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    Upgrading a GPU in an inflationary environment ... new or used?

    I currently have a 3060 Ti and while fast, it really heats up my gaming room! The 6600 XT is slightly less capable (about 20% lower) than the 3060 Ti. I am going to focus on the 6600 XT, especially with BF right around the corner. Thanks!
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    Upgrading a GPU in an inflationary environment ... new or used?

    Thanks to all who contributed to my quest. After reading each post I may have to refocus to the 6600 or 2060 ...
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    Upgrading a GPU in an inflationary environment ... new or used?

    I am trying to help a friend upgrade their system piece by piece. He is VERY price sensitive because he has little (I am helping him a bit). I figure the best bang for the buck would be to upgrade his video card which is currently a GTX 950. My friend is a light to moderate gamer and...
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    Need some advice - Office key doesn't work.

    You Mentioned that you got a few years out of the key. Move along and buy another at another steep discount. You got your money’s worth out of that key.
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    How long would you wait for Shipping?

    OP, this happens all the time to resellers on ebay, etc. I see resellers complaining on the forums (including FB) that they are held hostage to the USPS. Unless the seller gets a receipt, they have no way of proving that it has even been shipped. Yes, the seller should have gotten a receipt...
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    WTB: Best GPU for $275-300~, upgrading from GTX1060 3GB -- FOUND

    Following this WTB thread with great interest. Used 1060s (both 3/6 GB) are currently selling from $175 to over $300. Interested to see what $300 can buy these days ...
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    5600x undervolting guides?

    Thank you!
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    5600x undervolting guides?

    I would appreciate any assistance (links) that you have found useful in undervolting a 5XXX series CPU. I am attempting to keep the chip as cool as possible and to minimize the chip having to throttle itself. Thank you ...
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    3060 Ti Heat ... normal or did I just turn on the oven?

    My idle temps for the CPU and GPU in the Fractal Define R5 with two (2) case fans are at about 52C each. It is only when I run just about any game (even a simple one) that the temps go up (mid 70s C) and the air under my desk becomes noticeably hot. I was running a 1660 Ti and never noticed...
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    3060 Ti Heat ... normal or did I just turn on the oven?

    I just completed my latest build, including a Gigabyte B550 MB, 5600X (stock cooler), and an eVGA 3060 Ti video card, and a Corsair 750W PS all mounted within a Fractal Define R5 case. The rig that was replaced included a very old MB, a 3770K, and a 1660 Ti video card. It never gave me any...
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    Determining RAM compatibility for a new motherboard?

    Thank you for the wonderful replies so far. Sorry I did not provide more specifics. I am using a 5600X and am hoping to use 32 GB of DDR4 3600, or perhaps 3200 CL16 with faster timings.
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    Determining RAM compatibility for a new motherboard?

    Backstory: I am building my first system in 5 years. I am a fanboy on neither OEM so this time I decided to go with a Ryzen build. I have purchased a Gigabyte Aorus Pro AC MB (B550), a new power supply (Corsair), and just received my new processor. I plan to use a 3060 Ti that my son...
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    Awful experience with Rubbish, highly recommend not doing business with

    OP, FWIW, your "buyer" may be everything that you think he is ... but you didn't have to put yourself through this. I almost exclusively buy here so if I want something, I mean seriously want something, I act like I it and pay for it as quickly as possible. I show the buyer the same common...
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    New gaming PC build: AMD 5600X/AM4 or Intel 12600K/LG1700? You advice is appreciated!

    Did you find it here?: Custom90s FS thread I appreciate the advice ... I've already been in contact with him.
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    New gaming PC build: AMD 5600X/AM4 or Intel 12600K/LG1700? You advice is appreciated!

    Could anyone recommend a (very) good B550 or X570 AM4 motherboard ... perhaps one they used in a personal build? Experience is the greatest teacher! Thank you!
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    New gaming PC build: AMD 5600X/AM4 or Intel 12600K/LG1700? You advice is appreciated!

    Thank you all for your responses. I've pretty much decided to go with the 5600X. The CPU is almost 4X faster than my current CPU, which does everything I want it to well. What is tipping the balance for me is the efficiency of the chips (max TDP of 65W versus 150W). A cooler case is a happy...
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    New gaming PC build: AMD 5600X/AM4 or Intel 12600K/LG1700? You advice is appreciated!

    I build a new PC to game every 5-10 years. Knowing that my PC (3770K w/1660Ti) was getting a little long-in-the-tooth, my very gracious son sent me a new EVGA 3060Ti for Christmas. We talked, and decided that either an AMD 5600x or the new Intel 12600K would be the best for me. Both have...
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    Tesla owner blows up his Model S with dynamite over $22,000 battery replacement

    Battery degradation is one of the major issues facing the widespread adoption of EVs. The Nissan Leaf is a prime example of the problems that face owners when purchasing these vehicles. The batteries in these vehicles are not cooled so they degrade quickly. Until someone solves this problem...
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    I'm new to VR and looking for a setup to play Steam games. Please advise ...

