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  1. Happy Hopping

    Windows 10 system restore to prev. restore point takes over 2.5 hr.

    In the past few mth., I look after 2 unrelated windows 10 laptop, both requires a sys. restore as the PC is running very slow, the task bar icons takes forever to populate, slow over all. The 1st PC, I pick the prev. restore pt. created by windows 10. I honestly thought it has lock up...
  2. Happy Hopping

    what exactly is this music device?

    in this video, this guy uses a drum stick to hit this device? what is this and how can this thing last when a drum stick is hitting on it , day in , day out?
  3. Happy Hopping

    Need help in blocking spam at Facebook public group

    So for those who run a public group at facebook, the way that facebook works since last year, is that you don't have to be a member to post. So at group setting, I always have: Participation: Participant Approval, Review All is set to ON but there are some who still manage to post those video...
  4. Happy Hopping

    For those who are new to Steam, I want to know if Steam is sucking me dry

    I want to understand what on earth is steam doing when it comes to do buying a simple game: So this is the 1st time I want to buy a game online, instead of buying a CD / DVD: let's randomly pick a game, say Street Fighter V they have: Buy Street Fighter V and their price then all of...
  5. Happy Hopping

    PC won't boot up after memory module was installed I installed the above Kingston module to this Gigabyte motherboard the Kingston module is from my PC moving to the above PC. I have been using the above Kingston KVR21N15D8 module...
  6. Happy Hopping

    for motherboard w/2133MHz, would it recognize 2666MHz memory module?

    for motherboard w/2133MHz, would it recognize 2666MHz memory module? and for Kingston HyperX Fury series, would it able to step down to 2133MHz?
  7. Happy Hopping

    Yahoo mail won't stay at the newest style and keep bounce back to the very old style

    So I have been using the old style yahoo mail for the longest time, and recently click Switch to the Newest yahoo mail as my font on the old mail is too small and I can't find a way to change it but after I switch to it, the next time I turn on my PC, that website bounce me back to the old...
  8. Happy Hopping

    Can't understand how Esso gift card make a mistake

    2 week ago, use a Esso gasoline card, the card ends in 9049. The card itself is at a value of $25. The receipt use shows a bal. of $15.44, and I even write down the bal. on the back of the card Today, I use what is left of that gift card: as it scans those swipe card reader, it shows a value...
  9. Happy Hopping

    what is the brand and model of this pair of white bookshelf speaker?

    can anyone tell me the brand / model of this set of speaker
  10. Happy Hopping

    HOW to get rid of the grey Suggested subject tab at youtube ?

    at the top of my screen,, it shows a lot of grey color tabs, some of them, I never create it, and I never search for it, somehow it's there. Is there a way to remove it?
  11. Happy Hopping

    Hologram PC chasis

    the 2nd half of the video, where they show a killer whale and it surfaces, quite impressive
  12. Happy Hopping

    Asus GPU Tweak II is not loading my profile

    I hate seeing this software load up daily as part of the TSR start up but I have to monitor the speed of this software setting per day during boot up. For the past no. of mth., it boots up fine w/ the GPU speed that I want. But in the past 1 wk., it defaults to some default profile of a...
  13. Happy Hopping

    How does spammers / scam artists in those 3rd third countries open new IP addr. at facebook after they were banned?

    so I'm dealing w/ a flood of spammer on t-shirt scam here: that are based out of Bangladesh. Now facebook blocks those acct. after they post for a while. But then they re-open under a bunch of new alias name. Are they using cellular phone or...
  14. Happy Hopping

    How does SSID password changes work without RJ45?

    So when we setup a new router, and the laptop has no RJ45 port, the router allows the user to login remotely w/ the password on the box But you can change your SSID and its pwd. What I don't get is, the moment you are changing it, how can you be connect to it in the first place? is it the...
  15. Happy Hopping

    Does Microsoft still sell MS Office? or does everyone has to rent indefinitely w/ Office 365?

    from where I come from, rental of anything (say a house) is for people who can't afford to buy that very something (such as a house) So seriously I don't want to keep renting and pay year after year. Just now, went to Microsoft website, there is no more MS office. There is only Office 365...
  16. Happy Hopping

    For those portable radio / CD player stereo system / boombox, is the internal digital or analog out?

