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    Customized Controllers

    It seems like the console manufacturers could do a little to allow of cosmetic customization of controllers. If you look at what Motorola is doing with the Motomaker and the Moto X, I feel like a similar idea could work for the console manufacturers. I feel like that could be a way for...
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    Activate Hotspot Month to Month

    I've been thinking about getting a T-Mobile hotspot so I can test firsthand what their reception is like in the places I frequent. I want to just buy a hotspot outright from someone and activate it for one month. How does that work? Would I then buy a SIM from them and pick a plan? I have had a...
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    Stupid Android UI strikes again

    I have seen several articles today mentioning an exploit found in specifically the Touchwiz implementation in the Galaxy S II. I think the case against manufacturers proprietary user interfaces is mounting...
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    Borderlands 2

    I downloaded Borderlands free from PS+ and have been really enjoying it so I decided to pre-order Borderlands 2. I don't usually like to do pre-orders because they really don't amount to much, however with Borderlands 2 one of the bonuses is the Mecromancer character who will be $10 when it...
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    Sony Buys Gaikai

    I'm not overly familiar with the company Gaikai, but Sony must have wanted to get to know them a little better. The cash strapped company bought Gaikai for $380 million this past weekend. That is interesting being they had such a bad year last year cash wise. What does anyone else think...
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    Starhawk Multiplayer

    I got this game because I was hoping to play some multiplayer. I have enjoyed it thusfar for that, but I don't have any PSN friends that are playing it right now. Likely none of them will either. Is anyone else playing this and looking for someone to team up with? I think this game can be...
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    Search for Empty folders in Windows

    As the company I work for grows it was decided that we needed to move to a "unified file structure" to keep people from organizing folders how they like. So, most project directories are locked down pretty tightly but at the outset of the project a number of predetermined folders are created...
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    Specific Rumors about the next PS (Orbis)

    There is an article on Kotaku about the next Playstation console. It is not official, but they do try to cover themselves about the validity of the rumors saying: The highlights: Name: Orbis CPU: AMD GPU: AMD Southern Islands Coming out next year No used games No backwards...
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    IE equiv settings in Chrome

    I am trying to access some sites that require you to add domains to the zone intranet under IE to use them. The instructions I am following have screenshots for IE and say something along the lines of "similar settings can be found in Firefox and Chrome." I have tried searching myself and then...
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    Verizon to Announce new RAZR

    I thought this was very interesting. I was close to pulling the trigger on the Bionic but thought I might regret it soon thereafter. This is starting to vindicate those feelings for me. As much as I would like to get in on the Prime/ICS love, Samsung hardware doesn't really do it for me. But...
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    Import game from Europe

    I am trying to get my hands on the game Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge when it is released in October. As it stands there are not any plans for it to be released on PS3 in the US. It may come to XBOX from what I understand, but I don't own one of those. I've never imported a video game so I am...
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    4 inch Android phones

    In the next few months I am planning to upgrade from the original Droid to whatever I like that runs Android at that time. So, in the mean time I am paying a little closer attention to phones being released. Is it just me or are all of the new Android phones getting bigger? I carry my phone...
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    Does Easy to Dev. For = Piracy?

    So I have seen a few articles around about how Sony is talking to Devs about what they are looking for in the next generation of Sony's console and this one seemed interesting to me. Link So it sounds like they are trying to avoid the "this thing is impossible to code for" issue they were...
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    I have been having some trouble with my SMP hanging up on the completion of a work unit. The work around I found was to 'Ctrl-C' out of the window and open task manager and kill any A1 core processes. Then a restart of the client seems to kick things back into shape nicely. I'd like not to...
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    New SMP and Dual Core

    Hey guys. I know the SMP client has always been intended for quad core and up. However, as we all know it has worked ok in the past with Dual Core setups. Is this still the case, or should I just enjoy my GPU and wait till I can upgrade my processor some? Thanks.
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    Messed up my SMP

    So, my SMP client has been messing up for the last month or so. It would not go to the next unit without me manually killing the client and cores in task manager. I finally got around to re-installing the client hoping that would fix things. Here is the thing i hate about SMP. You...
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    New FiOS installation

    I finally moved to a place where I can get FIOS internet. I wont miss DSL. Now, as long as I have had said DSL I have tried and tried and I can't seem to get port forwarding right. I think the problem was in the DSL modem. From what I could tell the last time I spent some good time working...
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    Little Big Planet Pre-order items

    I just picked up Little Big Planet from a buddy at work. I was wondering if anyone had pre-ordered it last year. I don't remember all of the things you got for pre-ordering but I do remember some of it was God of War specific. Is there any way to get those items now anymore or am I out of...
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    I sent this guy a message

    I sent this guy a message on Youtube. I hope we can get him folding for the [H]orde in time for the Chimp Challenge. Rival to the Atlas Folder
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    Possible Alternative to Linux VM?

