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    Xe looking EXTREAMLY under welming

    whats going on with intel didnt Kyle say they hired him to make sure they where going build real gaming card. mean wile Xe is looking like its going top out at mid range AT BEST...
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    2080 3dmark leak looking good
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    RTX and AI image processing

    A friend of mine wrote this about RTX as whole. "If you're skeptical as a gamer about the benefits of RTX, I get you. The differences are getting ever more subtle as we get closer and closer to photoreal graphics. You can have all your same old arguments about benchmarks and dollars. But at...
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    WANTED 800D SATA 3 upgrade kit!

    im looking for the sata3 upgrade kit for the corsair 800D case will also pay $5.00 USD via paypal for a link to some where that has it in stock in the US part number is CC800D-SATA6KIT seems corsair is no longer supporting there gen 1 cases... thanks
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    stuck at native resultion

    ok so just upgraded my pc but i seem to be now stuck running games at native res if i try and change it to ANY THING ELSE it minimizes any ideas? nm was another piece of software.... blah...
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    Retro sub form?

    any chance we could get a retro sub forum with subs for hardware/OCing, OS, gaming?
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    WHY HAS THERE NOT BEEN ANY THING ON THIS OUT OF HARD SO MADE OF WIN and a great use of "over kill" video cards been rocking Titan Fall at 2560x1600 down-sampled to 1920x1200 and it looks amazing any one know what the next 16:10 res up from 2560x1600 is so i can try it?
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    FS/FT RC Heli 600 class 6HV RTF w/ Vbar blue line + packs $900 shipped OBO

    so had some things come up i have been fighting with depression and anxiety for years got in to the hobby to try help with that but things have gone from bad to worse and i really need the cash and i can not maintain a big heli now ill take reasonable offers in cash via paypal or cash +...
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    TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit's review video censered for panning game seems TB did a "WTF is..." of 'Day One Garry's Incident' TB pretty much panned the game then the devs used s DMCA take down to have the video removed... say TB had no right to monetize the review ill let the video do the talking
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    used 580 prices

    whats the going rate for a used 580 these days looking to a 2nd one if i can get one super cheap
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    eVGA GTX580 RMA

    any one know what eVGA is sending out for RMAs on 580s? or what they think is an ok replacement dont want to get stuck with a 660 >.>
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    13v from HP server PSU?

    any one know if HP server power supplies have a way to adjust the 12v rail? i only need another 0.6v to 1v from it this is for a non PC use ie powering a lipo charger im running 2 in series for 24v at 47amps model is HP DPS-600PB series ESP135
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    Diablo 3 on the PS3

    its seems legit
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    24v from one PSU

    is there any way to get 24v out of one 1000w PSU im looking to power a Lipo charger for my helis
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    FFXIV only 1 hour a day!

    *mod edit* link removed, try finding one without hentai ads on it. -Oldie RAGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE UPDATE
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    NFS Hot Pursuit

    So wth they make a new Hot Pursuit and then DONT put it on PC what kind of bull shit is this RAGE
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    Strange Real temp read outs

    ok soo i was doing some stress testing and i think some thing got stuck with the temp sensor real temp or any other tool in windows for that matter now wont show under 56c bios read normal for idle temps like they have been befor this ~36c i ran the temp sensor test and when it does the cool...
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    OK need help with OS addressing debate

    32bit OS 4GB ram 1GB vram does the local ram on the GPU have to totaly 1:1 mapped out of the 32bit limit or does it get address virtually and other then the hole drives make usely 256 to 512MB have an impact on how much usable ram in the system ie. person 1: 4GB - 1GB -other...
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    Ghostbusters PC No Multiplayer

    WTF really no online no co-op nothing Atari can suck a hairy cock for raping one of the few games i was looking at getting for PC this year like for all to see Update up no Co-op for PC...
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    front page fubar?

    hmm some thing is up with the front page both FF and IE want to open it as a file... it messed up or just me? edit ok this is odd its ONLY with hard other sites load fine and works fine just is broken soo me or the site?
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    BFG Does it again!

