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    Anyone have an nVME Gen 4 SSD they like with good random read performance at high (4TBish) capacities?

    I'm starting to look at rebuilding my desktop and one of the things I do is audio production. Currently my samples sit on a number of different SATA SSDs but I'd like to stick them all on one drive. This won't be the system drive, that is going to be a 980 Pro, it'll be dedicated for samples. As...
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    So anyone in here have any tape library experience?

    We are replacing our Dell TL4000 and the question is do we get a new Dell ML3, or should we look at someone else like Quantum? Anyone have experience with a library they hate less than others?
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    So in my never ending quest to find good virtual surround for headphones I have a new favorite.

    Redscape Audio. This one is seriously good. It isn't perfect, I still prefer my speakers slightly... but to be fair I have Genelec speakers, which are about as good as they get. It is competent software, sets up a virtual speaker device that hangs around, even if the software is shut down (so...
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    Anyone have a really fast USB-C flash drive they like?

    Not a big SSD type unit, a stick sized jump drive. I'd like to get one that has reads and writes over 100MB/sec if possible but finding any place that has actual benchmarks and not just bloggers quoting the manufacturer's spec page is hard.
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    Anyone have a heatsink they like for sticking on the back of 3090s?

    It seems like the VRAM on the backside could use a little more cooling. I have a 3090 FTW3 so a nice flat metal plate that it should be easy to stick a heatsink on top of to help a little. Anyone do that and have one they like for it?
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    Anyone have a HDR FALD display and if so, how do games look on it?

    I've been eying a new monitor off and on and one of the considerations is if I'd want to go for an HDR monitor or not. The pro for an HDR monitor is, well, HDR of course. The cons is there aren't very many of them, they are expensive, and in general I'm not as big a fan of VA as IPS. So what...
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    Anyone have any experience with Chelsio NICs?

    We are looking to upgrade our VM servers that run quite a few low-load VMs to 10gbit and in shopping around for NICs I came across Chelsio. Always used Intel server NICs in the past but these look interesting and it looks like they might have better driver support for new OSes than Intel...
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    Anyone have an experience with optics?

    Little background first: We are getting a new NetApp FAS and for the moment it is going to hook in to old Dell PowerConnect 7024 switches. The idea is to wire it to the 10gig SPF+ modules on the back so it has more than enough bandwidth, and since that is what we' d want to use in the future...
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    So is there a problem/disadvantage/etc to "overclocking" a monitor?

    It seems like a lot of the Gsync IPS monitors these days come with the ability to "overclock" themselves. Like they'll do 100Hz native but can be OC'd to 120Hz. So is there any issues or risk with doing this?
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    So anyone play ESO? How is it these days?

    I've been eyeing this as an MMO to maybe try since I really like the Elder Scrolls games. Of course it sounds like it wasn't that good a game on launch, but lately people are talking it up more. Anyone here play it and have any thoughts?
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    Anyone know how to fix Optimus hitching?

    I got a new laptop (Gigabyte Aero 15) which has a GTX 1060 that uses nVidia Optimus switching. All works well overall, both the iGPU and dGPU function and perform as they should. However it does have an annoying issue that when I launch some things, like a UAC prompt or the task manager it...
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    So if you have slow load times in Fallout 4

    Give this mod a look. In particular if you have a high spec system with an SSD and are using the ultra high rez textures. It really seems to do the trick. I was perplexed with this game because while it runs good, load times are slow, particularly loading from interior to exterior in the dense...
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    Finally found a way to get surround sound for OpenAL on non-Creative cards

    Something that has annoyed the hell out of me for a long time is the fact that some games decide to use OpenAL as their sound solution and, despite that fact that it is in theory "open" in reality it sucks on everything not Creative Labs. CL cards get full surround sound, lots of neat effects...
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    Is there any way to make Enduro chill out in Windows 10?

    I have an Enduro laptop (and it is mandatory, no mux to turn it off) and in Windows 7 and 8 the AMD GPU would shut down when I was just using the integrated graphics for the desktop. Now with 10 it spins up the dGPU all the time which has a real negative impact on battery life. Is there a fix...
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    So when did nVidia drivers start doing 10bpp?

    I was playing around with the driver settings today and I noticed something: A setting in the "Change Resolution" option for "Output Color Depth" that'll let you choose 8 or 10 bits per pixel: I flip it on, and it works. My NEC monitor is reporting that it is receiving a 30-bit signal on...
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    Anyone have an LG UB9500 TV?

    If so, how's it do for gaming?
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    More Shadowrun!

    Harebrained Schemes is doing another expansion to Shadowrun Returns. This time, PC only so should mean less "tablety" controls. They have put it back on Kickstarter but with an interesting twist: They are funding the base game themselves, the KS funding will go to extending the game. I like the...
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    Anyone been having issues with Steam downloading as of late?

    Recently for me Steam just seems to stop downloading randomly. It'll be trucking along happily, and then will stop, the program will say "Queued" in the library. However in the download manager it'll say "Update Required (Not Queued)". I hit the "Move to top of Queue" button and it starts...
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    Anyone have a Gigabyte Windforce 980?

    If so, what kind of temps/GPU power/core speed/fan speed you seeing in Furmark? I have one and it seems to work fine, but I'm a little concerned maybe its cooling solution isn't doing its job as well as it should. When I run Furmark it pretty quickly hits 80 degrees C and then starts to...
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    Is there a good way to report bugs for ASUS boards?

