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    Series X/S shipping notice

    Keep your eyes open, Just got my shipping notice from MS for my Series X, FedEx page shows:Per shipper instructions, package will not be delivered until the scheduled delivery date.
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    FS: OnePlus 6 128GB Midnight Black

    I just upgraded my phone and am looking to sell my Near mint OnePlus 6. I bought it new on release and it's been in a case all it's life and had a screen protector on it most of it's life as well. It's been adult owned, in a non smoking home. Very little gaming, just Anti-Social Media, email...
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    Retro time, beige time, VooDoo2 SLI time!!!!

    I know the [H] isn't the forum for retro, but considering I was able to complete it with the help of a fellow [H]'er I'm gonna post it here too. After tossing in the towel on trying to resurect my old PA-2013 and K6-3+ I wound up with this! Abit BE6-II v2 with a PIII 800 and 384MB PC133 with...
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    WTB STB Black Magic VooDoo II Rev c.

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for a STB VooDoo II the model with no RAM on the back side (Rev c.) to go with one I picked up on Ebay. I'm willing to pay a fair price,If you have one shoot me a PM and lets work out a deal. Or on the off chance you have an otherwise matched pair of...
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    Some of Kyle's best writing.... Anyhow, we miss you Kyle!
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    Irony or a good deal?

    T-mobile Optimus-t refurb 99 bucks to your door.
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    BNIB 3rd GEN 32GB iPod Touch

    I have for sale a brand new in box 32GB iPod Touch. A family member accidentally purchased 2 and I am selling this for them since it cannot be returned due to not having a receipt. I was looking for 250.00, now 225.00 shipped and insured via USPS Priority mail in the Continental US. PM with...
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    FS: Xbox360 Games, x1800xt, Windows XP,2003 & Office2003

    Help keep me at the top, Thanks! & keep the offers or threadcraps to PM Please PRICE DROPS 7/12/08 MAKE SOME OFFERS Details at the bottom I need $$$ not trades right now ON WITH THE SALE Up for sale is my well kept Sapphire X1800XT with Accelero2, No box but I probably have a DVI to VGA...
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    Sapphire X1800XT with Accelero2 HSF

    Up for sale is my Sapphire X1800XT 512MB with an Arctic Cooling Accelero2. This is the version with 6 PWM's not 5. Also I flashed this to the Un Official XTPE bios right after I got it. so Your looking at 700 for the core and 1600 for the ram if memory serves me right. I purchased this new...
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    Motherboards, processors, HS,2 gig ddr2 3200, ATI AIW, TV Tuner,

    EDIT for Ram, it's not DDR2, it's DDR I’m cleaning out my closet of the useful but unused stuff I have. Everything worked prior to being removed from systems I have used so there should be now worry on getting a non working part. I price my stuff reasonably and don’t like being lowballed...
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    Abit QuadGT 128.55 AR

    So yesterday I was looking to buy a Quad GT and had been looking at Newegg and they had it for 170ish before 40 dollar rebate 2 days ago, well yesterday they raised the price to 199.00 before rebate and I said WTF newegg. so after searching around I found the QuadGT at Mwave for 158.55 before 30...
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    FS, 2 x 512 PC3200 Low Latency

    Up for sale is a 1 gig kit of Low latency memory from Patriot, RAM has lifetime warrenty. Looking for 85 Shipped ConUSA via USPS NewEgg Link BTW the Memory I have has blue heat spreaders not the red ones shown. However it is the same part number. I have ran this memory at it's rated speeds...
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    SKT 939 mobo's / 1 GIG dual channel G.Skill / ATI 9600 ATI 7200

    all items listed in this thread have been tested and are in great working order, all features work on the motherboars including LAN and Sound. Please keep any thread crapping to yourself and out of my thread. All Price negotiaions are to be kept to PM's I'll be working on getting...
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    SKT 939 mobo's ATI 9600 ATI 7200

    all items listed in this thread have been tested and are in great working order, all features work on the motherboars including LAN and Sound. Please keep any thread crapping to yourself and out of my thread. See end of post for shipping and payment details Motherboards...
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    FS / Cheap SKT A Combo, a64 3200+, BBA 9800pro, skt 939 mobo