    For a home system, say you have a typical DVD/CD player that c/w optical out or Digital Co-ax out. Normally that goes to a Pre-Amp, then a power amp., then the speaker By comparison, for those portable stereo system / boombox, from the CD player component goes to the integrated amp. portion of...
  17. Happy Hopping

    What website has large selection of PC games in Jewel cases or Downloadable besides newegg?

    what are the major PC gaming software websites in jewel case or retail box? PC gaming software such as this one:
  18. Happy Hopping

    Who come up with this: Shaving CD?

    well, I do shave, but never on a CD.
  19. Happy Hopping

    In your host file, what is "oper" means?

    if I want to edit my hostfile, and I want to add: where is something I just make up what is "oper" do? and do you have to re-boot after you alter your host file
  20. Happy Hopping

    A Verbatim USB flash drive connect to Vava USB C Hub keep dropping out on a brand new Lenovo Tablet?

    Bought a brand new Lenovo Idea PAD 3, along w/ this Vava USB C Hub Connects a USB Verbatim 3.0 flash drive, 64GB (the Verbatim is lifetime...
  21. Happy Hopping

    Anyone has PC lock up during boot up (BIOS level) when there is a permanent connection of USB-B extension from monitor to USB-A on PC? say you have a USB-B extension cable from this monitor to the USB 3.0 port on your PC all the time. (1) Has anyone seen your PC locks up at the BIOS level, i.e., it won't...
  22. Happy Hopping

    What would be a simple video editing software just to cut the first few sec. or the last few sec. of a MP4 video?

    I don't need anything fancy. For similar comparison, I like the setup that Audacity have when it comes to cut audio. It shows the graph, and I just select the first few sec., and click Cut. So I'm using Boilsoft, but it's very poor. It doesn't show the video frame by frame, so you can't pin...
  23. Happy Hopping

    Who else is in par with Yuel Beast Designs?

    as in, who are the competition of Yuel Beast? who else makes that kind of open frame, semi open frame, or glass frame, etc. similar to Yuel Beast's
  24. Happy Hopping

    For firmware hugs on motherboard: What's a more common practice: reset to Factory default or flash to the latest version?

    So I was working on an old Gigabyte motherboard that has a firmware bug: Everything works fine, but when I install a video card instead of using the embedded video card on the motherboard, I set the video detection priority to PCI-E. And once I did that, the PC USB port stop detected by the...
  25. Happy Hopping

    anyone still owns a copy of Photo shop 5.5, let me know

    I own the serial no. of a legitimate copy of photoshop 5.5, but there is some damage on the CD. So I only need the software, as I have my own licence. Anyone still has an old copy of the Cd itself?
  26. Happy Hopping

    is there a way to get Malwarebytes latest May 2022 definition final update ? the support on ver. 2.21 ends in may 2022, so the final definition update is May 2022. Is there a way get that may 2022 update
  27. Happy Hopping

    What's the manufacturer name of this turntable cartridge?

    it has a model no. of 1259, but it doesn't have the manufacturer name on it. Can anyone help
  28. Happy Hopping

    What really is the benefit of DocuSign?

    I have 1 insurance broker who ask me to sign the insurance contract via DocuSign. It's not that user friendly, but most of all, why not just email a PDF file w/ the part that require initial or signature w/ a red X? What do people really gain from this DocuSign? And people who create...
  29. Happy Hopping

    is eMMC really at 400MB/s? As on my tablet is very slow

    according to this link, eMMC is 400MB/s but on my lenovo tablet, it's so slow, to load a tiny 1 MB file, takes a noticeably delay on the time frame of 5+ sec. Boot up is also slow. On my old PC, running SSD at 600MB/s, it takes 7 sec., on this 3 yr...
  30. Happy Hopping

    Can't understand why my 9 year old Sharp HD TV is still so much better in picture quality than my new Viewsonic 43" UHD monitor?

