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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    Under full load, after 15min of 100% on both cores, i was at 57-60C consistently, mostly around 58
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    Hopefully someone can help me out... Building my new PC, and decided to go with the EP45-UD3P, and a E8500, and G.SKILL 4GB DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500). I am using F8f. Also, when I go into Memory, it shows my DRAM Freq as 533, shouldnt this be 1066. That what it seems to say in the BIOS (unless I...
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    EVGA Trade-up to 7900gt!

    just got in queue for the 7900 GT CO... Didnt go for the super clocked one, probably should have
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    EVGA Trade-up to 7900gt!

    I am in the same spot. I paid $280 for my evga 7800GT on 12/21, so I got a little over a week or 2 to step up. Anyone know the prices yet and which one is the best value to step up to...
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    Trade up program

    I got a evga 7800GT in late Dec, i am thinking of using the step up prog to get a 7900GT, which shouldnt cost me very much, you guys think its worth it to get the 7900GT?
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    PVR-150 (non-MCE) with Windows Media Center 2005 NO AUDIO

    OK... I just reformatted my WMCE 2005 machine. I have a PVR-150 that I had working fine before the reformat. Now, i got my picture to work, but have no audio. The audio works in everthing else, including the sounds from the media center app itself. I am using the MCE drivers from Hauppauge, not...
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    Projector? is your friend I have a Home theater FP, it really depends on what you want to do with your projector. Give us some more details. Solely connected to a PC? Gaming on it? Console? DVD's? There are ALOT of things to take into account with an FP, such as you need...
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    Whos' Better EVGA XFX or BFG

    I also got to vote for eVGA.... To many good things they offer
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    Logitech Bluetooth Set (Lost Bluetooth Code)

    OK, i lost my Logitech Keyboard Mouse combo set Bluetooth code, is there anything I can do to A) figure out what it is or B) Still get new things like my phone to sync up and transer stuff? Any ideas?
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    Gateway FPD2185W... Should I get it?

    I've only had mine for a little over a week now, DVI works flawlessy... Why didnt you post in that thread?
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    CPU/GPU Norm Temp's

    it seems like both our devices idle at around the same temp.... Do you know what yours are at Full Power?
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    CPU/GPU Norm Temp's

    OK, i have just built my new machine, and i want to break it in before I overclock it any for atelast a month long break in period. I have looked, but cant find what a normal operatering CPU temp would be for my CPU 3700+ San Diego core, nor my GPU. My CPU idles at like 35, am not sure how to...
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    Gateway's FPD2185W: a 21in widescreen 2005fpw killer!

    I have tried each of the 6 USB ports on the back on my Mobo... None work with the hub... I wasnt planning on using the HUB, but wanted to make sure it works... I am currently on the fence on whether to return this one and get a new one, or just keep it. No dead pixels, doesnt appear to have any...
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    Gateway's FPD2185W: a 21in widescreen 2005fpw killer!

    I didnt read the entire thread, but just got this monitor, does any one else have a annoying buzzing sound when they turn down the brightness on the actual monitor, not through the nvidia drivers? When at 100% on the monitor, it is fine, but when I turn it down, i get a buzzing sound.... Also...
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    Gateway FPD2185W 21" $534!!

    I just picked one of these up today, $519-10% coupon = $467.99... My first Widescreen LCD... Been rocking an 18" Viewsonic for 3 years, time for an upgrade, but still gonna use the Viewsonic in Dual Display (Replaces my 19" KDS CRT) I cant wait to go home and play with it
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    Dell 3007 WFP LCD Monitor at $2200

    The second that happens, I will buy 3 of them... Hell, if I could get one for $700, i would buy it now
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    2405fpw back down to $879.20.... coupons??

    Dont forget, shipping is like $16+, so its right around $900 before any other discounts
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    Dell E196FP?

    Didnt this just come out, rather recently? Its also analog (VGA) only. Stick with a DVI monitor if possible.
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    Opening a 2005fpw: has anyone done it?

    it should have atleast a 3 year warr
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    Best Free PVR software

    thought I would chime in saying I used to use GBPVR as well in XP Pro, now that I use Win XP MCE, i just use the Media Center TV SW. GBPRV is really good for what it is.