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  1. Brokennails

    FS/T: T-Mobile Z Flip 4, Apple Watch SE 40mm Wifi/Cellular, Airpods Gen 2, Streamlight TLR-6, etc

    Looking for: (Mainly looking at trade, but can add some money maybe. New job and lower pay so money is tight.) Board/CPU/RAM upgrade for my son. Looking for $200 or under. Saw some great deals on Ryzen 2700x combos and Intel equivalent. Want native Win 11 support FS/T: Almost NIB T-Mobile Z...
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    T-Mobile and Surface Duo 2

    Anyone have any experience with one of these on T-Mobile. Really thinking of switching from an iPhone 13 to one of these.
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    FS/Trade: Cellular 44mm Space Gray Apple Watch SE $225

    Have an excellent pretty much mint shape Space Gray 44mm Apple Watch SE LTE. Always has had a protector on it and looks new still. Switched to Android. Have box and Charger as well as original Charcoal Sport Loop band and a couple new rugged case/screen protector. $225 shipped obo Trade for...
  4. Brokennails

    $575 Dell G5 SE 5505 gaming laptop; Open to partial trades +$

    Excellent condition Dell G5 SE 5505 gaming laptop. R7 4800H, RX 5600M, 16gb G.Skill DDR4 3200, 512gb NVME storage with second open NVME slot. 15" 144hz Freesync Premium display as well. Have box as well as extra Dell OEM power brick, (got tired of moving power brick across room when plugged into...
  5. Brokennails

    [Pending]WTB: good condition iPhone 8 with cracked front screen

    Deal Pending with DPOSCORP Tried to repair a friends phone and damaged the home button so had to send to Apple and have them replace. Have an “extra” screen now and want to try my repair skills again with better results hopefully and wouldn’t hurt to have a backup for my kids lol. So hopefully...
  6. Brokennails

    FS: WD SN750 nvme drives

    1tb WD SN750 nvme drive with added heatsink. Used as steam drive for a gaming laptop. Purchased new by me and shipped in retail box. Works great, have no devices that can use it. $80 obo 512gb WD SN750 nvme drive with added heatsink. Used as OS drive for a gaming laptop. Purchased new by me and...
  7. Brokennails

    Gone: Asus Rog Strix G15 Advantage Edition

    Excellent condition G15 Advantage Edition laptop G513QY. Ryzen 9 5900HX, RX 6800M, Crucial Dual Rank DDR4 3200 32gb(upgrade) 512gb WD Black SN750(upgrade), 1tb WD Black SN750(upgrade). Added heat sinks to both and they run cool! Newer model purchased by me 12-30-21 and has no cooling issues...
  8. Brokennails

    FOUND: Need an Ivy Bridge cpu!

    Update: Thanks for all the help everyone! Just need a CPU now. Anyone have a 3570/3770 or equivalent? I hate asking for favors. My son’s PC is starting to fail. Not sure if it is CPU or Mobo. Is a 3770k and Maximus V Formula that someone graciously donated last year. I have very little money...
  9. Brokennails

    FS/FT: Turquoise Switch Lite, case and 3 games

    Purchased for my Daughter and she’s played it maybe 5 times. 3 games are MarioKart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and Super Mario 3D Allstars. Case is the slim one that holds 4 games. Has had tempered glass screen protector from day one. Have box for Switch as well as games...
  10. Brokennails

    WTB 32gb(2x16) DDR4 3200 Dual Rank sodimm

    Looking for a dual rank DDR4 sodimm kit. Must be 3200 at 1.2v non XMP as it is for an AMD laptop. Mainly looking for: Hyperx Impact HX432S20IBK2/32 Crucial CT2K16G4SFD832A These seem to have the best performance.
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    Trade Steelseries Apex 3 TKL/Rival 3 mouse combo for K63 wireless lapboard

    Steelseries Apex 3 TKL keyboard and Rival 3 mouse. Excellent shape on both and with boxes. Went wireless after getting killer deal on K63 wireless keyboard and Ironclaw mouse. $60 shipped Trade interests: Corsair K63 wireless lapboard
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!
  13. Brokennails

    FS: Dell G5 5505 SE gaming laptop SOLD

    Purchased new at Best Buy January 2021. R7 4800H, 8gb DDR4 3200, 5600M gpu and 144hz Freesync Pro 300nit display. Runs everything I throw at it. Was replaced by Dell after motherboard failure. New one runs much cooler. Got a new system so this one has to go! $700 shipped obo SOLD Possible...
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    Looking for an excellent shape Steam Controller, preferably with box. Looking on EBay and crazy what people want for them now. Anyone here have one and willing to sell for a decent price? Won’t spend more than $50 on a used controller. Sorry.
  15. Brokennails

    WTB/WTTF: i7 3700/3770k *Found*

    Looking to upgrade my son’s 2500k to a 3770/3770k. Hoping to score one for cheap. Hit me up! Trades: Acer Switch 10 32gb tablet/laptop win 10 ?
  16. Brokennails

    Anyone have a win10 home key for sale? Found

    Guy I bought keys from before is awol so loooking for a win 10 key for new pc I’m building for my son. Have PayPal.
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    Building a desktop for my son. Selling an older gaming laptop. i7 4710HQ CPU, GTX 860m GPU, 16gb ram, 500gb SSHD, Windows 10, and 1920x1080p screen. Laptop, power supply and box. I replaced the replaced keyboard, power jack and then the motherboard after I dropped the original while replacing...
  18. Brokennails

