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    Windows cert manager asking for creds to open?

    We have a single Windows 10 computer that is bringing up the UAC prompt in order to open the cert manager. Anybody have any clue as to what would cause this?
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    Good 3d modeling software that isn't expensive?

    First off let me say that I don't have a 3d printer myself but do have a family member and a friend that have 3d printers. I am needing to make a model for a replacement lense hood for one of my DSLR lenses because a new one is not available and the aftermarket ones are way overpriced. I did...
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    Craiyon, the artist formerly known as Dall-e mini.

    This is a thread specifically for posting results from Craiyon or other Dall-e generated "art". If you want to comment on something posted, you must also post your own generated picture. Here are a few to start off:
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    No good Ryzen 5000 series overclocking guides.

    Looking for a guide that has any actual good information for overclocking Ryzen 5000 series is pretty much impossible. Seeing some random people say to use PBO and set the wattage / amperage limits. Seeing others say to set the voltage lower than stock while others say to set it higher than...
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    3/8" ball valve that isn't only 1/4" when open?

    Looking for a couple G1/4 ball valves that are 3/8" when open. I ordered a couple XSPC ones but they are only 1/4" when open. The pics of all the other ones I saw look like they are also only 1/4" when open. I know I can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get some nice, high quality ones (never...
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    High flow filter for loop - does one exist?

    I've already had to drain and clean the pump and block twice. Thought I got all the stuff out after the first cleaning but more freed up and is clogging the block again. This is on a new setup so it is just stuff coming out of the radiator. Looking to get a high flow in-line filter that has 0...
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    Thermal compound and sudden temp spikes?

    I've looked at a ton of reviews for different thermal compounds. I've never run across one that graphs the time it takes for the temps to rise or graphs on temp spikes on the way to the final high temp or the time it takes for the temps to go back to idle temps. With the massive difference in...
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    A picture I took 2022

    I used to enjoy the picture threads. Looks like the last good one was for 2018-2019? Anyway, I took these pictures while on a camping/fishing trip with my oldest son.
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    Windows Driver Kit 8.1 update offline install?

    Microsoft took the Windows Driver Kit 8.1 and 8.1 update files offline. I can still get the web installer, bir it fails because the files it is supposed to download are not there. I found that Chocolatey has one labeled as 8.1 but not one labeled as 8.1 update. Anybody have a saved offline...
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    File validation and hash collisions?

    This topic has come to mind every once in a while and it always makes me ponder what the huge deal is with worrying about hashing algorithms such as md5 for executables. Even if you were able to reliably change the content of a file to return the same hash as the original file, other than...
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    Hyper-v, VMware player, or Virtualbox for XP?

    Setting up a new/heavily upgraded computer for a friend. They would like to use Microsoft Picture It! which only works with up to XP. I was looking at Hyper-V and saw that the host OS runs on top of Hyper-V as well. Not sure if this will hurt timing as far as video editing goes so want to get...
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    Where to get good thermal tape or epoxy?

    I need to either get some good double-sided thermal tape or epoxy. Anybody have any experience with current products? Most of the stuff I am seeing is either complete trash or super expensive. I do have a lead on some Arctic Silver thermal adhesive but I am kind of wary of getting it since it...
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    Show off your worst chkdsk /r results.

    I'll start. This is a 500GB 5400rpm HGST HDD from an older ASUS laptop. And it failed at the end so I have to try again. Just trying to get it working well enough to be able to image the drive to an SSD so I can hopefully get it to boot so I can upgrade it to Windows 10. I'll add the other...
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    CST host compatible with Massive X demo?

    Not sure if this is the correct area to put this in but I didn't see anything dedicated to VSTs or the like. I'm trying to test out the Massive X demo but I am having trouble with VST host programs crashing as soon as I try to play notes after changing the default waveform. So far two have...
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    School me on radiators and fans - first real custom water loop.

    The water cooling bug has hit me. I need a cooler better suited to my current setup and decided I want to go ahead and do a custom loop after looking at the prices and reviews of CLCs, Already did some research on CPU blocks and found the one I wanted for a good price and went ahead and ordered...
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    Should I mod my case for vertical GPU mount?

    I have an old Rocketfish / Lian Li full tower case. I think there is just about enough room above the expansion card slots to add a 3-slot vertical mount. This case is 8" wide but there is no space behind the motherboard to put cabling. Are there any full tower cases wider than about 7.5" from...
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    The almost perfect motherboard - ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI

    Sooo.. finally a board that is almost perfect except even with the massive number of PCIe lanes, it still doesn't have enough to run everything at the same time. If you are using a high performance...
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    Dell Poweredge r720xd - any reason to go to latest BIOS?

