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    Help Please - New Build In Ncase M1 with no video signal... X570-i, 5950x, 3080

    Ok booted her up for the first time and no video signal. All fans working, LEDs on motherboard and gpu working. No beeps and stays on. My keyboard also isn't lighting up. 1) If I have a Ryzen 5950x in a x570-i motherboard do I need a newer bios installed for it to show a video signal or boot to...
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    LG 48CX: Ideal viewing distance for gaming and work, helpful software (tiling) and other helpful info

    Hi All, Super excited this bad boy is being delivered tomorrow and I could use some help please: 1) What is the ideal viewing distance to enjoy 4k gaming but to also make it effective for work (excel, outlook, etc)? 2) What is the ideal height for the screen? Do I want my eyes looking...
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    Noctua Fans for 3080 Deshroud in Bottom of Ncase M1 with Mesh Side Panels... Model and intake vs Outtake

    Hi All, As the title says, can you please advice on which fans are best for attaching to the GPU hestsink. Noise is the biggest priority with thermal performance being a close second. 2 x Noctua NF-A12x25 Or 2 x Noctua NF-F12 PWM...
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    Help Please with Finalising My Order: Ncase M1, 3080 Deshrouded, 5900x, Silent Noctua Build

    Case: Ncase M1 (Side Mesh Panels) CPU: 5900x GPU: 3080 EVGA XC3 Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix X570-I SILENT COOLING (Help Please): I like Noctua so I am thinking: GPU: 2 x NF-A12x25 for the deshroud gpu (intake?) CPU: NH-U95 with an extra fan (intake) for cpu Any other fans needed if there...
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    Deshrouding a EVGA XC3 3080 - Advice Please

    I just sniped one of these and its being delivered tomorrow :) EVGA XC3 285.37 111.15 2.2-slot Yes Confirmed by user I would love to go for a deshroud but it looks like a deshroud will be difficult. Any ideas? Please note this is not my case, I just found a deshroud attempt on this...
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    Deshrouding a Gigabyte OC 3080

    Hi All, I have an Ncase M1 and the 3080 Gigabyte OC I just hunted down is likely too big for it :( Would deshrouding get it to fit? Stock dimensions of the GPU: Card size L=320 W=129 H=55 mm Thanks
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    FormD T1

    Anyone know if a pcie4 compatible version is coming soon?
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    Best MAtx Motherboard for an AMD Small Form Factor Case - 5900X and a 6900XT

    The weight is over and I am finalising my equipmentist for my gaming and work (office) rig. I don't do much rendering other than my drone and gopro footage. Advise on the Motherboard and other remaining items would be much appreciated. Case: I am likely going with a T1 or NCase M1 CPU: AMD...
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    Smallest case that can accomodate wc a 3090? Ncase m1?

    Building a new rig and want to accomodate the zen 3 and 3090 both watercooled. What is the most compact case that can get the job done?
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    What is Regarded as the Best Monitor For Gaming and Work? - Powered by 3090

    Hi All, I am interested in the Samsung G9 but wanted to ask what other monitors were highly regarded here for both gaming and work (excel, PowerPoint, word outlook multitasking). Any advice on stuff coming soon are already out. My new build is taking place mid to late sept but I can wait an...
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    New Screens Coming with New Nvidia Tech - Announced in 30 Series GPU Launch

    Does anyone have more info on these upcoming screens?
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    Best Gaming CPU and Pairing sith a 3090?

    Hi All, I am ready to pull the trigger on a 3090 but want a cpu that supports pcie4 and has the performance to match. I can wait for the latest and greatest from AMD in October but wanted to get thoughts on what the latest and greatest will be and if it is a good idea to pair amd cpu with nvidea...
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    Best Gaming RAM to Accompany a 3090 and the Best Gaming CPU?

    Hi All, Can you guys advise whats the best gaming RAM available now or coming soon?
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    Best Gaming CPU

    Hi All, What is regarded as the best cost no option gaming cpu? Best bang for buck at the higher end of things? I am looking to build a small form factor wc rig and want to futureproof as much as I can for 4k and 8k gaming.
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    Best Mini Itx Motherboard for a SFF Powerhouse Build

    Hi All, Out of touch with latest and greatest tech but want to by a mini itx board and approval it to the best gaming cpu around along with a 3090. Open to Intel or AMD. Anything sexy on the CPU front coming soon? Is waiting for pcie4 and thunderbolt 4 important for future proofing? Rough...
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    What is the Best Cost No Option Small Form Factor Case for a Silent and Small WC Gaming Powerhouse (3090, etc)

    Hi All, I am wanting to ditch my huge Corsair 900D case from my first ever build in 2015. I am looking to achieve the following in my new build: - Silent - Small Form Factor - Capable of Gaming in 4k at high FPS on max settings for AAA titles and for high resolution VR. I assume WC is the way...
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    Best Small Form Factor Case to House a Silent Gaming Powerhouse - 3090 and more

    Hi All, I have decided to go all out to try and build a small and silent gaming powerhouse with the latest and greatest gear. This is to include a 3090, the best available gaming cpu, ram etc. I am considering the Ncase M1 as this seems to be a phenomenally small case that can accomdate some...
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    Best Quiet Case for Silent 4K Gaming at High FPS on Max Settings