    Need GPU for son's pc *FOUND*

    Friend is giving me a 2500k, z68 and 16gb ram to build a PC for my 14yo son. Looking for a gpu in the range of 1050ti to 1060. ATI or Nvidia. On a tight budget so if there is a kind soul that has something in this range and not looking to overcharge for it I would really appreciate it. Son will...
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    LF: Asus Rog GL551JW parts laptop

    Looking for a parts rig for my sons laptop. His is pretty beat up but works well and looking to rebuild it with better parts. Basically just need the lower shell. If you have one laying around with a bad board and/or broken screen I would love to buy it from you for a good deal!
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    WTB: decent quad port half height nic

    Looking for a decent gigabit half height 4 port nic, intel or decent equivalent for pfsense box. Looking for a cheap set for an Optiplex 390 project I am working on. Max speed is 10600 ddr3l 1333 1.35v. Preferably as cheap as possible. *FOUND* .
  23. Brokennails

    SOLD Mint T-Mo Pixel 4

    SOLD Selling Mint 64gb T-Mobile Pixel 4 with box and unused charger. Included is an extra Pixel charger that was used, 2m Apple USB-C to USB-C cable, 5 1m standard Anker USB-C cables (3 black and 2 white) , 2 extra tempered glass screen protectors and purple case. Phone has always had screen...
  24. Brokennails

    Trade Second Gen Switch bundle for gaming laptop, Alpha R2, iPhone 11/Pro or IPad Pro

    Have a second gen Nintendo Switch, Sandisk 128GB microsd, Pro controller, NES controllers, carry case and 8 games. Adult owned and tempered glass protector applied at time of purchase. Have boxes for all games and hardware except Pro Controller. Games: Diablo 3, Mario Kart 8, Zelda Links...
  25. Brokennails

    Need DDR3L 1333 ram

    Got a couple older stripped dell Sandy Bridge PCs and need some DDR 3 1333 for hopefully really cheap. Either 2x 4 or 2x8 gb sets.
  26. Brokennails

    Wanted: parts laptop (ROG gl551jm-dh71)

    Picked up a project laptop off Craigslist so seeing if anyone has a busted up pile I could use for spare parts. It is an Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71. LMK what you have.
  27. Brokennails


    Excellent shape Pixel 3 64gb. Have box, charger and unused headphones, adapters. Always in a case and tempered glass screen protector. $325 + shipping
  28. Brokennails

    Sold: water cooling loop $175 shipped, Over $300 new!!!

    Selling my water cooling loop. Ran with excellent temps. Water block is set up for AMD CPUs, but you can get Intel mounts from Phanteks. Just add tube of your liking and you have a great cooling loop Parts: Phanteks C350A RGB CPU block $85 new EKWB EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 pump/reservoir $150 new...
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    My Nemesis GTX 280 is too wide for the top of my case so need a slimmer EK or Alphacool 280 or even a 360/240; or something els? I can't use itiso openoto offers... Can include two almost new Phanteks PH-F140MP High Static Pressure fans. $60 shipped? LMK what you have.
  30. Brokennails

    Wanted: Alphacool XT45 360/ EK PE-XE

    Looking for an excellent shape Alphacool XT45 360mm rad or EK equiv... My Hardware Labs Nemesis GTX 280 will not fit in the case.
  31. Brokennails

    Sold: Asus Rog Strix X470i $130

    Selling my Asus ROG Strix X470i. Have box, all accessories and runs great. NewEgg is letting me return my case. Going back to an ATX build Will include Win 10 Pro key registered with board. Latest bios flashed. Sold Board and 2700x to Beaflag VonRathburg
  32. Brokennails

    Wanted: Anthem Legion of Dawn PC

    Anyone still have a key? Looking for one. Hit me up.
  33. Brokennails

    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Have a reference Vega 64. Tossed a water block on and ran fine but temps were high. Pulled block, reapplied paste and now does not power on. I was very carefully but shit happens.... Saw a video of some one repairing a card with the same issue and am hoping there is a master here capable of...
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  35. Brokennails

    Found: D5 pump/res combo

    Looking for an excellent shape D5 combo for my build. Anyone?
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  37. Brokennails

    Traded: Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56 $250

    Have a mint Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56 w/ Samsung HBM2. Have box and everything. Card was purchased by me from Newegg 3/04/19. $250 shipped Traded to kirbyrj HEAT: Brokennails
  38. Brokennails

    Sold: AMD 2600x, Asus ROG Strix X470-F Gaming, Corsair Vengeance LPX combo $325 shipped

    Selling this board,CPU,ram combo. Ordered parts for mini itx build so selling these to recover some expenses. Great system, stable and fast! Have boxes for everything. Windows 10 Pro is activated and tied to the motherboard. Board, CPU and RAM new at Newegg is $470 without OS. Asus ROG Strix...
  39. Brokennails

    Found: Asus Rog Strix X470-i/B450-i

    Building an itx setup and want a perfectly working Asus mini itx Rog Strix X470-i/ B450-i. Want box and all accessories if possible. Payed blaitarch for X470-i