    Working on setting up a Dell Poweredge r720xd for local backup and ftp server. Any reason for me to update to any BIOS after the last one that doesn't have the performance killing security patches? Edit: I updated to 2.5.4 which is the last before they started doing all the "security patches"...
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    ASUS - use M.2 PCIe and disable x8 slot... why?

    I just swapped out my x79 setup for a x99 setup. Why the crap does ASUS and other mfgs for that matter think it is a good idea to disable an x8 slot when using an x4 PCIe M.2 drive? Why not just drop the PCIe slot to x4 instead? Am I missing some rational reason here or are the motherboard...
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    (RARE ) Nestar / Zyner Arcnet card

    This is one of my auctions. Mostly just posting here for erek to see it. I am selling 2 Arcnet cards. One of them is a Nestar / Zynar card that I believe is from 1984. Seems to be really rare as I couldn't find any information on it and only a single pic...
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    Deco Gear 27" 1440P 144Hz VA curved monitor for $199.95 + Tax shipped (valid till 11/30)

    Been shopping around for a replacement for my crap TN 75Hz monitors and found this Deco Gear one on sale. Specs are nice and form what little I could find, people seem to like the Deco Gear monitors...
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    What RAID level should I use?

    I have plans to set up a public ftp site mostly for retro and vintage drivers, manuals, and other software. I have a couple different options for servers but the specifics of those are not all that important at this point. I will also be using this server for local backups / data sharing and...
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    Intel 6950X.... what will I get?

    Sooo... I ordered a used Intel 6950x off of eBay from China for $78 from a person claiming that they upgraded to a new AMD setup. What are my chances I get a working 6950x? The pictures in the post were of an actual 6950x. The seller also shipped it the next day. I'll close the poll and...
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    VMWare ESXi 6.7 U3 - vswitch dies randomly - help

    Sooooo... we have a couple identical Dell Poweredge R7515. In the one location, the LAN vswitch basically just dies on one of the hosts.... it happens on both, but never at the same time. None of the VMs on that host using that vswitch are able to be pinged. If we power off the VMs and...
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    Antlion discontinued the modmic 5 - now what to get?

    So Antlion stopped making the modmic 5 and there are apparently not even any usedf ones available. They replaced them with models named modmic usb and modmic uni. GRRRRRR. Anybody use the modmic USB or uni? How do they actually compare to the modmic 5? Antlion's "comparison" uses their USB...
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    Worth it to go from x79 to x99?

    My current setup uses a XEON 1680v2 overclocked to 4.6Ghz. I am contemplating going to an x99 setup with a 1660v3. I would be: Going from 25MB cache to 20MB cache DDR4-3200 instead of DDR3-2133 Whatever else the x99 setup offers over the latest x79 setups .. see rig in sig. I already have a...
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    Gaming headset for 8 year old?

    The cheapo gaming headset me 8 year old has just died. It is no longer detected by the computer. I want to buy a new headset for him but want something that doesn't suck. Looking to spend around $50 max. Doesn't necessarily have to be brand new. Ideas?
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    EVGA RMA support.

    Earlier this month I purchased a used 1080Ti locally for a good/great price. It ended up being faulty but still under warranty. I registered it on the EVGA site and then called up EVGA. They asked me a few questions about it and then issued me an RMA. I sent it off and once it got there, it...
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    SIS XABRE 600 by Soltek

    Not my auction: SIS XABRE 600 by Soltek
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    Canpus Spectra X20 Geforce 3 - boxed

    Not my auction: Canpus Spectra X20 Geforce 3 - boxed
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    Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold - Boxed and sealed

    Not my auction: Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold - boxed and sealed
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    Quantum 3D Obsidian 2 X-24 - Boxed

    Not my auction: Quantum 3D Obsidian 2 X-24 - boxed.
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    Gravis Ultrasound Extreme - boxed.

    Not my auction: Gravis Ultrasound Extreme - boxed.
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    IBM Music Feature Card - boxed.

    Not my auction: IBM Music Feature card - boxed.
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    Ensoniq Soundscape Elite - boxed.

    Not my auction: Ensonic Soundscape Elite - boxed.
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    Roland LAPC-I boxed.

    Not my auction: Here is a Roland LAPC-I with the MCB-1 breakout box - boxed. Basically an MT-32 (new) with MPU-401 on an ISA card.
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    KVMs that work with G-Sync and Freesync - verified.

    Since the info is pretty scarce about exactly what KVMs support G-Sync and Freesync, hopefully this thread will help a bit. My guess is that any KVM that supports 4k60 will work with G-Sync and Freesync but that is not confirmed. has a couple: 4-port single monitor...
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    To renew or not renew Bitdefender license, that is the question.

    So my Bitdefenter Total Security license expired today. I always use a discount outlet to get a really good price for multiple computers so the cost should not be that much. Just not sure I really need it or not. I am contemplating just uninstalling it and using the Windows 10 built in...