    so my 8800GTS 640 goes poof on my a week or so ago and i rma with BFG now this was the OC2 and so im thinking there wasnt a lot of them made so may be ill get back like an 8800GT or 9800GT right WRONG i got back a GTX260 MAXCORE OC2 so a BIG HARD THANK YOU TO BFG if CS rep is reading...
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    remove back from 4th mouse button

    ok so i like to use my 4th mouse button for vent but the issue is if i have it over a window or firefox its assigned by the OS as "back" is there a way to turn this off with out assigning some thing other the mouse 4 to the button? edit this is for XP Pro
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    C2D 45nm odd temps

    ok soo when i idle one core on my E7200 will be as much as 10c hotter then the other but it closes to ~5c under load is this normal for a C2D? or did i botch my heat sink install? ex. of temps at idle 35c core0 25c core1 then load 55c core0 and 50c core1 :confused:
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    cloned HDD issue

    ok so i got a new mobo but it only has 1 IDE channel so i needed to move my boot drive to another HDD so i can put my CD drives on the IDE channel i used Ghost to clone my C: drive but when i boot the cloned drive it gets the windows log on and when i try log in it just goes and logs off...
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    Crash corse in Intel OCing

    ok sooo i havnt had to OC with the FSB since well ever been AMD since the old Slot-A Athlons sooo im pulling the trigger on an Intel set up namely the E7200 and im getting some good DDR2 1066 ram so whats the math to get this guy running at say 3.0 to 3.2 or so? :confused:
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    45nm C2D and OCing

    so im thinking of getting a new CPU this summer i want to go with a a C2D or C2Q may end up with a dual core do to lack of funds if i do go with a dual core how are the new 45nm chips as fare as overclocking goes or should i go with one of the older cores? im thinking about E8200 atm
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    Questionable ads?

    just thought you should know this showed up in one of the threads about WoW not sure if you all approve of this but i dont
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    New XP drivers for 8x00 cards ForceWare Release 162 Version: 162.18 WHQL WHQL Certified Release Date: July 26, 2007 Operating System: Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition Language: U.S. English File Size: 46.7 MB didnt see a thread or post on the front...
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    Sunrocket on lifesupport

    looks like sunrocket isnt long for the world i dont think they will make it threw the week
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    Vista-drag and drop not working?

    ok soo i decided to give Vista another shot the other day and i was suprised to find ever thing works... i thought seens i cant drag and drop files in to IRC or winamp any more also winamp wont play video any more any one know how to fix this?
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    8800GT* scaling workaround FOUND!

    well i found a work around for the scaling bug good news is it works bad news is you have end up disabling HDCP to make it work you will need drivers 158.22 or higher and the .zip found here
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    Newegg shipping

    ok any one else have this happen? i just ordered a 8800GTS last week and payed for 3DAY shipping and thay downgraded it to ground which UPS says can take up to 5 days and buy UPS site my card is now MIA for the last 2 days this happend to a friend of mine as well i do not like being...
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    mid range 8x00 3d mark scores.... well not to shaby
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    front page chokes Wii

    well we just got a Wii last night so i though HEY it has a web broweser so ill go book mark Hard and what happeds all the flash ads choke it XD basicly im asking if you guy could make a Wii frendly front page :D im not saying remove the ads but maybe just static ones ?
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    hardware IRC channel

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    can some one recomend some widescreen LCD to get

    ok i need help picking a widescreen LCD for xmas the recs i have are 1. 20" or bigger 2. 1680x1050 3. VGA/DVI/component/composite/S-video 4. HDCP 5. under 500 bucks 6. less then 10ms 7. i would like it to be a ture 8bit pannel but if some one can conveince me that 6bit dithered is ok...
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    so who else picked this up for the PS2 today great RPG :D picks up right were .hack//roots stops
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    slight change to the fourm?

    i just noticed the side banner ad is gone or is my firefox being stupid?
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    hosed vista >.<

    well i hosed vista trying to get Alcohol 120 to work >.> now it BSODs on boot even in safe mode there a way to do last known good like with XP?
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    Vista drivers

    ok rant time any one else wondering whats taking NV so long with a full working vista drive hell ATi already has WHQL drivers out end rant