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    how to get background image from this site? Plenty of CSS to look at!
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    getting the 1st job

    "Its not what you know, its who you know" I'm doing my fourth internship all thanks to the people I've met and kept up with at DePaul (I have only been at DePaul for two years). From research in visual computing/artificial intelligence, to assistant IT manager for a 250 work station mom and...
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    How to be the best IT professional

    In case no one else has said it, the number one thing to concentrate on is: be a good communicator If you can talk and make sense to other people, both management above you and the people you are supporting under you, that will take you farther than just about anything. The most amazing...
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    Cat cable sold in bulk?

    For the same reason - fire travels upwards through walls and across ceilings. I am guessing that they have to put that disclaimer on the page to cover themselves from a liability standpoint.
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    My New T42 (56k=wait)

    Great looking lappie you have there! The T21 I got from work is really making it hard to justify buying another Dell (I have a C600 that I bought myself a year ago). IBM makes some quality notebooks :D
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    Cat cable sold in bulk?

    This is consistently the BEST deal out there for a complete package (comes with 1000ft of Cat5e, crimpers, ends and a tester): All that.. for under $45. Good luck!
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    What Are Your Computers Named?

    Aristottle - my main rig (Shuttle SK41G with dual monitors) Platoe - my laptop (Dell C600) Hume - my server (Compaq Proliant 1600R) Pantheon - my router (Linksys somethingorother) So philosophical :)
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    Search Engine Indexing

    I've noticed that the [H] forums have been dutifully reindexed by Google since it has been resurrected. Is this by design, or will there be a robots.txt added in to kill off the spiders eventually? One advantage of cutting out search engine spiders is that the traffic they generate by eating...
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    Best PHP Editor

    I third vi/vim! :w F5 :D
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    Encrypted Networks

    Depending on what type of inter-building equipment you have and how much performance matters, look into VPN or IPSEC (or a combination of the two) to encrypt end to end communications.
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    php and mysql installer

    xampp will give you MySQL, PHP, Perl and a bevy of other goods. One simple downloadable executable, and a double click to fire it up! Wonderful for a development envirnoment.
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    risks of a networked environment...

    One of the biggest concerns to consider is your users. A security policy should be drafted and **enforced** to let people know that if they take actions which could lead to a compromise of company information/network security they will be punished. Don't bother drafting a comprehensive...
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    I need a php/mysql article/review posting script

    I have been looking for a lightweight, flexible, flat file PHP CMS for a new site I am throwing together. xeCMS is doing the trick, but with a bit of hackery. If you are looking for a "fixer-upper" this is a great CMS to jump into. I have done some PHP/MySQL development work in the past...
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    Anyone know of any free WiFi hotspots in Rockford, IL?

    If you guys traipse down to the Chicago area there are more than enough to be had! Are there any universities in Rockford? I know that DePaul offers a few open Wifi spots to the community and I can imagine that some other universities would as well. Well that.. and the overabundance of...
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    Pretty tough IT quiz...

    "You missed 7 questions. Your score: 1040." Meh, that quiz had some nasty questions, super generic and pretty crapy! Maybe next time I'll hit 1.2k ;)
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    The article on Slashdot and the related vulnerability exists in the non-Sveasoft firmware - the firmware that ships with the unit is the software that is vulnerable.
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    Severe Local Area Connection Problem!

    Goto the Leadtek webpage and download/install the ethernet drivers first. If that does not fix the problem go into the BIOS of the system (usually by pressing F2 during the inital startup) and double check to make sure that the on-board ethernet adapter is set to active. Good luck!
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    Personal webhosting questions

    Someone mentioned ASP and Apache - there is actually a way to get ASP.NET working through Apache (though the software is still in beta it has come a LONG way!). Mono is the solution. I don't know much about it.. but from what I've heard someone has made it their goal to created an open...
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    Personal webhosting questions

    Depending on what operating systems you are familiar with you have a few options: - I would recommend using Apache web server ( ) no matter which OS you end up with. It is free open source software and has amazing documentation and support. - If you want to use a...
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    Running a netbus without users knowing?

    Color me crazy but a forum dedicated to "Networking and Security" is hardly the time or place to attempt to assassinate someone's character based on their profession. I don't see a need to pontificate about your own personal issues with his job choice. "Networking and Security" isn't a venue...
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    Running a netbus without users knowing?

