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    seeking advice on AM4 motherboard for aournd 100 bucks

    I got an older ryzen 1700 that since i bought it hte motherboard had some stability issues (Crashed in 20-40 mins of prime 95). i know its the motherboard cause a friend lend me a test mobob and it ran 16hours stable with that one. My budget is around 100 bucks for a new one. i would love for...
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    RTX3070TI vs 6900XT

    i have not really followed the hardware field in quite some years so need abit of help here im looking to dump around 600 bucks on a graphics card and was looking at amazon It appears the offers from both sides are going to be 3070ti vs radeon 6900xt. im pretty much brand agnotics. im just...
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    Phanteks T30-120 Fan Review: The New Best 120mm Radiator Fan

    The new Phanteks T30-120 Fan Looks to be a really killer if you can fit the extra 5 mm width. Beating the Competition in both performance and noise
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    GameOVER an SSD <->HDD game moving tool

    GameOver v0.1 Simply tool to move folder form one volume to another but still making your system believe it is in its original place. E.G. I just moved the actually data of broforce from my C: drive to my D: drive but steam will still run it without...
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    My small benchmark Alpha release

    Just releasing a small alpha release of a little benchmark tool im working on Version 0.1 Requires admin right to run ( big alert for a lot of people so just beeing upfront) Only CPU, Memory, og Storage are working atm I expect some reporting issues with windows 7 but are looking into...
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    WTB: Motherboard 6driver raid5 support

    So recently my driver in my file sever went belly up and i bought 4 new 3TB driver but they are to big for my old intel Q45/Ich10r based chipset. Trying to update the driver it get a BSOD ( this is an oem motherboard from a dell system so im looking for a motherboard with the following specs -...
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    NetGear R7000 cant do 1gbit WAN

    Mt netgear R7000 running on advanced tomato 1.40 (newest) seems to be unable to kick the WAN port to 1gbit mode. my ISP recently upgraded me from 100mbits to 500mbit. was informed to restart router to get the new speed. I restarted but still caped at 100mbit. Went into the router and can see...
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    Is max Digital an OK brand

    Seems a bit to good of a price I need to replace my failing raid 5 array so i need to get 4 disk 3tb or bigger and these seemed pretty cheap
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    Goodbye Disk you served me well

    Got this SMART warning today 7.25 years of active time. not ad 20hours runtime in averag per spin-up What mechanical disk should i buy today for my scratch disk. low noise long levity Cheap
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    MTA certs worth it ?

    I apoglogize but this was the closes forum catagory I could find I currently have CompTIA A+ CompTia Network+ I am curently studying CompTIA Server+ (paid by my boss) and expect to take my exam end of this month i just poked my boss for fun to get 2 MTA certs. and got pre approval for it MTA...
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    Win 7 FPS drop Fix

    Looks Like Game explore service has been disabled for some time at MS and it makes the game explore update function eat up a lot of CPU when it cant connect to the services you will see Runddl32 eating up a lot of CPU resources in task-manager How do I fix it? Start Game explorer - click...
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    The free benchmark thread

    Making this thread to keep an list of free benchmarks. These might not bee the newest and fanciest around but they are free and decent CPU/RAM 7-zip - WinRAR - GeekBench - (RC5 and OGR) -...
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    Ebay: 10% off through june - P10OFFJUNE

    P10OFFJUNE Coupon provides 10% off, but not more than $50 off of a purchase/cart within a single transaction. Coupon can be used once per eBay account up until 11:59 PM Central European Time on June 30, 2019 or while supplies last. Coupon...
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    Making a Cs:Go Benchmark tool (L4D and portal too)

    I am in the process of making a tool to make it easier to benchmark CS:GO. and as always wanting feedback for the [H] peeps Features im thinking of - 3 differnet stanrda quality settings * 1024x768 low quality (typical pro settings) * 1080P High Quality * 4k Max quality - 3 levels...
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    bypass optimus ?

    I got myself a new fancy latpop to run my MMO on this MMO is running in DX8 i believe ( aybe ven dx7) The crappy optimus system does not recognise the software so it does not kick on the dGPU so isnted only the IGPU get used. Entering the .exe file into the nvida driver and selecting to only...
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    BitHeroes clan

    I am having a kick with the mobiel game bitheroes at work and iwas wondering if there was any [H] members with a good clan i could sneak into LvL: 99 TS: 612
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    Looking for cheap decent VoIP headset

    I am looking or a cheap but decent VoIP headset for my wife - For the computer (soft Phone) - Wireless ( preferably Bluetooth so she can sue it for her phone as well but not super important) - over head band - 1 "speaker" only - on ear ( not ear plugs thingies) I bought the plantronics blah...
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    New laptops for "gamming" around 500 bucks

    for my birthday my wife is wants to give me a new laptop since my old one is dying. she is buddgetting around 500 bucks - Im pretty brand agnostics (amd/intel - nvidia/amd)) - I dont need super long battery time its mostly just to carry around for weekend outings or when i got back to...
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    CS:Go 9%more FPS and 25% reudction in varians for free

    my favorite MO was down for maintenance so i got the urge to test CS:Go and my project mercury Ryzen R7 1700 + gtx970 ( everything on stock speeds including ram) Windowed mode 1920x1200 with the following settings: Normal - No Project Mercury FPS...
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    Budget Gamming

