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    advice about how to work around some challenges in Phanteks Enthoo Pro case

    I need some advice on how to easily mount both HDDs and SSDs into my new Phanteks Enthoo Pro case. I just upgraded my rig to a Phanteks Enthoo Pro case Basically I did a "transplant" of my ASUS X570 Strix-E...
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    Case connector header, e.g. ASUS - timewasting lunacy in 2022

    I'm transplanting my desktop system into a new case, so it's like a new build. The motherboard is an ASUS X570 Strix-E, which I bought in 2020. I have no idea if my issue applies to non-ASUS boards. Once again, the hardest, most frustrating part of connecting up cables to the motherboard is...
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    max storage for laptop with Intel i5-1250P CPU - why impossible to search out

    I just got a Lenovo laptop with the minimal 250 GB of NVMe storage, and bought a 2 TB Samsung 970 NMVe drive. I replaced the factory NVMe drive with the Samsung 970, and it worked. (y) Lenovo's website offered models with up to only 1 TB capacity. I saved a ton of money his way. Now I'm...
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    Machine Learning and Scientific qapplication benchmarks 4090 vs. 3090 Not that I am planning to get a 4090, but I thought I should still share it with the guys here.
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    USB type A + Type C ports: what brands are good (or bad?)

    I hope this is the right forum for this question. Friend just asked me (his "IT guy friend") about adding an adapter card to his PC for 2 or more A and at least C ports. I did some searching, but it's impossible (for me at least ...) to figure out the answer to his question. Does he have to...
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    clicking noises from my Netgear GS608 switch

    If a switch makes clicking noises, is this normal or a sign of impending failure:? I have used this Netgear switch on and off from many years now. No issues, but I do plan to upgrade "soon" to a 2.5Gb switch. Normally this switch is on the floor near my desk but right now it's on my desk just...
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    Really, really need to improve cable management in my home office with way too many cables

    I need advice here from the gurus and IT professionals get everything off the floor except for a UPS. Sorry for the long explanations, but I’m hoping to provide enough information to forum members who would be able to provide good feedback. In advance thanks for reading through this post. This...
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    why does a system on my LAN take almost 3 seconds to respond to Angry IP scanner?

    Other systems and devices respond in roughly 4 ms to an Angry IP Scanner scan, but this other laptop takes almost 3 seconds. What are my trouble-shooting steps?
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    Lenovo T14s "build your" own - used 2 TB Samsung 970

    So I just got a new laptop, Lenovo T14s. I have always ordered "build your own" Lenovo laptops over the years with minimal RAM and storage, because I could add RAM and storage much cheaper than the Lenovo pricing. Like many other recent model laptops, the RAM is soldered in, and not...
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    nice alternative to Angry IP Scanner In general, I find that Nir Sofer's utilities are excellent, practical, quick to run programs for all sorts of issues.
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    Newegg is doing the b/s bundles again for the new NVidia cards

    Sheesh. Just when I was begining to like them again (cuz' I really hate and despise Amazon) they had to bring back their sleeze-ola bundles again. Worse, they are out of stock on some of them., Double-sheesh.
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    great way to suss out all Mac addresses, including inactive

    Instead of using Angry IP Scanner, I found and used the getmac -v command (for Windows)
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    Issues with ASUS XT8 documentation

    I ran into several installation issues with this router, based on in incomplete documentation in the user manual. I'm posting this for general information for everyone. I picked this router on the basis of great reviews, a better price than competitors and the very positive experience I have...
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    So why can't I access the main XT-8 router node via a system connected through Ethernet to the satellite AI Mesh node?

    So I ended up getting this ASUS XT8 mesh router, after She Who Must (always) Be Obeyed said that "at this stage of your life, you shouoldn't be crawling around under the house." That would have been necessary to replace the cable splitters so that a MoCA network could function. The ASUS XT8...
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    Anyone with ASUS X570 Strix-E board install a PCIE card for more than 1 NVMe drive?

    I keep reading about "bifurcation" and how it doesn't always work on X570 chipset boards, and the online advice is all over the place. So I thought that be best place for answers, as always, is [H] my go-to forum. I'm interested in specific brands and models of course.
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    What it takes to get a Lenovo 730 laptop (no Ethernet) to recognize an Ethernet connection.

    Maybe a year ago, I set up a jerry-rigged "docking station" downstairs and another one upstairs, with monitor, KB and mouse, and 24" screen. I used a Hyperdrive GN30B to tie everything together...
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    Is Windows 22H2 officially released already?

    Just wondering.
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    Time for a new router?