    My PC allows me to pipe my HDMI to a long cable to the back of my 9 yr. old Sharp HD TV. So I have 2 monitor so to speak. 5 yr. ago, I have that 40" UHD Philips PC monitor, and if I have both monitor on, with the very same background photo, usually a photo of my pet taken with an old Canon XTi...
  31. Happy Hopping

    Google Map does not warn me on radar camera on their Android phone according to this link, as long as "Speedometer" is on, they will warn me on radar camera but the robot voice never say anything at those zone. is there some setting you need on the robot voice? because...
  32. Happy Hopping

    Can't get the fonts right on Wordpad (from Windows)

    Load up a Chinese novel w/ a mix of fonts, some paragraph the WordPad shows Times New Roman, some other paragraph it shows PMingLiU. I am trying to do a Select All, and set the whole novel fonts to PMingLiU, in which I double check at the control panel, this font does sits in my font files...
  33. Happy Hopping

    Windows 7 can find the audio driver in 1 install, but not on another install of the same PC

    I am setting up Win 7 on an old PC. The old drive was a segate 80GB, and it sees the audio as an integrated MAX audio driver. THat was 2 yr. ago today, I install the same win 7 on a SSD, it says "Multimedia audio controller", w/ the yellow ! sign next to it. So I remove it, and re-scan...
  34. Happy Hopping

    What's a popular Blu-ray Audio or DVD-Audio authoring software

    I got a friend who rip a blu-ray audio disc to me. It contains 14 songs, all WMV files, and a total of 2.6GB on those 14 songs. I have a few questions: 1) what is a good and popular blu-ray audio or dvd-audio authoring software? I already try Nero 2017, but they don't make Blu-ray audio disc...
  35. Happy Hopping

    any 10.x" tablet that comes with SATA or NVMe along w/ high resolution screen?

    My current tablet is using eMMC, it's slow. The resolution is 1920x 1280. I just can't find higher resolution screen at 10" screen. likewise, it looks like big manufacturer think people who uses 10" tablet must be cheapskate, so they won't put NVMe drive on it, not even m.2 SSD for that...
  36. Happy Hopping

    How come none of the mechanical keyboard last more than 3 year, what happens to 50M keystroke guarantee?

    My very mechanical keyboard, is a mistake, it's called Excalibur from Tesoro, and it keep failing the replacement under warranty is from Tesoro, the USB keep getting disconnect, so have to unplug and re-plug then I use the Cherry brand, this is the FOUNDER of Mechancial keyboard, the creator...
  37. Happy Hopping

    For 1 GB of RAM old PC, any problem on running Windows 7 at 32 bit? Or should he take a chance on 64 bit?

    so the sys. requirement on win 7 32 bit is 1GB of RAM, and for 64 bit is 2 GB. Any harm on a person running an old PC w/ 1 GB of RAM using 32 bit? Or should he take a chance and run Win 7 64 bit at 1 GB of RAM? as someone wrote this...
  38. Happy Hopping

    Is there a way to remove the bottom half of the stop watch(blank space) on Windows 10?

    for those who uses a small tablet, you select stop watch, and the stop watch display appears, as the stop watch starts, all I need is the top half of that screen, the bottom half is just blank space. But when I use the arrow to resize the stop watch, it only reduces to a small square, but still...
  39. Happy Hopping

    on MPC-HC player, anyway to disable the pause command when you click on the screen?

    quite often, I accidentally click on the screen, and it pauses, is there a way to disable the mouse commanding the screen ? so when you accidentally click on the screen , it does NOT pause
  40. Happy Hopping

    Need help: PC Unable to connect to HP m139 laser printer

    I come across a strange scenario: the setup has 1 old laptop and 1 new tablet, both running Windows 10, the laptop connects to M139 and can print just fine the new tablet cannot connect to the printer, it says off line. Now, there are 2 ways to setup that printer driver, via Microsoft or w/...