    My wife co worker needs a bit of advice on some budget build she wishes to buy for her son (age around 15) for gamming. personally im not really that happy about them but wanted a second opinion to kinda make sure Im not just biased System1 (275$) CPU: AM Athlonx II x4 6400 RAM: 8GB Balistix...
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    lookin for bluetooth stero speakers

    om looking for a set of bluetooth speakers for my wife in her little office - Steroo is fine - battery not needed - Able to have a hard wired power source IS needed Price range ~50 bucks What can be recommended ?
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    Seeking 2.1 spks with low satelites

    im lookin for a 2.1 speakers set where the sateltis are not that high. I had an old creative intrique i believe where the satelites was 3 small round membranes that would have been eprfect today. The reason i need the satelit to not tower is because they have to be in front of my side monites (...
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    RIP WDC 300GB 10k Sata II drive

    After many years of service as part of my raid 0 work/scratch array this drive finally bit the bullet 4hours to backup all files to the time to stop playing mmorpg and watch some tv. I've hared about this new show called brick and mortar?....
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    New volume tray tool

    i always haetd how the standard volume tray tool in windows only show master channel if you clicked it. Ive made my own little icon instead that show the full volume unit when you do so it alos creat hotkeys for non media keyboard to control volume Win+Pageup = Volume up 2% Win+Pagedown =...
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    Need Razer DeathSTalker Chroma alternative

    finnaly found a flat keyboard with NKRO i liked but it seems its impossible for me to fine them in stock so i am seaching for an alternative to the Razer deathstalker Chroma - Flat/low keys (prefferable scissors, but just rubber domes are fine) - NOT mechanical - ullsize - must be cabled -...
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    Ryzen 1700x not OC stable

    Boughtt myself a little upgrade based on some recommendation in here ( specific on the mobo). However just a slligtgt OC to 3400 makes it prime95 unstable (v29.7b5 blend with AVX) Specs: AMD Ryzen R7 1700x Standard AMD cooler (waiting for bracket Asrock X370-x 2x8G Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz...
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    ~700$ prebuilt gamign pc advice

    a friend is lookin for a gaming pc prebuilt for around 700$ maybe a bit more I' ve been looking at this one but havent looked much around He cant/wont...
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    Ryzne 1700 + PReim95 V29.4B7 crashes

    messing around with overclocking I am for the first time in many machines build a bit baffled. If I run the newest prime95 v29.4B7 blend it will crash within a few minutes at no overclockins set in bios (3.2ghz) However its stable in 6 hours of PRime 95 v28.5 blend (However running bulldozer...
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    Proejct Mercury reduces Meltdown Patch's performances loss

    Next version of my little tool Project Mercury, Will be able to enable/disable the kernel isolation that comes with Microsoft patch for meltdown, and thereby regain the lost performance (especially on nvme drives). This is mostly meant for AMD users. but if you want to run the "risk" on an...
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    Wgat mobo to get for 1700

    I have not been following the mobo devrlopment on the AMD ryzen side due to all the bios/memory issues so i wanted the paltform to mature a bit to really get into it. Now its time to upgrade my system and I sm looking for input on which motherboard to get. - ATX sized - Overclocking potential...
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    Lag when copying files

    when i try to copy some files fomr my computer ( 2x hdd in raid0) to my wife computer ( SSD) my entire computer seems to lag. The courser get laggy an my games get very choppy (dropping from 60fps to below 30) Also i see a huge spike of CPU aktivity in system & kernel process (PID 4) ive tried...
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    Acer GN246HL 160.- (free shipping)

    Acer GN246HL 160.- (free shipping) Original Price:$199.99 Mail in rebate: -20 Code discount...
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    AVG 2017 Free + Shipping (unlimited devices)

    AVG 2017 Free + Shipping (unlimited devices) Normal Price $79.99 Current Price: $40.00 (Save: 49.99%) Mail in rebate: -$20 Code: -$20 Final Prices : FREE CODE: EMCRKDR33
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    Looking for new 32" inch monitor

    om looking into getting a new 32 inch monitor but not really sure what to look for. trying to get is as cheaply as possible but hitting as many as these points as possible - around 32 inch - 16:19 or 16:10 - needs to be bale to go all the way down to the table - IPS og VA... prefferable not TN...
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    Slow 50MB/s file sharing in Win7

    I have dropped fomr my ususal 105MB/s file transgfer from/to my file server, down to only 50MB/s and I cant figure out why Cat5e cables on both server and client connected to a buffalo 24 ports 1GBit switch 9k jumbo frames enabled on both client and server Server: Windows 7 Pro Core 2 quad...
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    Trying to set up OpenVPN Net "proxy" on Netgear R7000 adavanced tomato

    I'm trying to set op and OpenVPN endpoint on my netgaear R7000 router with advanced tomato. Its supposed to be set up so when I am abroad I can connect to my router and access the internet from my home American IP address. Its NOT to get access to my lan. Anyone know a step by step to get this...
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    Looking for cheap small mini-itx chassis

    i'm looking for a small cheap mini itx chassis - no ODD needed - No psu needed or room for it ( external psu) - no add'on cards neede. Just a freaking small chassis with a power on button is needed
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    Intel joins the spyware business

    I don;t know if i just missed the news or if this is brand new, but Intel has joined the telemetry bandwagon. just letting people know so they can disable it if they want to even though Intel probably have multiple hooks besides this one. Really just hate having all these unnede...
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    My tool to disabe keyboard LEDs

    I just made this for a guy on another gorum who was tired of the numlock led on his kb I thought i would share it here if anyone else has the same hate for the numlock led. This utility run ins systray (Look for the little SB icon until i get a more appropriate one) Basically as default run...
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    Network+ cert advice wanted

    next month im taking my network+ cert to keep my A+ cert valid as well. anyone have any good advice on how to ace the examn ? anything i need to do to make sure my A+ cert gets renewed as well ? currently Im reading up on stuff on this site but it seems a bit old info...