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    Do usb 2 and usb 3 sockets use the same power connection point

    So usb 3 can supply more power in terms of ma's than usb 2 but do they both use the same connection in the same position. For example if you plug a usb 2 device into a usb 3 port with a usb 3 cable will you get more power (available milliamps) available than you would if you plugged it into a...
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    Uninstall windows 10 (from upgraded windows 7) with option to reinstall later?

    If you wanted to uninstall Windows 10 from a computer and use another os but still have the option to reinstall windows 10 at a later date, what do you need to do before uninstalling to retrieve the cd key etc. (where the windows 10 install was an upgraded windows 7 retail). What's the simplest way?
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    What type of cpu fan plug is this

    I am trying to get a fan to upgrade a fanless pc that overheats in summer by adding a fan. I found this picture of the motherboard, does anyone know what this 4 pin cpu fan plug type is called?
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    Connecting small usb fan to anything other than usb power

    I have a small fanless computer that overheats in summer without an external usb fan but if you connect a usb fan it will stay on in sleep mode and even when the computer is off. There is no way to change it in the bios. Is there a way to connect a very small fan to any other wires on the usb...
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    MCE remote won't turn off screensaver with button press

    I have an mce remote but unlike moving the mouse when you press a button it won't turn off the screensaver. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the remote to turn off the screensaver. I've got it going through eventghost and autohotkey, so I'm not sure if that is making any difference to...
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    Is anyone successfully using a usb 3.0 flash drive connected to an extension cable of any length?

    I want to know if anyone is successfully using a usb 3.0 flash drive through any length of extension cable. I have had no end of trouble trying to use extension cables or hubs. I want to know if it's just inferior quality cables etc. or it's not supposed to work. I even tried a very short...
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    Adding usb stick to ssd computer as storage?

    Can you add a usb flash stick to a computer as storage (instead of a hdd/ssd) and leave it connected all the time with no issues like loosing data over time?
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    Double length Sata power cable by joining two

    If you join two sata power cables to make a double length cable to ssd/hdd, could this be too long for the gauge of wire used in standard cables? I'm not talking about the data cable, just the power one from the psu. Since usb external drives never seem to work with longer usb cables maybe...
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    A laser printer that is precise to the actual measurements on the page?

    Hello, I am trying to print labels that have to match exactly to measurements on the page, but the basic laser printer I have is a bit off and prints lines a bit leaning over and misaligned. I tried to adjust it but can't get it to be any better. What type of laser printer (or other type but...
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    Smallest Mini pc that runs linux and "xgamma -bgamma 2.0" works

    Can anyone suggest a super mini computer to run linux to watch videos at 720p (having 1080p ability wouldn't be bad either) from a usb stick. The only other requirement is that it has to be able to run gamma adjustment commands such as "xgamma -bgamma 2.0 -rgamma 0.5" for example. and this...
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    Powering low powered usb device while computer is off - power consumption

    Does anyone know if I power a very low power usb device (ie. like a led desk light) from a computer while the computer is off (for many hours everyday) will it be less power efficient than powering the same device from a wall wort? Or are there any other downsides like wearing out the psu?
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    IR receiver - Any adapter or can you resolder 2.5mm plug to usb

    I have a good MCE remote control that came with a tv/video capture card. The receiver it came with though has a special 2.5mm type plug that only connects to the card it came with. Is there a cheap adapter I could buy or can I resolder the wires to a usb plug to use it with a usb port?
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    Why can't I swap IR remote receivers?

    I have two IR remote controls and receivers but the receiver for the most important pc has broken (it's generating gibberish) so I tried to connect the other receiver instead but it will only work with the remote it came with. The other remote control was specifically set up for that pc, is...
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    Using mouse/keyboard on two computer but never at same time

    Is there a cheap way that I can connect a keyboard and mouse to two different computers. I would never be using both computers at the same time, I know there are kv switches but I thought something more like a hub with two pc connections. because I don't need to use both at the same time. Any...
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    5 metre cable for second 'duplicate display' fails

    I have a main monitor (with a normal short cable) but I also want to connect a second monitor to duplicate the display so a second person can view the screen. I am trying to use a 5m hdmi or dvi cable for the second display and both cables fail (the hdmi one works at first sometimes, then cuts...
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    Reset Windows 7 colour calibrations/settings

    My windows 7 colour calibration is wrong somehow. Blacks look grey, everything looks very washed out. With linux there is no problem. I have used f.lux (but uninstalled now) and also run an eye one colour calibration (which I have uninstalled now) in the past (with old monitor). How can I...
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    If I have windows 7 retail now and I upgrade to 10 can I no longer buy a new mb/cpu?

    I have Windows 7 retail now which I believe I can continue using if I buy a new motherboard and cpu in the future. But if I upgrade to windows 10 will I forfeit this retail right and I'll end up with just an oem version that I have to throw away if I upgrade my motherboard/cpu in the future? Or...
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    Cheap ebay nework switch

    Does anyone have experience with cheap network switches like this one? What are some of the drawbacks that could occur with a...
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    Windows Vista keep turning on in the middle of the night

    I have Windows Vista installed on a computer but it often comes on in the middle of the night. Ie. 2:30am last night. It is set up as a pvr but frequently comes on with nothing to record and always in the middle of the night. Often it stays on all night even though it didn't record anything...
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    Program to test my monitor's gamut?

