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  1. GhengisKhan

    [Steam] Contractors [VR] [Free]

    First come, first served. Please let me know if you redeemed the code.
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    What to print in resin?

    I've been playing with my Ender 3 v2 for about a month now and I got my wife excited about me having it, so it was a quick jump to convince her to let me get a small resin printer. I mean, who doesn't like the idea of building stuff with lasers? Well, my new LD002R Resin printer was delivered...
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    Complete noob, build me a shopping list?

    A couple of important things to know first: 1. I have never even seen a 3D printer up close. 2. I do have some experience with building 3D models in a couple of different softwares, but nothing with the intention of printing it. 3. I have 20+ years of mechanical and electrical experience, not to...
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    FS: Miscellaneous, pay my rent...

    Here are some of the things that I'm selling to help me earn some quick money. Sale is going until the end of the month. Thread will be closed after Friday the 30th of Aug. If I don't sell it by then, I won't need to sell it anymore. Prices listed do not include shipping, buyer pays shipping...
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    What phone should I get at Verizon this weekend?

    I'm switching from AT&T to Verizon this weekend. Wife wants a Pixel 3XL, son and daughter are going to pick their own, but I'm still unsure of what to get. My major uses: (in order of importance) Video recording of skateboarding, and general photography. Watching videos (YouTube, Netflix, other...
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    Best currently available phone for recording video?

    Since my other thread shot down buying a RED phone, I was wondering what you all thought the best phone for my use-case would be. I enjoy photography a lot, which has me leaning towards a Pixel 3. I am also a skateboarder, and film other skateboarders as well, so video is just as important, if...
  7. GhengisKhan

    Red Hydrogen One

    I am going to be switching from AT&T to Verizon sometime in the next couple months and this means that I will be getting a new phone. As a photo and video nerd, the camera is pretty much the most important thing in what phone I go to next. I had pretty much decided to go with the LG V40, until I...
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    Newest CoD Black Ops (PS4)

    A few of the people I play with have gotten ahold of keys to the beta that's going on now. They seem to like it so far but I'm curious if anyone here has played it, and what you think. Also, would love to check it out if anyone has an extra key. (Nice, but not the purpose of the thread)
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    Weird issue with Google Home

    I've tried everything I can think of to resolve this, but I'm at my wit's end. Setup: 1 Home device in the living room. 1 Home Mini in the bedroom. 1 Insignia Connect smart plug on a lamp in the living room. 1 Insignia Connect smart plug on a lamp in the bedroom. 1 LG V30 (mine) 1 Samsung...
  10. GhengisKhan

    Any decent flight simulators

    That won't break the bank? I have a joystick/throttle combo that I bought back when MechWarrior was coming out, only to find myself at a huge disadvantage when I tried to use it. I don't remember the brand or model, it's not high end. Last flight sim I messed with was MS FSX, so I have no clue...
  11. GhengisKhan

    Beginners guide to mining?

    I have not been able to figure out what I need to start mining. Has anyone written or found what would be considered a beginners guide to crypto mining? I am not looking to get into it for anything more than a few extra bucks to spend on stuff like maybe buying a new PC game every so often, or...
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    I have joined the [H]oard

    I haven't run F@H since some time in the early 2000's, but have decided to join back up. I have to say, it's a lot easier to get up and running now.
  13. GhengisKhan

    V30 vs S8+, shopping decision

    It's time to upgrade. My Galaxy S6 got destroyed. I'm going back and forth between the LG V30 or a Galaxy S8+. I plan on using it for recording action videos (skateboarding) and vlogging, as well as the normal texting and calls. Can anyone help me with actual data as to why I should get one over...
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    NeXus LAN 20

    Is anyone else from [H] going to be there next weekend? Should be a pretty good time with all the stuff they're doing because it's the 20th anniversary of this LAN party. Just south of the Dayton, Ohio area. It sold out pretty quick, but I managed to get my seat (near...
  15. GhengisKhan

    Help identifying lenses

    I just came into possession of 2 lenses which I cannot use and am considering selling them. My current setup is Nikon, and I believe these lenses are for either a different type of mount, or for some type of Cannon, as they do not fit on my camera. I've tried doing some research, but came up...
  16. GhengisKhan

    Short dashcam clip of thunderstorms

    I was pretty impressed by the storms that were rolling through while I was driving home from work last night, so I pieced together these clips from my dashcam.
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    Which ROM to use?

    I have an old HTC One S. The carrier it is from has been out of business for a few years now so I can't even get it unlocked even if I wanted to use it as a phone. I'm going to be using it strictly for the cameras. Since the carrier is gone, I can't get updates on the phone, and it's on an older...
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    Bottom of page ads

    There used to be Amazon ads at the bottom of the forums. I did a quick search, but didn't find anything relevant so I thought I'd ask here. What happened to them? Are they still there for other people? Is there still a way to credit [H] with our Amazon click-through purchases?
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    CS:GO VAC banned "Pro", allowed back on a team?

    This blew my mind that ESL would allow this, or that Vexed would even hire KQLY to their team after he was VAC banned for hacks. I guess even bad publicity is still good publicity... o.O
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    You're Welcome!!!

