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    RX 6800 XT Gaming Z Trio $539.99 - $20 MIR = $519.99 + 2 Free Games @ Newegg

    Link to deal Comes with Callisto Protocol and Dead Island 2, saw it on reddit and decided to grab one for myself. Came out to around 570 something after tax before MIR. Deal is dead again.
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    FS: MSI RTX 3060 TI Ventus x2

    MSI RTX 3060 Ti Ventus X2: $470 shipped to the lower 48. Looking for Paypal. Condition: Used, good condition. Pictures & Timestamp Heatware Edit: SOLD
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    FS: PS 3 bundle, Console (SS), 2 Controllers, 5 Games (actually 7)

    As stated in the header I have the following: 1. PS 3 SS (250gb HDD) - Comes in original box 2. 5 Games (technically 7) - Infamous Collection (1 & 2), The Last of Us, God of War Ascension, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Uncharted 3. 3. Two controllers - Includes a power cable...
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    FS: Laptop - Asus X510AUR

    As stated in the header I have the following: Asus X510AUR RAM : 8 GB GPU : Intel UHD 620 - 128MB Vram HDDs: 1 Sandisk SD8ssN8u128G1009 - 128 GB 1 Toshiba Mq04ABf100 1TB/5400 RPM SATA Drive CPU: Intel Core i5 8250U It's a couple years old, minimal wear and tear (couple scratches...
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    Viewsonic ELITE XG320U 4k@144hz IPS HDR-600 Announced

    Viewsonic ELITE XG320U Doesn't come out until Q1 unfortunately, but it looks like we're starting to head in the right direction with monitors. If the price is reasonable on this, I'll definitely be upgrading. I'm excited for the new graphics cards that are coming out, but to be honest, I don't...
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    FS: Ryzen 7 3700x, RX 5700 XFX Reference Card

    As stated in the header I have the following: 1. Ryzen 7 3700x - $240 Shipped (SOLD) Bought in May, work gifted me a 3900x so I'm offloading it. Comes with an unopened Wraith Prism, completely new and unused. 2. XFX RX 5700 Reference - $260 Shipped Purchased in October of last year, light...
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    FS: Sapphire Fury Nitro, Corsair H110 (Unopened)

    As stated in the header I have the following 1. Radeon R9 Sapphire Fury Nitro 4GB HBM - $100 Shipped - SOLD This item is in excellent shape, ran at stock settings, never oced it's whole life. Still runs like a champ, but I have the upgrade bug, and decided to nab an RX 5700. Comes in the...
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    FS: 2500k, ASUS P8P67 EVO, 8x2 GB DDR3-2133 GSkill Trident X, Corsair H50

    As stated in the header I have the following 1. i5 2500k, never OCed past 4.4ghz. 2. ASUS P8P67 EVO 3. 8x2 GB 2133mhz Gskill Trident X ram (CL 9). 4. Corsair H50 + a fan I'm NOT INTERESTED in parting this out, I just want to sell the whole thing as a package. The H50 is still in good shape...
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    Samsung CF791 - Quantum Dot 100Hz 3440x1440 coming late 2016

    This is a VA type panel with 3000:1 contrast ratio, 4ms response time, 100hz and has freesync support via DisplayPort and HDMI. It also has a height adjustable stand and VESA mounting. The curve radius is 1500mm and has 125% sRGB color gamut. It's nice to see something that may compete with the...
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    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Coming to PC with "Goodies"

    Link I'm not sure if this article has been mentioned, but it appears that an upgraded version of the game will be hitting shelves some time in March. Just thought I would share this with you because I'm sure some of you love Assassin's Creed as much as I do. UPDATE Release date is March 17...
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    The Official "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty" Thread

    Hello everyone, the forums have been down for a little while, and during that time Wings of Liberty has gone live! That's right, the beta is over and we can now begin enjoying the full features of the game. I thought I would start this thread so we could consolidate all discussion on the game...
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    Assassin's Creed 2 Only using 1st core?

    So I bought Assassin's Creed 2 for forty bucks because I absolutely LOVED the first one. But it seems that this one has been done with little care. I upgraded from an 8800 GT to a GTX 280 about a year ago, and it seems that I'm not really benefiting from it too much. The old game ran very well...
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    Starcraft 2 Beta Friend Invites

    Should have removed my remarks a long time ago, good luck getting into the beta gentlemen! Amazon and Gamestop are giving out keys for pre-orders, just incase no one knows.
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    Tomb Raider Underworld

    I want to like it, the mechanics seem very well made and the controls are good. The graphics are actually really impressive and her animations are very good as well. The problem is the camera is unbelievably terrible. I was looking through the patch notes and there is absolutely no fix for this...
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    Diable ancillary monitors in Windows 7?

    So I have my main monitor and my television hooked up to my GTX 280 and they both run seemlessly together in Windows 7. My one problem is that I can't seem to find an option to flat out disable the TV if I don't want any windows to be able to be dragged on to the second monitor. Where is this...
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    Just finished F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 2...

    They were both amazingly atmospheric and enjoyable, I especially loved the second game. I loved the in game hallucinations, the weapons, the different atmospheres and so on. The A.I. wasn't great but functioned well enough on hard. My big problem is the second game was somewhat easy on hard and...
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    Make a desktop copy?

    My mother needs a new computer, it sounds like her hard drive is beginning to fail. She has money to get a new desktop for work, and she is going to buy one. However, she needs all of her files, applications and any other information stored on her computer. She's running windows XP and I'm...
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    Arkham Asylum - Save game disappeared?

    I just launched my game today, and I have no idea how it is possible, but my save file has disappeared? I was about 50% through the game, and had just finished the botanical garden. Has anyone else lost their save file? Is there any way to recover it? If anyone is around a similar area...
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    Arkham Asylum Physx Card Not Working.

