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    RTX 4090 FE

    Like New RTX 4090 FE. Everything included.
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    Intel 10850k + Asus Tuf z590 gaming wifi + intel 1TB nvme SSD (bonus)

    As the title says the board ASUS TUF Z590, and Intel 10850k CPU for sale. + 1TB intel SSD. This is from newegg ABS system build that I bought last year. But it wasn't used much after 6 months or so, even that was light usage. Price $325 shipped USPS priority.
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    Amd 5600G + MSI B550M PRO WIFI + 16GB Hyper X Fury + 1TB NVME SSD, 10850k + ASUS TUF GAMING WIFI+1TB NVME SSD

    I have 2 combo pairs to sell: First: AMD 5600G + MSI B550M PRO WIFI with ram and 1TB SSD - The board and CPU (sealed) are brand new never used. Sold!!!! Second: Intel 10850k + Asus Tuf z590 gaming wifi + intel 1TB nvme SSD (bonus): $325 shipped. I have no boxes for this its lightly used for...
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    intel 10850K, ASUS Z590 Gaming Plus, 32GB Trident Z RGB 3200mhz DDR4 (2X16GB), 1TB NVME

    Upgrading system. This is from an ABS build I got a few years back. System wasn't used much to be honest. Have had a really busy life last 2 years and slowly getting back to normal. The system got used for about 6 months and then sat there over a year in the room after I sold the video card...
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    RTX 3080 From HP OMEN

    Like the title says this is RTX3080 from HP OMEN. I did upgrade the memory pads on it to reduce temps which did work out really well as all rtx series the memory would get pretty hot which I didn't like. It is very well made card for OEM and runs well without any issues. Also this is original...
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    Samsung Z flip3 128Gb unlocked

    As the title says. The phone is unlocked. I unlocked it with the unlocked code and it did confirm it was successful. Originally AT&T no payment plan or anything. Was given to me as free device from affiliate, they don't take the phones back as it was free without any strings attached so I am...
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    Used RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA for sale. This was purchased as a system ABS Gladiator system about year and half ago. I am parting that out slowly its not used anymore. Price is $750 shipped F&F. The Card works great and has really good memory cooling compared to other rtx 3080s out there, I believe...
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    Amplifi Alien Router

    I got this last year. Never really go on sale but I got an RBK852 recently so selling this. Honestly a great unit as a single router, can't say ever disappointed me and was rock solid. I can even say might be a risk changing it lol. Really a solid router but wanted to just go wireless mesh and...
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    PS5 DIGITAL EDITON, Sold! Paypal F&F or Zelle.
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    FS: EVGA Super Nova 850 G+ Fully Modular 80 Plus GOLD

    Up for sale is brand new sealed EVGA SUPERNOVA 850 G+. This was replacement from Newegg for one of their prebuilt ABS systems that came with deep cool 850w that burned out so they sent me 850w evga G+. I instead ended up using a 750W gold I had from another build since I couldn't be down so I...
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    FS: ASUS TUF RTX 3070 OC USED Inlcudes Box

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    Selling this for a friend its lightly used but in great condition. Will come with original box. Sold.
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    Rtx 3080 founders edition

    SoLD! up for sale is used RTX 3080 founders edition. I just traded my 3090 for it. Because I couldn’t find a 3070. Was going to list it to trade for 3070 lol but got an email an hour ago form B&H that I had a 3070 asus reserved for me and had a few days to check out so that worked out, obviously...
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    10900KF-Asus z490 strix gaming- zskill Trident 32GB 3200mhz

    As the title says. Selling all three as bundle. Parting out the bundle. Not planning on selling separate for now. All three must go. CPU: 10900KF Motherboard: z490-e strix gaming motherboard. (
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    iPhone 11 Pro MAX 256GB AT&T

    Like the title says. Mint iPhone 11 Pro max 256GB AT&T. I actually had another iPhone trough work that I cant sell but can use for personal use. Lesser model but whatever so this is sitting here and needing to go. Price is $600 shipped priority. F&F, Zelle or any feeless method. Can take...
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    Xbox series X + Extra controller + 4TB Ed easy store ext. drive

    Like the title says. Have a series x. Very light used. My som mostly plays PS5. Price 499.99 + 20 shipping, I’ll cover the rest. zelle or PayPal f&f. If you want standard PayPal’s as $15 to cost. Will come with everything + original box and extra controller - like new and 4TB Ed external...
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    FT: Zotac Trinity 3090

    As the title says have a zotac 3090 I am looking to trade with rtx 3080 + cash. I have put some effort in to it and changed the thermal pads for memory and made a pretty huge difference. 3mm on the back and 2mm in front under the heatsink. If you have updated thermal pads on yours that's a plus...
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    EVGA SUPERNOVA G3 1000 watt Modular

    So I ended up buying a prebuilt and parted out most of my system and forgot about the power supply so far. I have seen them online for 240 to 300. But I am not really looking...
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    FS: Pixel 5 128GB 5G Unlocked Just Black (with static Gray case and Scree Protector)