    I've encountered a couple of minor ones that I'd like to make them aware of. In particular: 1) CPU fan speeds seems to stick high sometimes. I'll fire up AI Suite and it'll be at 1500rpm (it's max), when the CPU is idle. I have to flop it back and forth between extreme silent mode and then...
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    Where is the T_Sensor 1 connection on the X99-DELUXE?

    I would like to hook up the thermal probe, so one of the fans can be controlled by GPU temperature.
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    Some OC stability testing questions

    So I'm not a big fan of OCing in general, but I decided to do it on my old 2600k. Took it up to 4GHz without raising the vcore at all, perfectly stable, so I called it a win. Well I have a mental block about my new 5930k being a slower clock speed. So I want to take it to 4GHz as well (not any...
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    What sort of card is useful for dedicated PhysX?

    In particular, I have a GTX 570 and a GTX 680 available for use as a dedicated PhysX card (a 980 gets to be the main GPU). My question is if there's be any reason to use the 680 instead of the 570, as which ever I don't use will be used for a media PC.
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    Strange issue with Netgear R7000

    Related to my other post asking about routers, the reason I'm doing that is because this one is having problems, but very, very strange ones: So I have it acting as my router for my network, testing it out. At the moment I don't need a router, I have business class cable with multiple IPs...
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    So I guess the forum ate my post

    I'll try again: Looking for a wireless router recommendation. $200-300 preferred, $500-600 max. Fast n' stable. Thanks.
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    Anyone else playing the Dragonfall expansion of Shadowrun Returns?

    It is really good. The included Dead Man's Switch campaign was ok, but nothing stellar. I enjoyed it but it was a little "meh" overall and I didn't really feel like any sort of a redo with a different kind of character (which I usually do with RPGs). Dragonfall though, it is really good. Great...
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    Anyone have a Carbide Air 540?

    If so two questions: 1) How do you like it? What's good/bad? 2) What are the physical dimensions? Thanks.
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    Does anyone know of any desktop 80 Plus titanium supplies?

    We got some Dell R720s not too long ago and their PSUs said they were "80 Plus Titanium" which I hadn't heard of. Looked it up, and it is yet another level of efficiency that just came out. Tested them and what do you know, it isn't BS. Those suckers are exceedingly efficient. However, I've...
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    So here's a new one on me: Windborne

    From Hidden Path, the Defense Grid guys. Looks like it is to be an open world builder like Minecraft. They sent out codes to the DG2 backers so I've been messing with it. So far, looks like a solid foundation. I like the cutesy graphics style and it is fundamentally what you want in a building...
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    Is there any way to make The Witcher 2 not laggy?

    I finally decided to give it a try (as with many games, I've owned it but never played it) and I find it unplayable because of the lag. The game is just not responsive to input. Be it when you are steering the camera or in menus, it lags bad. It seems to be at least partially FPS related but...
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    The "Update on your Kickstarter's" thread

    So since some people like to hate on Kickstarter as nothing but scams, but other of us, like me, think it is great I thought a thread for those of us that have backed projects might be cool. In particular, give a general overview of the status of things. Such as: --Backed: 9 --Final...
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    Anyone else in to high-gamut displays for gaming?

    I just got my PA301W which has a pretty wide gamut as do most modern 30" displays. I decided to give the native gamut a try and compare it with sRGB (the PA301W does real good gamut emulation). Man, I am really, really liking the wide gamut in gaming. I really like the way it makes the games...
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    NEC PA301W-BK $1850 shipped from B&H

    B&H has the PA301W for $1850 with free shipping. Yes, that is extremely expensive, but for this monitor, it is the best price I've seen. It is one of, if not the, highest end 30" displays you can get your hands on.
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    Any have experience with the VG278HE and the XL2420T?

    I'm thinking of getting one of them to see how I like 120Hz gaming. The two things I'm most interest in are low input lag and high image quality. I have an NEC 2690WUxi right now which is an IPS panel with hardware calibration, so I like good pictures. I realize neither of these will be as...
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    So I remember someone asking about successful Kickstarters

    The second Kickstarter I backed (Wasteland 2 being the first) just handed out their beta to everyone. It's called FTL and is a little indy Rogue like space game. They sent out Steam keys to all the backers and it is up and running great. So while it hasn't been delivered in "release" form...
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    An Antec P280 or Corsair 800D

    So I want a new case, and these two and the two I'm looking at. As such, I'd love to hear opinions on it. Talk me in to which ever you like better. I'm not looking for a "Which is t3h best," just to hear what the people who chose one like about it and why they chose it.
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    A Real Test of nVidia vs AMD 2D Image Quality

    Since Brent passed on the article I bring you: Sycraft's Image Quality Showdown Something I’ve seen claimed many times on the Internet is that there is a visible difference in color and font quality between AMD and nVidia cards. People claim this even on new monitors, new cards, with 100%...
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    Anyone have trouble with AC: Brotherhood on a GTX 680?

    I decided to finally give the game a spin (curse you Steam backlog!) but it seems like either the graphics hardware or driver has a bug with it. During the first in game cutscene, my GPU bombed and had to be restarted twice. Anyone else see this or have any advice on a fix?
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    Very strange boot problem with SSDs

    So here's an odd one I want to see if anyone else has encountered and thus might have a suggestion for: I have two 256GB SSDs in RAID-0, not so much for performance but for capacity (I like keeping everything on one drive). They are RAIDed using the onboard Intel controller. Usually, I turn...
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    Recommend me the best PS2 RPGs I didn't play

    I never had a PS2 (I am generally a PC gamer) but you know, there is something about console RPGs that is fun. They are different from PC RPGs, and I could go for some of that right now. Running PS2 games is fairly unchallenging for a modern PC, so why not? So what RPGs should I look at? Only...