    These items for for sale, no trades unless you want to trade all of this for a good opty 165. Pics Upon Request 1. ECS KV2 Lite, great socket 939 / AGP platform 40 shipped 2. BBA Radeon 9800Pro 128MB memory. This card has served me well, it has ram sinks (thermal taped on) and a...
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    FS Athlon 64 3200 Skt 939

    Up for sale is a Retail Winchester 3200+ Socket 939. This sale includes the box and HSF. I just upgraded my server to a x2 3800 and I need to sell this to offset the cost. I'm looking for 110 shipped firm to the Cont US including as always Delivery Conf. via USPS Payment via Non CC Paypal...
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    Beware WesM63

    Doesnt belong here - Cold Dark Shadow
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    Looks like I'm getting trolled by Wesm63

    Edit, This issue is resolved, Wes took care of the situation. Lock it up please. Tell me what info needs to be posted. The long and short of it is that I bought a used Aopen socket a board from wes, when it arrived it was DEAD, add to that it was an rma repaired board. It has what...
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    WTB inexpensive A64 939 pin w/hsf

    As the title states I'm looking for an Atholn 64 Venice or Winchester including HSF. I have a max of 120 shipped so lmk what you have!!! I would be paying by postal money order, Thanks for looking and bump freely.
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    Refurb 12x LG DVD player 2.50 plus ship at SVC

    CHEAP DVD player for that second machine or that family member in need. One linky dinky
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    WTB inexpensive A64 939

    Looking to spend 100 - 120 for a Athlon 64 939 pin count LMK what you have via PM please
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    FS / Asus 9600xt VIVO 128MB

    SOLD Well this has been a great card for me over the last year, however it has been replaced by a pcie card in my new system and I don't have a need for it now so it's for sale. 65 shipped via Priority Mail with DC MAKE AN OFFER SO YOU CAN BUY IT! This is a good card for...
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    >>FS<< Barton 2500+ that does 3200+ at default voltage

    As the title states. For Sale is a Athlon 2500+ Barton Core w/512 cache Stepping info AXDA2500KV4D AQYHA0402SPMW This CPU is locked, but was run at 3200+ speed (11x200) from the first boot on. Never pushed this chip beyond that but I'm sure it has more left in it since I ran it at...
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    FS / ABIT AV8 and ECS KV2 Socket 939 MOBO's A64x2 compatable.

    ALL GONE MFG LINK This board is running a 3200 right now with my 9600xt (while my 9800Pro is being RMA'd) and with a gig of ram it runs BF2 fine at medium settings with textures set to low with 2xAA and all medium settings with my 9800Pro with 2xAA this is at 1024x768 Has built in SATA Raid...
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    Socket A Super Sale + DDR 3200, BBA 8500 and SB Live

    Help me clean out my closet... 1. MSI K7N2 Delta2-LSR NF2 Ultra MCP-S Good board with highly configurable BIOS and SATA / PATA Raid built in. This board is about 8 months old and has servered me well, it will be shipped in the retail box with all accessories. Keep in mind this board does...
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    2x256 Buffalo 3200 WB-CH5

    As the title states, I have a matched pair of Buffalo branded 256MB sticks of CH-5. I have had these running on my NF7 at ddr400 speeds at 2-3-2-9 for the last year and a half at 2.8v. YMMV. Any how, I'm looking for 60 O.B.O. shipped in the continental US. I accept NON CC Pay Pal and...
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    Supa[H]ot Asus 9600xt 108.00 at Dumping goods

    This is a great deal for a 9600XT, and it looks like it also has VIVO Linkafied