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    240GB Crucial M500 $89.99 @ zon

    I'd be surprised if we don't see some good BF deals on SSDs, but historically those are usually limited to the 120/256GB flavors. This year may be different, of course.
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    An unbelievable plexi glass custom case

    I generally don't like plexi cases like this, but holy freaking crap is it beautiful!
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    Recover Data after multi-pass wipe/zeros?

    You could request a copy of your data from the NSA's servers. Otherwise, it's gone.
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    Dell 5324 Fan noise

    Thought this thread looked familiar... I have a 2748, which is probably just as loud. I swapped them out for these. Still louder than I'd like, but tolerable.
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    The "Cloud"

    The Cloud is a method by which management can abdicate responsibility for complex IT funding decisions and avoid those pesky IT folks wanting to spend money on things they don't understand. Or, a way of shifting from significant CapEx to primarily OpEx.
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    remote desktop for playing games over network?

    Since you're already using Steam, sign up for the beta for in-home streaming and wait for an invite. No VNC/remote desktop solution you try is going to come close:
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    mdadm RAID5 ate my drives!

    If you mix drive sizes like that, you're only going to be using the capacity of the smallest drive for each drive. In this case, you're only getting about 1TB per drive, minus a drive for parity (hence the 7TB array size). Even the 2TB drives were being under-utilized prior to adding the 3TB ones.
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    Where have I seen per-thread image galleries?

    AVS Forum has it:
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    Contemplating using ReFS + Storage Spaces ( 24 x 4TB Drives )

    Stay away from storage spaces. It's a nice idea, but it's way too easy to lose your data with it. There really is not enough fine-grained control available, and it just isn't widely enough documented/supported compared with existing solutions. Maybe things are better on R2, but then you're...
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    SSD or HDD as my new primary system drive?

    Completely false? Going to back that up with something? There is no statistically relevent difference in reliability between SSDs and HDDs, and unless you are privy to some magical study that says otherwise, my statement is true.
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    Anything worth upgrading to from a 840 Pro?

    SATA 3 is the bottleneck in terms of bandwidth. Most drives are within a few % of the maximum theoretical speeds (550-600MB/s) at this point. Unless you're going to buy a quality controller (LSI, Adaptec, etc), a cheap generic PCIe x4 card isn't going to beat integrated Intel/AMD controllers...
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    SSD or HDD as my new primary system drive?

    There are no reliability issues with SSDs compared to HDDs, and haven't been for a very long time. As always, if you're worried about your data, you should be making backups regardless of whether you're storing it on spinning platters or solid state flash. Use an SSD. Between moving to that...
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    Any new/bigger non SSDs to beat 1TB V-Raptor?

    Demand for 15K mechanical drives is pretty low. The Velociraptor drives were really only made possible because of Enterprise SAS drives. Now that high speed storage has moved to flash, the biggest demand from mechanical storage is capacity. You say you want bigger, faster, and mechanical...
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    What the Hell Is Wrong With Nintendo?

    Developing for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC is extremely similar, as the basic hardware is largely the same. You can target similar performance envelopes between them, and port your code over with minimal effort. Wii U? Totally different hardware and development environment. Combine that with...
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    Desktop Wireless Capability

    The chassis on a laptop is typically plastic or magnesium, so it has minimal interference with the WiFi signal. A desktop chassis is usually metal, so an internal antenna is going to have a very tough time getting a good connection.
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    OCZ Refurb SSDs: Agility 3 512GB $228, Agility 4 512GB $240

    Mechanical drives can just as easily fail with no warning. Most industry stats from recent models are showing that SSDs have superior reliability compared to mechanical drives now, as well. Your data is only as safe as your backup scheme anyway.
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    newbie to xbmc

    You download/install the skin from within XBMC. Just go to system>appearance>skin and then hit Get More.
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    vSphere 5.5 is out

    Would definitely be curious to hear if 5.5 makes this workable. I'm rebuilding my server next week after having a motherboard failure, and was contemplating going to Xen for precisely that reason.
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    DIY Rack Enclosure

    I used these for my PowerConnect 2748, and it's a good bit quieter. Still, those fans are not as silent as I would like -- but I've yet to find anything that really qualifies as quiet in a 40mm size :(
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    beast home "Core" Build -- theory

    If you go with Cat6, you can definitely get 10Gbps, and probably 40 from it on the lenghts applicable to a typical house. Unless you're fairly young and plan to own that home for another 20-30 years, it's tough to see a scenario in which the capacity of copper is exceeded without getting into...
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    Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell card + case issues

    So, the official full-height PCI spec is 107mm or 4.2 inches. This card is 172mm or 6.77 inches. For comparison, an ASUS GTX Titan is 4.376 inches in height. I can't honestly think of a desktop-style case I've seen that would have that kind of clearance. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even fit...
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    [Scratch Build/Completed] VX-42 Wall Mounted Home Server

    That is very unusual, but a very creative way of treating the system as a piece of artwork. Nicely done!
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    Media collection management

    Media Browser 3 is still under development, but the stated goal is clients for just about every platform out there, include OSX/iOS.
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    Have SSD's hit a wall?