    Rather than calling it "netbus" or something along those lines - try "Remote Admin Tool" (RAT). There are legitimate RATs like VNC, PC Anywhere, Remote Desktop and the ilk. I don't think this thread is the time or the place to denounce telemarketing because a network admin would certainly...
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    Website review needed

    If you are looking for a way to resize a large number of images in one go Irfan View is perfect (free as in beer). Check out the "Batch" conversion tools and you can be set in next to no time. If you use Photoshop or Paintshop Pro there are also Batch conversion tools built into those.
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    Password with XP File Sharing

    I am reaching a bit here, but can't you create a user with a blank password on each machine - or leave your "Guest" account unpassworded and then place the files to be shared with Guest account ownership permissions?
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    pricegrabber and pricewatch

    Some of the most valuable information on Reseller Ratings has to do with not only the over all score of the retailer, but also the customer testimonials. I find that a dozen or so testimonials is a good place to start - anything less than that I tend to be a bit wary about shopping from a...
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    website critique

    Odd. On my patched laptop I can easily replicate the issue with the JavaScript menus, but on my patched desktop I can not. At any rate, here are the links that show up in blue instead of black with IE 6.recent: Major/Minor : *Mathematics Faculty/Staff: *Dr. G. Cicconetti *Dr. W. Dunham...
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    Going Wireless

    You will need to purchase wireless interface cards for each client on your network (6 total) and then get a wireless router so that your clients can communicate back to it. It is also possible to purchase a wireless gateway to connect to your existing router so you can leverage a partial...
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    winxp network sharing

    Here is a great tutorial to get it up and running (you said that you didn't have an option to enable ICS, but this will lead you step by step): Edit: Even with only 1 public IP from your ISP, you can still put a router between the cable...
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    SQL Injection

    A function developed to sanitize inputs against SQL Injection should do several things (in my experience these have been the protections I've used): First do a character by character check for escape chars such as (but not exclusively): ' " / ` ~ ; : \ | and whatnot Also do string by...
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    website critique

    Ack, something is fubar with either my IE (6.recent) or your JavaScript code. When clicking on two menu topics within a short period of time (for instance, clicking on "Activities" and then "Faculty/Staff" I get the following error: Which then forwards me to a "This page cannot be...
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    How to connect to a Nortel 350-24T switch via the com port?

    I have a Nortel/Bay Networks Centillion 100 which also uses a RS232 cable. The settings that I use are: Bit Per Second: 9600 Data Bits: 8 Parity: None Stop Bits: 1 Flow Control: None I can console into the switch using a VT-100 term via Hyperterminal in Windows XP. If the settings...
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    I don't have any personal experience with it, but I have been reading up on the Sveasoft site and it looks like they have a pretty solid system setup and going. Let us know how it goes.
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    A search on the Neohapsis ports list comes back with these results: Port 5800 Protocol TCP Name vnc Port 5801 Protocol TCP Name vnc Port 5900 Protocol TCP Name vnc Port 5901 Protocol TCP Name vnc-1 Port 5902 Protocol TCP Name vnc-2 Noodle around with it - or do some...
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    SQL Injection

    To follow best practices while developing, I would still create a "Sanitize" function and pump all of your inputs through it before letting them loose on your SQL server. I am not sure if parameterized stored functions are immune from injection - but a few sloppy lines of legacy code could put...
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    Connection Freezes: Router or Cable Modem?

    Its sad to say, but a good 50% of the time my 2.4Ghz cordless phone will not connect to the base station when my wireless network is up. I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the erratic drops in wireless connectivity I get may be from neighbors firing up their 2.4Ghz phones (goddamn...
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    school laptop

    Nem- yeah, TDC376 with JP all day ;) Group C wut! Are you in the class currently?
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    website critique

    You know, I actually liked the little bit of space between the menu and the left boundary. I would suggest either moving the entire menu (border and all) over a pixel or two, or pushing the text a bit to the right. As it is, the "M" in "Major/Minor" and every first letter of each menu item...
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    website critique

    Wow, you are right Tim.. that gradient really sets off the page. Nicely done! What do you have planned to round out the page? The drop shadows are also a great, subtle, touch that lend the page that much more of a polished look.
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    hosting more than 1 website?

    If you were running Apache I'd tell you to look into Virtual Hosts (aka VHosts) in your listen.conf file. But with IIS this thread: should do the trick!
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    FS: SCSI, Radeon 9600P, SFF Comp, more to come

    That SFF is sweet. I'll be dropping you a line!