    I have an 'X-rite eye one display 2' monitor measuring device. I can use it with the program supplied to calibrate my monitor, but I want to see what gamut range my monitor produces for interest (showing nanometre wavelengths). Is there a program I could use and would it likely work with the...
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    Which ebook reader should I buy

    Which ebook reader should I buy? Here are my requirements 1. Reads all formats (especially open source/free book type formats) such as you would find at Wikibooks/project Gutenberg etc. 2. No wireless/wifi (I don't want or need wireless) 3. Has an eink or similar type screen (not a backlit...
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    So I can't use the kindle I bought without wifi or an Amazon account?

    I just bought a kindle touch 6" and opened it but I think I have made a big mistake. I bought it because it was the only ereader at a local shop but I didn't realise I couldn't use it without wifi or an Amazon account. Is there a way to use it without one by reflashing it? I just want to read...
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    Recovering data for damaged audio cds

    I bought some audio cds in a pack a few months ago but they must be damaged because even after cleaning them I get some unreadable noise towards the end of some of the disks. I cleaned them but it is still happening, what could I do? I think there used to be a program that would downloaded...
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    New security company, opinions?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give opinions or thought about this company and the sort of products they are/will be offering? How does it compare with other similar companies/products?
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    Enterprise hard drive for desktop use?

    Are there any drawbacks to using an enterprise hard drive designed for 24 hours operation in a desktop that goes on and off?
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    Windows Vista Update yesterday broke silverlight, can't use anymore

    It's been for a while that I couldn't install silverlight 64 bit (the default version it downloads for my 64bit windows vista) but I could install the 32bit version that worked enough to use. Yesterday there was a windows update which was automatically installed and now silverlight no longer...
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    USB devices intermittently don't work when computer starts

    I am having a problem with my mini pc. When you start the computer, every so often at least one usb device fails to work (the device is powered but the computer fails to detect the device). It is fixed by either restarting the computer or unplugging the device that didn't come on and plugging...
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    Ioniser module any good? To reduce the dust getting into my cheap quality (but still enjoyable) projector. Does anyone...
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    Do Inkjet printers give off any fumes when in use or not in use?

    I was wondering if you have an inkjet printer less than a metre from your face, are you likely to be breathing in any fumes from the ink, when it is printing, or when it is not printing that are not entirely good for you?
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    Best way to get rid of interference sounds from pc

    What would be the best way to get rid of interference sounds coming from a computer but being transferred from EM (i assume) to analogue cables/equipment. I have a good quality usb dac connected to a small pc but there is still some noise from the computer (or cables or monitor) being picked...
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    Firefox crashing recently?

    Has anyone else noticed Firefox crashing recently, ie. since the last update? I'm just trying to work out if it is a problem with my system or a bug in this version.
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    Keeping dust out of projector in a dusty environment

    I have a bedroom projector, with lots of clothes, blankets etc. And I just had to open it up and try to clean the lenses with a felt pad on a stick because it had accumulated a lot of dust that was starting at to look a bit like dead pixels. But there is a lot of dust in that room, is there...
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    Which is the best USB hub/brand for reliability and quality internal components?

    I want to buy a quality, reliable usb hub, which brand and or model(s) is/are known for quality components reliability and compatibility?
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    Problems with usb hub connected devices not working after computer wakes from sleep

    I have a USB hub where some devices connected to it don't come back on after the computer wakes up from sleep, it is an intermittent problem that occurs at some times with some devices (possible related to how many devices are plugged in and to which ports. Until I updated windows 8 to 8.1 it...
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    How can I tint my screen in ubuntu?

    I want to tint my screen a colour such as blue for example. Can it be done in Ubuntu? I couldn't find a way, except for programs to change the colour temperature by the time of day which I don't need. Any suggestions appreciated. In case you don't understand what I mean, start Gimp, go to...
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    Android brightness control that works with hdmi

    Hello, I have a mini arm computer that I run android on, but I want to be able to adjust the display brightness for hdmi out. I have found (it is a known issue) that the brightness control in android doesn't work because it is designed to control built in mobile phone screens. Is there an app...
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    Android Brightness Control - Any software emulation solution for hdmi?

    The android main brightness control won't work on my mini pc with hdmi out (do to that the brightness is designed to directly control a smartphone screen). I have tried a brightness app and kodi media player, none of these work as they must just use the android brightness control. So is...
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    How to get an android app for custom device?

    I set up a new micro arm computer I bought. It can run linux or android but there is a single app I want to install that is only on android. This is the app I want It won't let me install it because my device...
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    DMZ in a box reviews?

    Hello, what do you security experts think of this software? They have some new patents for VIN's etc. Could anyone give an opinion of what you think of it?
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    When you use software/os volume using digital out do you loose bit depth?

    If you have your computer connected via hdmi/optical/coaxial digital out and you set the volume to 20% for example in software or the operating system. Are you loosing a lot of bit depth by digitally reducing the volume. The same as if you reduced the volume in audio editing software you...