    The newer 128Gbit flash chips will be ramping production in the next couple of months, so I'd think we'll see more price drops this year. The great deals that a lot of folks took advantage of last November were generally Black Friday-type deals.
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    Proprietary connector in Mac Pro?

    Thunderbolt's bandwidth is probably sufficient. The problem for many is that if you want to be able to add storage or networking, you now have no choice but to have it external. That's not exactly a professional workstation, to my mind.
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    Advice on building a JBOD expander unit? How did YOU do it?

    Honestly, I think you'll have a tough time cobbling together an expander chassis for less than what you can pick up and modify one of those SGI units for. In the setup from STH, they still spent nearly $800 and only gained 8 bays over that SGI box.
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    Gaming on a VM thru a remote console

    The short answer is no. The long answer involves a lot of specific hardware requirements and some luck, and the caveat that it will not be anywhere near as fast or smooth as running the gaming setup baremetal. There have been several threads about this in the past few months.
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    Should media/storage server run 24/7 or just turn it on when needed.

    In theory, one of the biggest killers of drives and electronics (outside of mechanical issues such as vibration/shock) would be thermal expansion/contraction, which is not going to occur in any significant amount if the drives are left on 24/7 (but does occur if they're powered down/back up...
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    Lian Li PC-Q12 mini-ITX Chassis

    You know, I didn't bother installing an optical drive in my last desktop build, and haven't missed it. The only optical drives actually hooked up in my apartment are the 3 Bluray drives in one of my rack servers, and only get used whenever I happen upon a new movie I want to rip. Everything...
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    Does this look good for a storage server?

    Holy crap, memories. Good lord it's been a long time since I've messed with a config.sys file!
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    If you're really wanting more IOPS and throughput than a SATA-III SSD can give you, I'd actually wait a couple months for the next generation of drives using the 128Gbit modules to ship. They will probably also be using M.2/PCIe, with throughput approaching 1100MB/s. I'm sure they'll have a...
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    AGEIA PhysX 128MB PCI-Express 1x Co-Processor only $8 + $6.45s/h @ ebay

    Wolfenstein 3D, the grandfather of the modern FPS, did not have jump. Nor did DOOM. GoldenEye, the first really successful console FPS, also did not have jump. So while jumping has been in most FPS games released in the last 15 or so years, it wasn't always there.
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    Proposed 144TB V-Unraid Build

    Because 2 years from now, the capacity of hard drives will have increased at least 1.5x, possibly 2x. The money you'll spend today on hard drives, could, spaced as needed over the next 5 years, provide you with massively more capacity if you actually end up needing it. Honestly, for a home...
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    Performance loss with multiple switches

    The difference in labor between running 1 line and 4 is negligible. The difficult part is actually cutting/drilling/fishing. That's not a process you want to go through multiple times, so running extra lines up front makes way more sense. Now, if you're talking about the difference between...
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    Accident Would Shut Down Google's Driverless Car Experiment

    A fully automated car could also sense the pedestrian stepping out and sound a very loud, directed horn instantly, hopefully triggering a quick response from the pedestrian. Obviously not a certainty, but it can help. Also, further networked systems could combine with smart roads/streets...
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    Virtualizing a HTPC

    5.1 broke a lot of passthrough devices - stuff that was never supported, like the Ceton, worked fine in 5.0, but caused a PSOD in 5.1. I ended up moving away from that configuration in part because I could never get extenders to reliably play back all of my non-TV media without having to...
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    Virtualizing a HTPC

    For the HDCP/DCA issue, you can use this override utility: The Ceton can be passed through under ESXi 5.0 (not 5.1, however). I did this for awhile, strictly using the VM as a host/server to run XBOX 360...
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    Unifi 802.11ac AP's

    As I understand it, these have been announced, but are not shipping until mid-May, so maybe retail availability by June? I just had to pickup a new AP for home, and really wanted to go with the AC-capable version, but couldn't afford to wait.
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    Virtualized gaming options

    If the performance is where it needs to be, I could see never building myself another dedicated workstation again - just one beastly server.
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    I have SATA I, would a SSD be beneficial?

    Uh.. what? SSDs are massively faster than mechanical drives in every regard. They're just more expensive per GB, so not many people are loading up servers with them unless they need the insane IOPs you can get from a raid of SSDs.