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    FS: XFX Double-D 7950

    Selling two XFX Double-D 7950s. I modified (cut) the cover off of the stock heatsink, exposing the sink and fans, so I'm selling them very discounted. If you are looking to water cool, I found that these cards use the reference 7970 PCB, rather than the 7950 PCB. So, get a block that fits...
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    FS: XFX 7950 Core Edition

    Selling two XFX 7950 Core Edition video cards. Selling them for $250 each, which includes shipping and Paypal fees. Each card comes with four free games: Bioshock: Infinite Tomb Raider Crysis3 FarCry3: Blood Dragon Shipping to CONUS only. Accepting Paypal only. Cards were used for about 5...
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    WTS: Keyboard; GPU

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    Family trip to France in April, need new lens

    Hello all! I'm looking for a new walk-around lens to take to Paris in April. I have a Canon T1i and a nifty-fifty, but the 50 is way too limited. My price range is around a $1000 (can be a couple hundred more). Since this will probably be the only big purchase I'm allowed by my wife to...
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    FS: XFX HD6770

    Selling this "cleaned" XFX HD6770. What I mean by cleaned is all the paint is cleaned off of the capacitors, stickers have been removed, and the fan wires have been sleeved. See for yourself (a little dusty in the pictures, but has been cleaned up): IMG_8216 by tadbitnerdy, on Flickr...
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    FS: KBC Blank PBT Keycaps!

    Hello mechanical keyboard fans! I have two 105 key sets of KBC PBT Blank keycaps. One set is black, the other is white. Here is a picture of both sets on one keyboard below (red keycap not included): Untitled by tadbitnerdy, on Flickr I used these for about a week. I just found some I...
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    FS: Casio Privia PX-575R 88 weighted-key keyboard

    Hello all, I'm creating a new thread for this as it is not really computer related. My wife decided she no longers needs her keyboard, and would like to sell it. The asking price is $500, and includes the following: carrying case (as a small tear in the top layer of material)...
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    FS: Tad's For Sale Thread!

    Hello everyone! I found some more computer hardware I no longer need, but some of you may give it a second life. Terms: NOTE: ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING 1. I only accept PayPal. 2. Please update your PayPal shipping address. This way I can print labels directly from PayPal. This makes...
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    FS: EK Reservoirs and a nVidia 9800GT

    All sold. -Tad
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    WTS: Silverstone Strider ST1000-NV

    SOLD! Hello all! I'm selling a power supply that I used for about a week and then decided on to fix my Corsair. I was going to return this one, but I never got around to it. The power supply still works. One of the SATA power cables does not have sleeving on it (was in the process...
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    FS: Intel Pentium G620; HIS Radeon HD 4870

    Hello all! Here is what I have for sale: SOLD! ______________________________________________________________________ SOLD! Will accept PayPal only. Will only ship to the US. I will do my best to ship the same day I receive payment. If I can't, it will ship the next day. Please PM...
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    WTB: i5-2300 or 2400

    I'm looking to upgrade from my G620 to a quad core. If you have one for sale, give me a price! Heatware is in signature... Thanks, -Tad
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    Volunteering at a summer camp, want new lens

    Hello all, I'm volunteering at a Christian summer camp in August and would like to buy a new lens for my T1i in order to: 1. Take action shots (giant swing, zip line, swimming pool, etc.) 2. Take stationary shots from a distance (devotional time, would like to take photos without...
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    F/S Core i7 Gaming Rig part-out

    EVGA GTX285 v2 ----------------------------------- $100 I will accept PayPal only and will do my very best to ship products the day I receive payment. I will NOT ship until payment is received. I will only ship to the US. I will most likely add more to this list in the future. For...
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    FS: Gaming PC build, for Raleigh, NC area

    Hello, The time has come to sell my first amazing watercooled PC build. I was building this PC in the hopes that it would make it to MDPC, but it did not. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing computer. I put a lot of work into it. Here are the specs: Lian-Li PC-1000Z case ASUS R2E X58...
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    Question about shipping whole computer

    I'm thinking about selling my watercooled i7 SLI system and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to ship it. I'd like to keep from just parting it out. Has anyone here done this before? I just want to make sure that if I sell the system it gets to the buyer in complete working order...
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    Project: MDPC WannaBe

    Hello all! I'm putting together a new system, and performing some minor modifications. The mods may not be worth a worklog. However, I figured if I started a worklog I will be held accountable for actually finishing the project and such. I'm also hoping it ends up looking good enough to be...
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    Lian-Li PC-V351B and Core i7

    Been awhile since I've posted on the forums. Now I need some help deciding on a case. I've been reading around about people using the PC-V351B for Core i7 builds, and I was wondering: Is this case a good case for Core i7? I've read that there are some temperature issues in the case. Could...
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    Watercooling a gtx 285

    I just bought a gtx 285, and would like to put my D-Tek Fuzion GFX2 waterblock on the card. Their website says it will fit the 260 and 280 series, but since the 285 is a 280 revision, I was wondering if this block would fit on the 285. Has anyone here tried this or knows if it will fit...
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    Storage and transport of hot-swap drives

    I've been searching around for a DIY solution for the storage and tranport of my hot-swap drives when I take my backup drives off-site for storage. I'm running an Icy-Dock external enclosure that uses a drive tray. I want a case that I can store the drive+tray combo in that protects the drive...
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    Project: ??? (Maybe Blackout... cliche?)

    This is my first worklog ever!!! I have a little experience in case modding, only because I like having my computer up and running for gaming. Creating a worklog where people are going to want updates will hopefully get me motivated to finish a project.. and make it look good. So, here is a...
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    Summer project, need some WC help please

    Hey forum people! I have a couple questions concerning water cooling: 1. Does it require a lot of maintenance? I know this probably depends on the solution I go with (type of coolant, etc), but in general, I need to know if it is going to be worth the time and money I'm willing to put into...