    I posted my config above. I have an old 3770K with 16GB memory and a 1660Ti and the Steam VR tester states that I am good to go. Was concerned that my system wouldn't have enough horsepower.
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    I'm new to VR and looking for a setup to play Steam games. Please advise ...

    OK, based upon the excellent information shared in this thread (especially by Chief Buster), I am looking at purchasing either a (new) Oculus Quest 2 ($300 plus tax) ... OR ... a sightly used Oculus Rift S ($200 with no tax). Which should I purchase and why? Thank you ...
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    I'm new to VR and looking for a setup to play Steam games. Please advise ...

    Outstanding feedback! Thank you! Yeah, it appears that Quest 2 is the way to go ... but Facebook ... what's up with that? I know FB bought Oculus back in 2014 but requiring a login? BTW, connecting via "AirLink (or Virtual Desktop) to your SteamVR" interests me. I checked it out ... easy. I...
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    I'm new to VR and looking for a setup to play Steam games. Please advise ...

    Hello all, The title says it all. I am heavily invested in Valve's Steam platform and am looking for a good, but reasonably priced solution to try out VR. The games played will mostly be from Steam. If it helps, I wear glasses. I was looking at buying the Oculus Quest II set that is...
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    A more advanced ebay scam

    While the topic of the thread may be interesting, this thread has nothing to do HardForum and am pretty sure that it will eventually get locked. The thread violates some of the forum rules including: (11) No linkage to sales on EBAY or other auction boards. (15) No LINKING to other sites...
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I need no coping skills as my current video card (a 1660Ti) plays every game that I play very well, leaving plenty of headroom for future games. I have noticed recently that the ridiculous asking prices on the FS/FT forum for video cards are dropping, with many cards unsold. Human greed ...
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    How to handle this situation....

    How about "As the Stomach Turns"? Things have been quiet around here lately and a bit of drama drives some of us wild. Relax ...
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    How to handle this situation....

    Not sure why a lot of users are attacking the buyer within this thread. Both the buyer and seller appear to be stand-up forum members. The seller gave the buyer a good price ($400 for a 1080 Ti is a great price these days), packed well, and shipped in a timely manner ... the buyer had no...
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    WTB: Old Flagship GPU - Closed

    I've seen this scam before and been a victim of it as well. I've found a number of tool deals on the bay that seemed too good to be true. I won, I paid, then I was refunded.
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    FS - Parts from PC

    Do we have to guess what your prices are? I am not an admin but per the FS/FT rules: (3) No Price or "interest" CHECKS (6) You must Post a PRICE unless the item is purely FT. (Trading for cash still means FS.)
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    Microcenter Powerspec Duplicator i3 Mini 3d printer, shipped!

    Is Microcenter still in business?
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    FS: Gigabyte AERO 15 UHD OLED i7-9750H GTX 1660 Ti [SOLD]

    This may not end up well ...
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    FS: x79 leftovers - Samsung Wonder Ram, 3820, 3325, etc

    Bump. Good luck OP ...
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    FS 1070 TI Mini 1070 AirPort Extreme

    PM incoming ...
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    WTB: DDR3-10600 (1333 MHz) Desktop RAM

    I am trying to help a financially challenged old friend of mine upgrade the memory in his Dell Optiplex 990. He is fiscally unable to upgrade his computer at this time so I am looking for 4 GB sticks of DDR3-10600 memory. The MB takes up to four (4) sticks for up to a total of 16 GB. He asked...
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    GPU's 4 Sale

    PM sent ...
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    WTB: New or used M.2 NGFF 2260 SSD for tablet

    Looking for a 128/256GB M.2 2260 SSD for a tablet that I am trying to bring back to life (Dell Venue Pro 11). Please PM and let me know what you have including price to ZIP 32765. If you do not have an SSD but might have information on where I might procure one ... please let me know. Thank...
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    FS: Lenovo P330 Tiny w/ Quadro, Various Memory DDR4/3

    Sent you a PM yesterday. Please reply ...
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    WTB: 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3-1600 1.25V memory

    Sorry about that. I corrected my previous post to indicate that the DIMMs are 1.25V. Here is the label from the kit package:
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    WTB: 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3-1600 1.25V memory

    Reefa, Thanks for your reply. Here is what I have with a date code of Aug, 2011: F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 DDR3-1600 CL9-9-9-24 1.25V PC3-12800 4Gx2 Intel XMP ready 151315001179536
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    WTB: 8GB (2x4GB) of DDR3-1600 1.25V memory

    Looking to double the memory in an Sandy Bridge old box from 8 to 16GB. The box currently has 8 GB of G.Skill Sniper DDR3-1600 1.25V DIMMs ... so looking for another set that will fill the other two slots. Hoping to find the set of memory here before having to go to Fleabay (cringe). If you...