    I just saw this post in lifehacker and the first thing I thought was how cool it would be to be able to run Linux SMP in that (having never tried anything with virtual machines) and then use vista for my GPU2. The article talks about a way to pretty much run Ubuntu inside Windows as if it...
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    Wow Sony, Way to Disappoint

    Well, the big announcement Sony wanted to make today is out. They cut the prices on their PS2's to $100. We knew this was coming from leaked info from Target and Kmart, but I guess being a PS3 owner I was hoping for some love down that road. How does the PS2 get to be big news at all anymore...
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    hardfolding domain renewal

    It would seem the rights for are up for renewal. Who needs to know about this? Kyle?
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    Sudden BSOD issues

    In the last couple weeks I have had my computer BSOD 4-5 times I believe. I had not changed any settings on the computer. My CPU HSF is clean, and I have been paying better attention to the temperatures and am not seeing anything out of the question. Max temperatures have been around 40-45c...
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    File Structure for Website

    I will apologize first off for having such a seemingly simple question. I have never done any real web design, so this is my first try. I have set up this website for the benefit of bragging and staying in touch with lots of family across the country with regards to my recent engagement...
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    Screwed up reformat

    So, I got a great deal on a Toshiba A205 S5804 laptop off of craigslist. With it being a used laptop I knew I really wanted to reformat it before I did anything really. Well, I decided I would re-do the partition in Vista and make room for an Ubuntu install also. That way I could reformat...
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    error 1067

    So, my windows SMP has been rock solid (which is more than I can say for my GPU2) recently. Last night, I killed the service and killed GPU to play Crysis for a few like I usually do. Well, I came back out of Crysis mode and started the GPU client and then I went back into services and...
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    Unstable Machine

    I think I got a bad work unit. I haven't had any problems until this morning. I will not rule it out as a possibility that I might be unstable though. Here is some code to help you guys advise my next step. [01:00:53] + Attempting to get work packet [01:00:53] - Connecting to assignment...
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    Noobish BOINC questions

    Ok, so when I first installed WCG I went ahead and just used the WCG version of BOINC. I have a few questions that center around that. When the work unit I am currently working on is finished I want to uninstall the WCG BOINC, and install the normal one. Once I have installed the new...
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    Stats withdrawls

    I wouldn't really come under the category of stats whore or anything but I do like to pay attention to my output. I especially like the changes to the stats page recently. Does anyone have any idea what is going on now? Hardfolding stats have been down at least 24 hours or so. Are we getting...
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    New 42" LCD

    So I bought a new LG 42LG50 about a week ago from Circuit City. I finally got back home so I could set it up yesterday. I watched the Vikings-Eagles game on OTA HD and it was amazing. The only problem was I think a pixel or two might be messed up. About 2 inches down and 2 inches from...
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    Anyone build i7 yet?

    Has anyone here built an i7 folding rig yet? I know the points are in the GPU, but I would like to see what these things are doing. I see there are a few threads in the overclocking and cooling section about how they are limited by how hot they get rather than by them throwing errors. That...
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    Grainy Photos

    I would like to preface this by saying I know very little about digital cameras. I don't have one of my own, because I don't have much interest. However, I am my parents tech person, so I have been tasked with figuring this out. They have a Canon Powershot A540 digital camera. Some specs...
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    DC Vault

    I know some of the users of the DC section here are aware of our somewhat low ranking in the dc vault. I don't know how much anyone cares, or even who can update our teams list on that site if we decided to add a team. However, I was thinking, it wouldn't take much to get our ranking up pretty...
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    I have a very sleepy, almost ghost town like discussion board about energy modeling and some things I do at work. I have noticed recently that the member list has been growing by 1-2 people a day, but none of them have posted that joined in the last month or so. Further examination shows...
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    How many PPD?

    Who is going to be the first person to buy one of these to test how many PPD it gets. I am thinking about petitioning IT here at work to swap out the graphics card on my workstation. Sadly I don't think I do enough CAD to get any upgrades any time soon. Seriously though, what a beefy...
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    MGS4 Demo on PSN

    I just saw on shacknews that PSN has a Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo right now. I am kinda new to gaming now, and am playing through 1-3 before I play 4. I was wondering if anyone has played the demo if it was previously available, and if so, will there be a lot of spoilers in it for someone like...
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    How to test Anti-Virus

    Recently through work I was offered a free license for the anti virus program Sunbelt Vipre. I decided to look into it. So, I uninstalled Avast and installed Vipre after looking at a few reviews online. None of the reviews seemed all that all inclusive. I installed Vipre and you can...
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    Oh No

    I just boxed my GTX 260 up to send in for step up. Being that is about 90% of my points per day, it would seem I will be getting a bump out of the top 300 pretty soon here. Once it gets back I will have the Core 216 GTX 260 though. I know it isn't a very big difference, but it should be nice...
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    LittleBigPlanet Delayed

    It appears that Little Big Planet's release will be delayed for some time due to a sound track used in the game. This seems to be quite a huge move and I would hate to see how much this is going to cost. The one user that has already gotten a copy should probably go ahead and put it in a...
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    Anyone Use this AV?

    I have been offered a free license for Sunbelt Vipre Antivirus through work. Does anyone use is that uses FAH? Is it going to screw with my SMP and GPU folding? Does it go easy on resources like it says?