    I've installed the latest Nvidia drivers and am currently using an 8800 GT as my physx processor. The rest of my specs are listed in my signature. In the control panel I have GPU acceleration enabled and my 8800 GT is selected. My frame rates are exactly the same with it disabled. Does this...
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    Corsair HX620, quick question.

    So I upgraded video cards from an 8800 GT to a GTX 280 about six months ago. However, I did not sell the 8800 GT and I'm just wondering if I can use it as a physx processor for Batman: AA? Would this be too much for my PSU, and is it even possible considering the fact it only has two PCI-E...
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    Arkham Asylum, am I missing Physx Setting?

    Quick question, I went into the same menu as the Demo, and I notcied the Physx settings are missing? Did I screw up part of the install, or is there another way of enabling it?
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    The Withcer EE performance problems

    Man this game is not running well at all, it seems to enjoy crashing and strange dips into the 20's. When I turn my head in certain directions it really drags my performance down big time, and it even hitches on occasion. I'm running 1650X1080 4x aa and 16x AF. Is this game a performance hog or...
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    New Diablo III Footage! Gamescon 09! There's no sound but these new scenes look great. UPDATE:New Class Announced - The Monk.(Blizzcon 09) Selecting the Monk Class...
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    Critique my Screen Design

    Okay so I'm a sophomore web design student at a local art school. I'm looking for feed back on this initial screen design, it's just a picture and has no functionality. This is actually going to be the first working website I make for my studies. Heres a very brief description of what it is...
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    Linksys Woes

    I have a WRT310N Version 1, and the damn thing is miserable. The CD install never seems to work, it always crashes when it tries to configure. The online 64 bit software seems to work fairly well, however, after the set up is done I can't get on the internet at all. Also it doesn't let me...
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    LOW FPS on COD 5

    Hey everyone I just started playing COD 5 on my rig, with maxed settings at 1650x1080 i'm getting decently low frame rates. Some where between 30-45 at all times. I'm going to try reinstalling drivers, but am I limited in any way? Gaming on sig rig.
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    Ghostbusters No Extra Save Files?

    Is this some kind of joke? Is there anyway to circumvent this issue?
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    [H]ard Diablo 2 / War 3 Group?

    Is there one? I just started playing both again recently and I am loving every minute of it. If there are any die [h]ard fans out there that want to **cough cough forum cough *** a group on the USEast server in particular, then post your moniker!
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    OSX help please.

    I can't get rid of my Little Snitch thread process and it's becoming rather annoying. I tried using the "Activity Monitor" similar to the task manager and truncating the processes. First by just merely quitting the process, however, after I restarted it came back. Next, I attempted sending a...
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    First Time Stepping up(evga)...

    So I'm moving up from my gtx 280 to a 285, it's only about 30 bucks so I figured what the hell? So I submitted my forum about four days ago, I believe my ability to step up was going to expire in about week. However, I've only moved up one spot in the queue list, does this mean if I outlast my...
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    Best Backup Software

    Okay so my mother wants me to set up a little back up system for two of her business computers. Without notifying me she went to best buy and bought two of these 500 GB western digital "My Book" drives. I was looking at their software, and it offers a free trial for Memeo Auto Backup. Is this...
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    SF 4 Arcade Joysticks xbox 360

    So I want to invest in a pair of these bad boys. I wanted to get one of the white Mad Catz edition sticks, but it seems they're currently unavailable, or way over priced. What do you guys think are the best bang for buck arcade sticks?
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    New to Vista have a problem!

    Hello everyone, I just installed a fresh copy of Vista 64 Home Premium about two weeks ago. My problem is my CPU constantly has load across all 4 cores. It fluctuates constantly typically betwen 20-75% and it's doing it on all cores! What could this possibly be? I know vista does some optimizing...
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    Dell Dimension E520 + New video card

    Quick question, I know dell is particular about using in-house parts on their computers. Is it possible to use a card from New Egg. He's limited by his PSU, however he could probably use a 4650 which would be a huge upgrade from his X1300XT. The upgrades on the website are way over priced and...
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    FO Persistent Crashing on New Install of Vista

    I just got Fall Out 3 from Steam today and I seriously want my money back. As soon as I get through the indoor environment i have to save every two steps so I can make progress before it crashes again. I just installed Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium. I also just installed a GTX 280. I thought...
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    Just bought a GTX 280. Couple of Questions

    EVGA GTX 280 at NewEgg Ohhh yeah baby talk about EXCITEMENT! This is going to be a HUGE jump from my 8800GT! Very exciting! I'm also stepping up my monitor to a 24 inch. Oh I also just installed Vista x64 home premium! This will also be my first Direct X 10 experience! I know this has...
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    Cheapest gtx 260?

    I haven't seen too many good deal on the GTX 260 card as of late. I wanted to pick one up soon, but judging from the prices on new egg i'd be better of just dumping the cash on a 280! The price difference on some of the cards is within the 20-30 dollar range! How is this possible? Am I living in...
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    Diablo III in 2009? PC Gamer believes so...

    None of the news in the article is new, however there is an interview with Rob Padro on other blizzard exclusives. Does PCG know something we don't?
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    One time purchase for a few years...

    I want a mac for school/recording/video editing/photo shop ect. I have some money to buy a laptop and I like the new macbook pros quite a bit. However, if I do buy a laptop that is this expensive it's going to be the last one a get for a good 2-3 years. Is it a bad idea to buy one since it's the...
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    The Witcher EE won't install..?

    So I've had The Witcher for a while and downloaded the recent EE patch. Unfortunately the install seems to fail every time. I tried new drivers, tried installing from a later patch, from the basic patch ect. ect. It seems like I have no real options as to why it won't god damn install! When I...