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    GPU Folding w/Radeon on Linux

    getting ready to pull my hair out... trying to get my RX580 working on my workstation (Linux Mint 19.3) I have installed the latest AMD-PRO drivers after I rebooted I try and start the GPU client and get *********************** Log Started 2020-04-03T00:21:17Z ***********************...

    Tons of hardware X58 boards DDR3 i7 Video Cards etc

    Recently had to remove a bunch of computers from a client, so have tons of parts available... all prices are OBO the more you buy the more you buy the cheaper the price will be... discount for [H]|DC members off listed price CPU/Mobo Combos: #1 Intel i7 2600K Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H this will...

    Tons of hardware Mac Minis X58 boards DDR3 i7 Video Cards etc

    Recently had to remove a bunch of computers from a client, so have tons of parts available... 3x (1 REMAINS 2 SOLD) Apple Mac Mini MGEN2LL (Late 2014 - current version) 2.6Ghz Intel i5 8GB DDR3 1Tb SATA Intel Iris Graphics Info from Apple PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 $400/ea CPU/Mobo Combos: #1 Intel i7...

    10G performance issues

    Been playing around with some 10G stuff lately and having some interesting results... Using all default settings I get about 1.4Gb/s but if I set my MTU to 9000 across the servers and switches I get ~9.5Gbits, should MTU make such a big difference? or am I missing something else? I was hoping...

    FS: 12x 1Tb 2.5" Hard Drives

    I have 12x Seagate Free Play 2.5" 1Tb hard drives for sale... these only require +5v so they will work in laptops provided they can physically fit (height) These are tested pulls from servers (they are OEM drives) asking $35/ea or $400 for all 12... plus actual shipping or make me an...

    FS: 12x 1Tb 2.5" Hard Drives


    Force Samsung Firmware update?

    I have some OEM 840 Pro's made by HP Model # MZ-7PD256M and have been trying unsuccessfully to flash the regular Samsung firmware via the command line utility (from dos), I have been unable to find any documentation on the utility to see if there are any options such as forcing a firmware...

    What benchmark do you trust??

    So I am playing around with some different controllers and running into an issue... different benchmark applications are giving me very different stories... Left: 2x 840 PRO 256gb SSD RAID0 on onboard 3Gb/s 5520/ICH10R onboard Right: 2x 840 PRO 256GB SSD RAID0 on LSI 9211 6Gb/s...

    WTB: 2x 840 Pro 256gb 2x Sandisk Ultra+ 256gb

    As the title says, looking for 2x Samsung 840 PRO 256Gb SSDs and 2x Sandisk Ultra+ 256Gb SSDs
  10. FLECOM

    LSI 9211 hates SSDs?

    So I picked up an LSI 9211ir and hooked up a pair of Sandisk Ultra+ 256gb SSDs and noticed performance was pretty terrible (9MB/sec average, peaks of 600MB/s but mostly 0MB/sec) and they were constantly timing out... tried a pair of 840 pros and they did the same thing... all the SSDs had their...
  11. FLECOM

    Why is this so hard?

    I have been trying for about 2 hours now to install QBittorrent, after installing a crapton of whatever anyone on any forum said to install via yum this crap still wont compile, why can't I just download a file and run it? is it so much to ask? /rant
  12. FLECOM

    3 monitor video card

    are there any video cards that I can just plug in 2 DVI monitors and an HDMI monitor into without needing to buy active DP adapters?
  13. FLECOM

    Fast connection, slow downloads

    Ok we are all at wits ends here, Cogent (bandwith provider) AT&T (pipe provider) can't figure it out, none of us here can figure it out... we have a 500/500 connection, speedtests show 480/480 which is fine... but when we try to download anything with a PC attached directly to the NID we can't...
  14. FLECOM

    FS: X9DAL-i 2x E5-2430 16Gb

    Supermicro X9DAL-i Server Motherboard 2x Intel Xeon E5-2430 6 core 2.2Ghz Processors with heatsinks 16GB of Kingston KVR1333 Ram $900 + shipping from 33176
  15. FLECOM

    WTB: 1999~2001 Case - Lian-Li PC62/InWin Q500, YY Cube, etc

    Looking for a case from the 1999-2001 era for a vintage build I'm doing, looking preferably for one of these: Lian-Li PC62 case in black In-Win Q500 YY B0221 YY Cube case in black preferably PM me what you got
  16. FLECOM

    WTB: Lian-Li PC62

    Looking for a Lian-Li PC62 case in black preferably... PM me what you got
  17. FLECOM

    Any way to use Razer marco keys without Synapse?

    Is there any way to configure the Macro keys on my Razer Black Widow to do anything useful without having to install Synapse? I'd really rather not have to make an account and have my keyboard calling home to use the keys and was wondering if I could use them for anything otherwise?
  18. FLECOM

    Best low profile single slot video card?

    So whats the best single slot low profile video card out there? I've heard rumors of a low profile GeForce 750 but can't for the life of me find one... I know AMD has the 7750, any other cards out there? for a moderate gaming PC
  19. FLECOM

    WTB: HP Proliant DL585 G2?

    Anyone got a DL585 G2 they want to sell? I have a set of 4x 6 core Socket F chips that need a home... looking for something cheap, no processors needed (do need heatsinks there though... and some ram would be nice...) let me know if you have anything
  20. FLECOM

    Is there a ZFS "For Dummies" Guide?