    Hi All, My first build was in 2016 and was built in a Corsair 900D. Have cases come a long way since then? I am considering upgrading my existing system (started a thread on the WC section) or more than likely doing a new build. Is the 900D still regarded as a good case? I want a silent 4k...
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    Time for a good update (Help Please) - Updating My Hardware in a Corsair 900D for 4K Gaming at High FPS

    Hi All, The help of this forum was amazing in helping me build my watercooled rig. It was built in 2014 and never had a single issue. Now it is time with Ampere to go through a proper upgrade to accomodate high FPS 4K gaming on max settings. Here is the equipment: Case: Corsair 900D...
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    Best OC settings for Dual WC R9 290s

    Guys my rig is up and running. I have managed to get my 4930k overclocked to 4.6mhz, thanks to the help of some awesome guys on this forum. Now it is time for my GPUs. Can some please advise on the best settings for my water cooled R9 290s for each section in GPU Tweak, specifically: GPUs...
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    Ek Corrosion Issues

    I just ordered two Nickel and Asetone EK Blocks for my R9 290s. I am considering returning them due to the the corrosion issues I have heard about. Can anyone clarify if this has been resolved as most of...
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    290 or 290x... Best WC Block and Best Option

    Guys I have 2 x MSI 290s (meant to have the best cooling and they run quiet) on order with Amazon due to be shipped out Thursday. I could really use some advise on the following: 1) Are there major performance gains to be had water cooling this card even if it comes with one of the best air...
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    Dual WC Titan Blacks - running 3x ROG swifts

    Guys I am underway with my build and had a question. I opted for dual r9 290s with a view of upgrading to the Maxwell cards when they come out. When the maxwells come out I could use one 290 in my other rig and sell the second on eBay. I just won a decent amount playing poker and am...
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    Generic GPU waterblock

    I am ordering my The GPUs for my new built (one or two gtx 780s) and as I am going upgrade GPUs when the high end maxwell cards come out, I am considering going with a generic GPU block that I can reuse on my next cards. Can I ask: - who makes the best generic GPU blocks? - I assume I would...
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    Best QUIET Power Supply to Push Quad SLI

    The last piece to order for my quiet water cooled build is the psu. Can I get some recommendations on VERY quiet power supply's that can handle quad ski? I am considering the Leadex platinum 1200 watt or the Silverstone SST-ST1500, but other recommendations are welcome. Thanks
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    Fan Controller To Control 20 Fans

    I am ordering the kit for my new water cooled build in a Corsair 900D case. Can you please advise of a good fan controller that can take high wattage per channel? I am going to be running 20 x Corsair SP120 Quiet Series How is this: The...
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    Best Bang for Buck GPU Config to Achieve +100fps on a 1440p Monitor Set to Ultra

    I have ordered most of my components except for the GPU/s I have ordered: CPU - 4930k RAM - Corsair Vengeance 2400 4x4gb Motherboard - Asus Rampage Black Edition GPUs -I want to play BF4, Titan Fall and Elder scrolls maxed out on a single ROG Swift HD - Samsung Pro series ssd 512gb PSU - EVGA...
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    Haswell-e vs 4960X

    Hi Guys, Can you please give me your thoughts on how much the upcoming Haswell-E cpus will improve gaming performance when compared to a 4960X liquid cooled and overclocked? If it is negligible then I am going to pull the trigger on my new build. Thanks
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    900D dream build... Help me spec the water cooling please

    I could really use some help building my dream rig please. Given that current gen GPUs struggle to push 4k or multi screen 1440, I am taking a two step approach. Stage 1: purchasing all long term components and a temporary graphics card/s pushing a single 27" ROG Swift Stage 2: (Expected...
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    Best Motherboard for Quad SLI & 4960x Extreme... Rampage Black Edition, MSI

    I am taking a 2 stage approach to my dream all water cooled Quad SLI build and could use some help as I am not as knowledgable as you all. Stage 1: all components and temporary graphics card/s pushing a single 27" ROG Swift Stage 2: add water cooled and next gen maxwell cards to push a big...
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    4k monitor or 3 x ROG Swift

    I decided to delay buying my 3 monitors until the ROG swift is released in April. I am now wondering if I should just go for a single large 4k Display. If you could choose between 3 x ROG swifts (at...
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    Increasing the Budget... New Built to Push 3 x 27" ROG Swift Maxed Out

    After giving things much thought I am considering increasing my budget, waiting till April and buying 3 x ASUS ROG 27": Display: 27-inch (16:9) wide screen Resolution: 2560 × 1440 WQHD with 1ms response rate. Brightness: 350cd/m² Connectivity: DisplayPort, USB 3.0 ports (upstream x 1...
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    Release date of the 780ti 6GB

    I have read several articles saying a new version of the 780ti is due to drop soon, but I thought this might be the Titan Black and the name was changed just before release. Can someone clarify please?
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    Building an Uber Battlestation... Eyefinity and Futureproofing

    Building an Uber Battlestation... Eyefinity and Futureproofing Guys I could really use some help in tweaking my build. Specifically, what needs improving and where can I trim and go less OTT? Here is my build at the moment: CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K 3.4GHz 6-Core Processor (£410.99 @ Aria...
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    Best 3 Monitor Setup for Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround?

    I could use some help please. I am considering buying three monitors for a new eyefinity setup for pc gaming. I have never had a multi monitor setup and could really use some guidance. Please note that I am building a new high end rig (approx $5k) and am looking for screens that will do this...