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    Google Glass Hacked With QR Code

    Snow crash!
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    No Copyright Protection For Porn in Germany

    couldn't they just challenge the court to present examples of weirdo german goo sex from primitive tribes and/or animals? if they can't then the primitive animalistic sex argument doesn't hold up.
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    Washington to Unveil Voter Registration On Facebook

    doesn't facebook require identification now? How are they gonna register all those dead mexican illegals on facebook???
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    Guncraft Open Beta

    so now we're supposed to be excited when a FPS looks worse than it did 15 years ago? minecraft looks like it does because the entire world is moveable and trackable in real time. they picked a theme that was doable and went with it. not the case with this.
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    Corsair Obsidian 550D

    I got this case about a month ago and its the best case I've ever owned. I also have a 700D and although the 700D is an amazing case, its huge! The 550D is almost completely silent, its sitting here in the living room and I can play BF3 on ultra on an nvidia 670 and you never hear a thing. I...
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    Top Ten Fireworks Fails

    this is how obama will get re-elected. poor decision making with a free healthcare follow up.
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    Last Chance to Back Up MobileMe Data

    I can't even remember how to connect to mobileme to download my stuff lol
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    One Shot, One Kill, No Skill: Diary of a Cheater

    wow this article is really terrible. hard to read it. also, what's with the attempt to liken shitty cheaters to some type of likable old west outlaw? as if some kid with aimbot is a character in a Tarantino movie. the modern era's steroid user?? cheating at shooters is about ruining other...
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    Chinese Unreal Engine 3 DirectX 11 Benchmark

    Would Not Bang.
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    History Will Remember Bill Gates And Forget Steve Jobs

    I think the beef against the apple company comes mostly from their pricing and their massively douchey marketing. the beef against the apple fan boy is that they actually BELIEVE the marketing. I have 2 iphones, an ipod, an ipad, a macbook air, and a macpro. the only reason is because I have...
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    History Will Remember Bill Gates And Forget Steve Jobs

    this whole story is a fishing expedition.
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    Corsair Unveils 4th Generation SSDs

    There's so many SSDs on the market now I can't even keep track of which are the best. It doesn't help that every manufacturer seems to have 10 different models each with 3 variants.
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    AT&T Boss Predicts Data Only Plans Within Two Years

    IMO its already price structured for data. wtf is he talking about?
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    PayPal Expanding to Brick and Mortar Service

    can't wait to get behind a sunsetter at the store as they try to type in their log in, password, and pin.
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    Diablo III Fixes Coming Next Week

    the music and atmospherics in D3 are terrible. D2 has such an amazing mood the very second you fired it up. it doesn't help that the game looks 3 years old already. surely they could have done something to make the game look ridiculous.
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    IBM Outlaws Siri, Worried She Has Loose Lips

    well since siri sucks this is kind of a win/win
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    FarmVille Sequel Spotted Under the Name “Big Harvest”

    Farmville was really fun when it first came out. it was just a bit of math to figure out the best XP per hour and then trying to judge where you might be in that amount of time in order to collect those XP. going to be home in 8 hours? whats the best thing to harvest for that time frame. then...
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    Rare-Earth Mining Rises Again in United States

    i think the earth secretly loves it.
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    Is Plasma TV Dead?

    I got a very highly rated toshiba LCD this spring for the bedroom. Its still a POS compared to our middle of the road rated panasonic plasma from 4 years ago in the living room. The only thing predicted more than the death of plasma is the death of PC gaming. IMO both are alive and well.
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    GeForce GTX 690 - Perfection Inside and Out @ [H]

    I'd be in for one at $899. for some reason $999 is a deal breaker though.
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    Apple Responds To Tax Criticism

    I 100% support Apple keeping as much of its profit out of the US as possible. They're not dodging anything. If the government wants to tax Apple profits so badly it should make it worthwhile for apple to conduct business in the US. and imo, a flat tax with no loop holes for the citizens and...
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    Gears of War Versus Marriage

    Honey, it's not that I'm not listening, it's that I don't care.
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    Firefox 12 Released

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    Apple Sued Over Siri

    I think I fall into the agree category on this one. The commercials are WAY out of bounds from what siri is/does. is it my mom's responsibility to magically know that Apple just wants Siri to function that way? i don't think so. I finally disabled Siri when it couldn't tell me what time...
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    Bioshock Infinite Features Robotic George Washington

    can't wait until this is $2.99 on steam!
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    Ikea Designs $86,500 Prefab House Kit

    Also available is Swedish DoubleWide!
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    Win 8 Security Bundle An Antitrust Magnet

    its a well known fact that only Apple is allowed to include everything for 'free' without it violating anti-trust laws.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I would have preferred to see this compared to a stock 580, more tangible review imo.
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    Why We Add and Remove Facebook Friends

    I've unfriended people mostly for relentless social gaming requests. I'm looking right at you zynga.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I really love the build quality of my 800D!
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    1920x1200 two 1.5GB 580's or one 3GB 580?

    I suggest getting a single gtx580 and putting the other $500 in a savings account. I'm running a single 580 1.5gb at 2560x1440 and I can run BF3 and Skyrim on ultra with no noticeable frame loss. If you want these cards or configuration just for epeen, imo its a little too late in the life...
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    Innovative Tire Structure Eliminates Need for Air

    These look cool but I'm not sure they could handle a Crysis. :cool:
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    Which Companies Are The Worst At Responding To E-Mails

    I ordered a Kindle Fire yesterday from Amazon. today I got an email that the shipment had been delivered but at home there was nothing. Either it got lost or stolen. I went to the customer service chat for Amazon and explained the situation. Even though its not their fault (or mine) they're...
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    Zynga Profits Drop 90-Percent, Further Threatening Its IPO Status

    farmville was fun when it was just a clicky and check back in game. in the last 6 months they jumped the shark and now you can't really do anything without 100 friends also playing and a valid credit card. to upgrade your farm via cc to the max size costs like $450 in farmville cash. they...
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    Amazon Kindle Tablet May Launch September 28th

    I'd like a regular 'old' kindle with an indeglo back light and I'd be fine.
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    Minecraft - Buy one get a free gift code for a friend!

    it takes a few day/night cycles in Minecraft before most people 'get it'. make sure you stick with it. the game is awesome.
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    California Targets Kindle Lab in Amazon Tax Spat

    Californians already endure the highest tax burden in the country, we don't have a taxation problem, we have a spending problem. I'm glad to see a company willing to stand up for us, the citizen consumer.
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    Apple Store Employee Starts Union

    Countdown to the Apple bailout!!!
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    Best Buy Sends Newegg Cease and Desist Letter

    Best buy should just make a commercial in which a customer gets his newegg box and its 2 days late, all busted to hell, the customer service gets back to him a day after the return period, the RMA shipping is more than the cost of the item, and their money is locked up waiting on a replacement...