For this, I ended up defining a 'DateTime' class that strictly does its work upon integral data...
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    Date Format Specifiers (ISO 8601)

    I worked it out - was overthinking the whole thing.
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    Date Format Specifiers (ISO 8601)

    So pretty much I'd just rely on the format itself and the specifier would be okay to be omitted outright?
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    Date Format Specifiers (ISO 8601)

    Hi all, Background: I'm working on building a lightweight (microcontroller platforms) DateTime builder class that accepts various flavors of dates and times and assembles a formatted string, depending on the client/service selected format specifier. I'm using this link as my point of...
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    Scarlett Johansson Can't Stop the Internet from Pasting Her Face on Porn

    Indeed it will be. Perhaps a form of digital signing of content is the way forward?