    Sign up now!
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    Best bang-for-my-buck around $250

    I seriously need to upgrade my GPU. I'm good on mobo, CPU, RAM and PSU. But I'm still pushing my HD7770 as fast as I can get it to go stably. To play any modern games, it just doesn't cut it anymore. I've been doing some shopping around, and have come up with a few choices. I want to keep it to...
  22. GhengisKhan

    Beige full-tower

    I'm going to start building a retro computer, and I would love to find a plain looking beige full-tower ATX case. Yes, one of those ~3ft tall beasts from the early 2000's. I have searched eBay about as good as I'm able (haven't bought from there in 10+ years). I've done the same thing on local...
  23. GhengisKhan

    GTX 980 (factory referb) $255

    If you don't mind a factory refurbished card, this is a pretty good deal. While the manufacturer only provides a 90 day warranty, Microcenters 2 year replacement plan is only $29. I always get...
  24. GhengisKhan

    Upgrade from HAF 912

    I've loved my HAF 912 for the past few years, but it's time for an upgrade. I would like something with a little bit more room above the motherboard and more importantly behind it. Even after a bunch of work at cable management, I still can't get the back cover on. I was able to make it work...
  25. GhengisKhan

    Selecting an AM3+ chip

    I'm pretty sure that I damaged my current FX6300 and my 970 Mobo by OCing too far, with too high of a voltage. I set BIOS back to defaults, but the PC is very slow to boot, having problems even getting into Windows or Linux every time. I bought a new Gigabyte 990FX Gaming+ motherboard, but it...
  26. GhengisKhan

    Upgrade from 850w?

    I currently have an 850w KingWin PSU. It runs my MSI 970A system with an FX6300, GTX 460, 4 HDDs, and 1 SSD just fine. For some reason it won't even boot up with a Gigabyte 990FX Gaming mobo, with any combo of any other parts. I've changed out the CPU, the RAM, put in only 1 HDD or 1 SSD...
  27. GhengisKhan

    Alerts not working?

    Has something with the Alerts system changed within the last month or so? I've noticed that I'm not getting as many as I think I should be. I've gone through my "Alert Preferences" and I have everything checked off. The little eye symbols are still there on the threads when I look at them, but I...
  28. GhengisKhan

    Cable modem with phone?

    Lately my in-laws have been having problems with their cable modem, and TWC-Spectrum has been out and have changed out their modem every few months. I have checked the stability of the power that it's plugged into. The cable company has checked the lines into their house multiple times. And they...
  29. GhengisKhan

    Block upload?

    I do not have much upload bandwidth to begin with and am having problems with my son. He is constantly streaming on, and consequently killing everyone else's internet connections. I have told him many times to stop. He will for a day or two, but goes right back to it. I don't want to...
  30. GhengisKhan

    I forgot how much of a difference it can make

    I have a system that I've had since 2012. AMD FX6300 @ 3.5. I never OCd it, so I just left the stock HSF on it. Well, yesterday I decided to see what I could get out of it. I started OCing it, and ramped it up to 3.8Ghz @ 1.2v. Idle was at about 36°C. When I put it through a stress test last...
  31. GhengisKhan

    RetroPie in VM possible?

    I've already got one of the RetroPie kits that I use in the bedroom to play all my old games. I was just wondering if anyone here knows if it's possible to run RetroPie in some type of VM. Is there a VM that will simulate the hardware of a RaspberryPi 3? If there is, where would I go about...
  32. GhengisKhan

    Root my S6 and install vanilla Android?

    I'm using my galaxy s6 right now with the damn Samsung Touch wiz interface. I've tried a few themes that are supposed to emulate a basic Android environment, but I still cannot get rid of those bloatware AT&T apps. At this point I'm ready to root this thing and install a basic ROM that will...
  33. GhengisKhan

    just picked up a controller, suggest games

    I just bought a Logitech F310 game controller for my PC. Only game I have that I can use it on is Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD. What are some other games that are good with controllers?
  34. GhengisKhan

    multi core cpu's?

    I'm currently running Mint Cinnamon 16 on my main rig which has an AMD 6 core. I feel like I'm not getting the performance I should be getting. Is there any way to tell if my system is utilizing all 6 cores? Under Windows I had to install special drivers to have more than one core recognized, is...
  35. GhengisKhan

    Mint to Windows 7 sharing

    I'm new to Linux, and haven't been able to figure this one out on my own. How do I share folders so they're accessible to computers on my network? I'm running Mint 16, and all the others on the network are running Windows 7
  36. GhengisKhan

    Netflix on Mint

    I just recently dropped WinDoze and am happily using Mint Linux, but have one issue I have not been able to work around on my own. Can anyone point me to a method of being able to watch my Neflix, other than using a VM running XP?
  37. GhengisKhan

    Help me pick my 2nd Nikon body?

    I've gone about as far as I can with my D3000. I'm trying to do astrophotography, and am being extremely limited by the half-frame sensor and performance at higher ISO levels. I'm not looking to buy today (it'll take a couple of months to save enough either way). I would like to hear some...
  38. GhengisKhan

    simplest way to build a basic 5-page site

    I haven't built a website since using Frontpage. I have been asked to build a simple 5-page website (links to each page down the side) for my wife's boss (real estate office). I don't need anything fancy, this is just a page to display a couple of pages worth of information on a page where he...
  39. GhengisKhan

    Did I do good?

    I shopped around a little bit, and I had a budget to stick to (<$200). Before this purchase, all I had was my Nikon D3000, the kit 18-55mm lens, a cheap Sunpak flash, and a circular polarizing filter. I think this is a good start, and I got a few good deals, but I'm open to listening to why...
  40. GhengisKhan

    File won't copy to thumb drive

    I've got something strange that I've come across... I'm trying to copy a 9Gb backup file to a usb thumb drive so that I can restore a laptop using Acronis TrueImage, but I've run into a problem... every time I try and copy this 9Gb file over to this 16Gb USB thumb drive, it is giving me an...