    I'm wondering if my current router is on its last legs, and it's time to get a new router, probably a mesh system. My current router is a Netgear Nighthawk 8000 X6, which I put into service in October, 2019. Aside from frustrations I have with the interface, I think that the 5.0 radio is...
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    looking bad on front of wife (and can't connect Roku stick to any wireless network)

    So I am extremely frustrated and desperate, and embarrassed on front of my wife, who used to think that I was the master of all things tech in our house. :confused: If something is not clear in this post, please tell me and I'll reply right away. I'm getting email alerts for this thread. My...
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    got a reminder of just how much faster a system is with SSD

    Yesterday I decided to haul out and do a Windows 21H2 update on an old Lenovo T530 that I haven't used in years now. The laptop has a 160 GB 5400 rpm HDD installed. Took like forever just to boot up. When I did the Windows 21H2 update, from the time I clicked on setup.exe, it was almost 3...
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    How to destroy SSD that has no screws in its case

    In another thread,, I asked if this SSD can somehow be revived and reused. If not, then I need to physically destroy it so someone with better skills than I have can revive the drive and read off all the...
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    Reviving SSD with only 16% health per HD Sentinel Pro?

    I fired up a backup laptop that I haven't used for years now. Error message said in effect, "No boot drive detected." I removed the drive from the laptop, plugged it in to my desktop and analyzed it with HD Sentinel Pro. The report was many bad sectors and only 16% health. It's an old...
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    TP-Link RE550 extender can connect only 2.4 band using WPS

    I decided to get a TP-Link RE550 until I can get to installing a MoCA network in my house. (Probably several months, due to post-Covid complications.) I used WPS, after lack of success using web browser setup (more below). Using WPS with the RE550 about 2 feet from my main router, I had no...
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    Platinum Micro (Newegg 3rd party) excellent packaging on OEM drive

    I just bought an 18 TB HGST drive from newegg, actually sold by Platinum Micro. (Amazing price for 18 TB). I've read about how some OEM drives are shipped very badly. This one was shipped top of the line. Platic "holders" on each end of the drive. Box was sized exactly to fit the drive.
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    AMD memory OC with Ryzen 7000s
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    How many generations of CPU for the X670 chipset motherboards

    Just wondering. I don't want to spend all this money for a new mboard, CPU, and RAM, only to find out a few years later that there is no CPU upgrade.
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    Aside from price, what are the differences in these two Arctic Cooling AIOs? for $125 OR for $170 Of course, what I wanted was the model without any RGB, but that one seems to be out production:(...
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    This forum quiet lately. No new issues?

    Just wondering about the lack of recent postings. Is it just my system or my browser?
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    small black squares on EVGA 3060 Ti

    This morning, I saw (for the first time) some small black squares near the top of a window, several times. I got this board about 18 months ago. System and board both running at stock settings. I just powered up the system from hibernate when I saw these squares. Should I be concerned?
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    opinions wanted on this Phanteks case

    Interested in hearing the good and the bad from owners of this case (any variation with or without window) This case has enough drive bays for my 3.5" HDDs and 2.5" SSDs, with room to grow. How about ease of system...
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    Getting rid of my Corsair 800D

    I got this 800D case back around 2013, but my needs have changed. It's still a great case, and I have two extra hot-swap drive holders, in their original cases, for a total of six hot-swap drive holders. I also still have all the black screws and cable ties that Corsair supplied with the case...
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    Any other Comcast users getting "server not found" messages?

    When I click on a link, I sometimes have to press the Try Again button 3-4-5 or more times before the web page is displayed. I have reset the cable modem (via Comcast signal) and power-cycled my router. This problem has been observed on three different Windows systems in my house.
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    Backblaze latest drive performance blog

    Interesting post. I wish that new HGST drives were still being developed.
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    best way to record (and restore) all Windows tweaks, etc.

    This thread in another forum made me think. What is the best way to manage and keep a permanent record of all Windows tweaks? In other words, a "backup" of just my Windows 10 configuration.
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    Netgear Nighthawk R8000 no longer responds to IP address

    My LAN is 192.168.1.xx with the router on 01. The last few days, the router does not display any sort of web page, let alone a login using either firefox on my PC or Safari on my iPad. With EDGE, the browser insists on doing a definition lookup, rather than trying to connect to the IP address...
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    Comcast alternatives in South Bay, CA?

    We live in the South Bay, south of San Francisco. In this post, I describe my utter frustration with Comcast support. So I swear we are going to find an alternative for a combinatiion of services including cable...
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    Why switch to Comcast X1?

    So my wife and I are very happy with our old non-X1 system. But I had to replace the set top box a few months ago, and the store rep did a hard sell on me. Told me that the old boxes are long out of production, etc. etc. Try to FUD me big time. [Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Used by lots of...
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    Comcast says my download speed is 0.0

    I just ran the Comcast website speed test, and I got this impressive result. As the folks in NATO would say, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot.
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    Thunderbolt 3 card for AMD motherboard - not super expensive

    I need to add USB 3 ports, but then I read about Thunderbolt. I am slot-limited in my motherboard (AMD Strix-E X570) so I'm thinking that the USB 3 card should also support Thunderbolt 3. Why is it that there are very few Thunderbolt 3 cards and they are very pricy? I've done searches on the...
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    I am watercooling my shoulder

    I'm not trying to do an overclock. I need "cold therapy" after surgery, so I got a water cooling unit. Has a water/ice chest an a pump to circulate the cold water through a "bladder" which wraps around my shoulder. But i don't need thermal paste between my shoulder and the bladder. And i'm...