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    FS - Gigabyte GTX 1070 Ti OC, VisionTek 290X-4G, ASRock Z370 MB

    Updated: Everything has been sold. Thank-you very much! Gigabyte GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G OC - asking $550 shipped via Priority to an address in the USA. It's a rare 1 out of 25,000 factory overclocked GTX 1070 Tis in the world, and it was purchased from Amazon for a total of $550 on...
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    Upgraded to 30" 25x16; Am i missing out on Eyefinity?

    Today i finally upgraded my SOYO 1920x1200 24" LCD to a 30" HP LP3065 and the differences are pretty amazing. The HP is a superior panel in every way - and the SOYO is pretty decent. i took some time off work to play some games and "immersion" is way up. :cool: However, here is my question...
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    GTX 480/ GTX 470 Pricing leaked $699 for the GTX 480 $579 for the GTX 470 Site seems legit but i am unsure. IF this is retail pricing . . . :eek:
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    Code Red - 4 way HD 5870 CrossFireX enjoy!
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    Fermi GeForce GTX 360 and 380 Benchmarks

    EDITED AGAIN 12/24 since this thread refuses to die This little tidbit appeared on NVIDIA’s Facebook fan page last night: what do they mean? surely NOT 32X MSAA :eek: they already have 32xS and 32x SLI-AA and if they mean 32xCSAA that means they...
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    FS: ASUS Rampage Formula X48 MB; Ph II 720 X3

    UPDATED SOLD and SOLD!! Both the ASUS Rampage Formula and the Ph II X3 Thank-you so much! Mark/apoppin ===================== ASUS Rampage formula mobo w/daughter-card Supreme FXII sound card - $95 shipped (Edit: Price dropped to $85) - it is a bare board; no accessories. Rampage...