    Alright I have a slightly used Pixel 5 5G 128GB Unlocked phone FS. This is not tied to any carrier. It is originally AT&T version according to box but I don't need it as I got another iPhone for work. I tested it with T-Mobile sim as well that I have laying around and worked out of the box...
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    Silicon Power 2TB US70 PCI-e Gen 4 barely used

    As the title says the drive is in great condition. Purchased form amazon Dec 25th. SP 2TB US70 amazon link. Retail cost $320 on sale before any taxes. I cant take full advantage of it anymore since I replaced one of the systems with prebuilt one and cant leverage gen 4. So using the nvme that...
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    FS: 6900XT reference - Ryzen 5950x - X570 CH8 HERO WIFI - 32GB GSKILL 14-14-14-34 3200MHZ

    ALL SOLD! Mobo-CPU (5950x)-Ram combo - $SOLD. (Discounted: CPU $925 - Mobo $300 - Memory $200) Sapphire Reference 6900XT - SOLD! Let me know if you have any questions. I have the original boxes for everything except for memory. Thanks.
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    FS: Ryzen 5600X

    Brand new Sealed. Price 335 shipped. Paypal FF or Zelle or you can add 3% fee if you want to pay for goods your choice. PM with any questions. Is still in its original packaging and shipping box. Thanks.
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    FT: Reference 6900xt For 3080 or 3090.

    So I have two reference 6900xt sapphire in two computers that I have gotten over time. But would like to switch one to Nvidia 3080 or 3090. Obviously add cash for one 3090 and we can negotiate cash for 3080 from your side. For 3080 I might let you scalp a little even for your reference card or...
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    I got one was gonna sell my 5950x but since I can't sell that for what I paid for without getting the scalping ban. I decided to just keep that. I already have an RMA for this just thought I would throw it up here in case someone wants it. Price $500 Net to me shipped priority. You can pay...
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    Rtx 3090 FE

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    Ryzen 5800x

    I originally got this while I wait for 5950x. Its less then a month old. Runs great and comes with original box and unused far cry 6 code. I snagged a 5950x here in the forums and that will be coming to me this week. This will ship out likely next week or late this week depending when I get to...
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    AMD 5600x new sealed

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    Call of Duty Cold War and Far Cry 6

    For sale are redemption code for call of duty cold war. SOLD TO DiMeLo (thanks for the great transaction) For sale is also Far Cry 6 code that I got with 5800x. Not a Far cry player either. $25 for this as well (I am sure you need to have a ryzen cpu to activate) Only non fee method. Trusted...
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    AMD Ryzen 3900x - 6 Months old

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    Note 20 Ultra 128Gb Mystic Bronze unlocked

    As the title says. For sale is: Note 20 ultra Mystic Bronze 128GB unlocked. Originally AT&T but I got it unlocked. I have tested it with non AT&T sim. The phone is like new and comes with a case and a plastic screen protector that yours truly reinstalled a fresh one before putting it up for...
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    Xbox one X 1TB

    As the title says xbox one x 1TB for sale. I have the original box and accessories. Lightly used, it was bought earlier this year, console looks like new light usage. I got a good deal on it otherwise I was waiting for series X lol. Reason for sale: Was able to get in a preorder to upgrade to...
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    Samsung s20+ 128GB At&t unlocked

    This is like new and lightly used for a few months for work. Was used with the pre-installed screen protector and in a case the entire time. Originally at&t model but unlocked. Not under contract. It was given to me by Samsung and I was able to unlock it right away via ATT portal. Unlock has...
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    Ryzen 2700X

    CPU used for a few months. Has original box and the unused heatsink. It was under water most of time. Didn't overclock or anything. Ran stock. Price $175 shipped. USPS priority.
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    Sapphire RX 590 Pulse

    Card is lightly used for 4 months. Not gamed on at all, bought it for backup system don't need it anymore. Price $135 shipped.
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    Nintendo Switch Lite Black

    Brand new Black. I got it on ebay through Antonline, tried cancelling it but got it satruday and made sure everything worked, thats all. Its brand new and ready to have a new home. I have a return pending with them but their customer service really sucks but if someone wants it here can have...
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    TP-Link Archer C5400X gaming router.

    As the title says for sale is archer c5400x. It’s 2 months old bought from Amazon. I love this router but I also recently got TP link Deco m9 plus as gift so I am going to try that out for a bit. After using TP-Link devices myself and setting them up for family I have to admit they are top...
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    Apple Watch 4 GPS+Cellular

    Watch is in great condition. Lightly used/like new. Space Black with black strap and 44mm, will come with the watch and charging base and adapter. Price 290 Shipped! Will Ship priority!
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    3900x Good Overclocker and rx 5700xt pulse

    First the processor. 3900x. Sold Sapphire 5700xt pulse: Gone!
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    Asus RTX 2080TI DUAL OC

    Just like the title says its ASUS 2080ti DUAL OC card. Tested and works great and no worries about warranty. Asus covers without receipt with serial number from manufacture date. Card currently has over year and half left in warranty based off serial, almost 2 years. Link to specs ...