    I have been trying to read into ZFS as something I want to play around with and eventually deploy in real enviornments, and everything I read just makes it more confusing... is there some kind of ZFS 101 guide out there?
  21. FLECOM

    10.7 vs 10.8 vs 10.9?

    So I use a MacPro 1,1 as my main desktop at home and stumbled across instructions for installing 10.8 on it (since it's unsupported technically) it has 10.7 or 10.6 on it I don't even know, is there any reason I should upgrade? should I wait till 10.9? I never seem to notice any difference...
  22. FLECOM

    WTB: WD20EADS 2tb WD Green

    looking for one or more 2Tb WD20EADS to replace one thats failing in one of my arrays and possibly keep a spare around let me know what you got thanks!
  23. FLECOM

    FS: 6166HE 4P system ready to go

    have a 2u supermicro with 4x G34 6166HE 16x AMD 2GB DDR3 1600 1x Supermicro H8QGL-iF has heatsinks, plastic shroud and dual redundant PSU's asking $1400 shipped OBO need this gone quickly need $$$ to fix car thanks
  24. FLECOM

    Cheap RAID1 card for VMWare

    looking for a cheap RAID low profile PCIe card for VMWare, just need to RAID1 a pair of 1Tb disks any suggestions?
  25. FLECOM

    Why is Hyper-V so painful?

    Did I miss something? VMWare 1) setup server 2) install client 3) connect to server 4) profit XEN 1) setup server 2) install client 3) connect to server 4) profit Hyper-V 1) setup server 2) install client 3) oh wait, windows 7 client does not work with hyperv 2012 core 4)...
  26. FLECOM

    DL585 G2 wont post

    So I got my DL585 G2 today and I can't get it to post, fans come up 100% small LED display shows 01, occasionally flashing 00 when the reset led blinks on the backplane tried reseating all the VRMs tried reseating ram tried removing all but 2 dimms in bank A tried different sets of dimms in...
  27. FLECOM

    FS: 4x G34 6128

    Upgraded to 12 core chips, so these need to go, they were getting ~160kppd on 8101 and 250kppd on 8103 at stock clocks all 4 $125 for [H] folders
  28. FLECOM

    G34 PPD?

    So I setup a 4P G34 with 4x 6128 and 32gb ram, on an 8101 I am getting about 150kppd, does that sound right? I used the install script so its running kraken ramdisk etc etc if so why does anyone bother with this? you can get one of those C6100's with the 4x dual L5520's for less money and the 4...
  29. FLECOM

    WTB: 4x G34 heatsinks (passive 2u supermicro)

    looking for 4x G34 heatsinks for a 2U supermicro case anyone got some laying around before I get them off ebay?
  30. FLECOM

    WTB: L5639

    anyone have an L5639 laying around? was thinking of putting a second CPU in my R610... don't think the R610 will take spicy CPU's have a regular one in there now
  31. FLECOM

    folding linux VM

    has anyone made a barebones folidng VM for VMWare? wanted to see if there was anything out there turnkey before trying to make my own
  32. FLECOM

    FS: FLECOM's Stuff

    Need to clear some stuff out of here, have $8 in the bank and bills due :eek: will be updating the list as I find stuff, everything is OBO Hard Drives (All tested with WD DLG Utilities): $40 WD5000AACS 500Gb WD Caviar GP (pull from an external) $40 WD5000AACS 500Gb WD Caviar GP (pull from an...
  33. FLECOM

    Router for gigabit WAN (Not NAT)

    and no not a home NAT router, an actual router, BGP etc.. a client of mine is finally upgrading his multiple 100mbit WANs and as such, the old Cabletron routers he is using need to go, looking for something that will handle multiple gige WAN, IPv4/6, IPv6 BGP looking for something I can...
  34. FLECOM

    WTB: 1366/X58 board (no ASUS boards)

    I need a socket 1366 board for my 920... my P6T-WS is having all sorts of problems with memory and SATA ports blah blah, I am done with ASUS let me know what you have and what you want for it (looking for something not too expensive)
  35. FLECOM

    Any 1P setups worth it?

    wondering if there are any inexpensive 1P setups that make decent PPD or are we at "go 4P or go home"?
  36. FLECOM

    Xeon Phi

    so who's going to be the first to get a spicy one of these? :D
  37. FLECOM

    17" MBP RIP or not?

    So anyone think the 17" MBP will come back in another refresh or is it the end of the line for what seems to be the last 16:10 1920x1200 laptop available? I have a C2D 17 with the matte display and love it, wondering if I should blow the money on a QC i7 17" while you can still find them out...
  38. FLECOM

    The 2012 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    Ok the previous thread became a bit unmanageable, so this will be a yearly thread now :) Guidelines: Keep images a reasonable size... If pictures turn to red 's for a significant period then they may be removed. DO NOT link images from servers that are not yours, host them yourself...
  39. FLECOM

    Commenting on what other teams are doing/cheating etc

    We know other teams are using corehacks blah blah, but can we PLEASE stop bringing it up over and over in every thread?... this is the [H] we do it the [H]ard|Way, the right way that does NOT include bitching and moaning about what others are doing, lead by example
  40. FLECOM

    Important Note RE: Intel ES CPU's

    I am having to remind too many people of this so I am going to leave this stickied for a little bit... ALL Intel Engineering Samples are property of the Intel Corporation and are not to be bought or sold... any Intel Engineering Sample you have that did not come from Intel is technically...