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    How to backup configuration of Huawei S5300 and restore it?

    First try here-> Then try here->
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    UBNT Edgeswitch with HP NIC Team

    Never Mind, My own stupid ass fault, I had a proxy set in my browser....:(:eek::oops::oops:
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    Lightning protection regarding cable modem

    Have used these with good results: Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter -
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    Lightning protection regarding cable modem

    Yes, thank you, I am fully aware of the differences between lightning and lightening, I did have it correct in my opening sentence, unfortunately it seems I also have sausage fingers:)
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    Lightning protection regarding cable modem

    I personally run my lightning on a different circuit for this very reason. Seriously though, try the couple of ethernet to optical media converters option, with a length of LC-LC fiber between your Cable Modem and your firewall. The length of fiber required is determined by plotting your level...
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    Where to start with Tomato

    I'm gonna throw antenna radiation pattern out there... That is, if your streaming device on the top floor is directly above the router, or at least anywhere close to being directly above it, the radiation pattern on the standard antennas, if they are orientated vertically won't push enough...
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    Printer help, network

    Right click on Printer on PC to which it is attached via USB and select Printer Properties then select the sharing tab. It would be fairly easy from there to set up the sharing, then just search for the networked printer on the other 20 or so machines you want to share the printer to...
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    :D;) So eloquently put :cool:
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    Really!? I'm quite surprised, I have one and it has been rock solid, never a single hiccup since i installed it 18 months to 2 years ago.... It is beyond me though why they're more expensive though. Ah well, such is life I suppose. AC pro it is then I think... Thanks
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    Unifi Access Points - UAP Pro vs UAP-AC

    Morning all, been mooching about at Unifi access points, what can I say, I like them!? My original purchase was for a Unifi UAP-LR, then I acquired a Unifi UAP-Pro, looking at some more UAP-Pros but they are like £150 - £160 for a single but the UAP-AC's are like £20- £30 cheaper...
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    Ethernet cable short by about 2', best way to extend? (outdoors)

    What about pull the extra outside to where you need it and use the coupler inside? just a thought...
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    Consumer-grade routers: MAC address for every NIC port??

    Consumer grade routers, I'd say no. Usually they're routers with a 4 port switch built in so you'd likely have the WAN MAC on the 'in' WAN side and the LAN MAC on all 4 of the 'out' LAN ports.
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    Lovely, this is what I'm after. Yeah, I knew about the POE on the ERx Keep it coming...
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    Edge Router Lite vs Edge Router X

    Anyone have any quick and simple info regarding the major differences between these two? Aside from the POE capabilities of the ERX and more ports, it looks like the ERX (better) is cheaper than the ERL (less ports and no POE). I wish UBNT had a comparison tool on their site but they don't...
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    Cant get surface book to connect to openvpn

    What OS is on the surface? (not familiar with them). Any error messages in the OVPN window?
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    Linking two pcs together

    Or a PTP wireless link depending on location/orientation of properties.
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    AVG to Spy on you

    Kiddies....hahaha I'm 40 but yeah, very well put, and true/accurate too. Top marks that man, and a gold star for making me smile, not been called a kiddie for a LONG old while!
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    AVG to Spy on you

    In all fairness, it used to be good, i never had a single problem with it for years, recommended it to loads of friends and family and they too never had issues. Following one update however I noticed a previously zippy machine was noticeably sluggish, further investigations led me to...
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    A few questions before purchasing a better wifi adapter

    First off, what is it you are looking to achieve?? Longer antennas are usually higher gain, that is they can do something useful with a lower received signal. i.e. a longer antenna adapter may give you '2 bars' where a shorter one might only give you '1 bar'. Be aware that those 'bars'...
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    Should I invest in a new router?

    This. Getting the router as central as possible is going to be the best improvement for the least outlay. Next up would be to go for a centrally (or as close to it as possible) mounted access point. Unifi from Ubiquiti do very well for their price, if you want to make sure you cover...
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    Ubiquiti Edge Switch - Noise Level Question

    Just another little update.. Quite overcast at the moment, ambient temp of 25*C in the attic space and switch is still at 45*C and fan speed 0
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    Do you give out your wifi password?

    I too have guest network which is separate from my own Wi-Fi. My direct family, and people I know to be at least moderately tech/computer savvy, get on the proper Wi-Fi but everybody else get on the bandwidth-restricted Guest network. Solely because of the crap I have found on their devices in...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    'Up to' 152 Mb service from Virgin Media, supposed to be 12Mb up.... close enough for me, certainly an improvement over the 2.87 Mb up I used to get with their 60Mb service
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    Why Are MAC Addresses Used?

    You are indeed correct, it's all coming back...that's what comes of trying to over-simplify something
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    Why Are MAC Addresses Used?

    MAC address is layer 2 and is what switches (well layer 2 switches) use IP address is layer 3 and is what routers use. A switch will 'marry' an IP to a MAC and pass the IP on up the layers. Layer 1 is physical, cabling etc Layer 2 is MAC Layer 3 is IP's
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    How to catch the process accessing specific IP

    What OS? A software personal firewall would do this, something like sygate or similar, won't let anything out (apparently) without a prompt on screen outlining from where, to where and on what port , it does list the process as well. Only thing is, it doesn't work on anything after WinXP, to...
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    Ubiquiti Edge Switch - Noise Level Question

    **Minor Update** Just had a peek in remotely and I'm at 47*C and fan speed level 1, I'm not there so can't comment on what it sounds like yet. That is all.
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    Ubiquiti Edge Switch - Noise Level Question

    Well it is in the attic currently, it has replaced a v1 HP 1810G-24 (fanless and no POE) and a Toughswitch 8. Currently the sun is on the rear elevation of the roof and the ambient temp in the attic is 26*C (taken from the inlet sensor on my Gen8 Microserver) and the switch is still on fan...
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    Ubiquiti Edge Switch - Noise Level Question

    Indeed, asthmatic pensioners move more air!
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    Ubiquiti Edge Switch - Noise Level Question

    Just a little update to this... The fans in the switch as is are: Foxconn PIA040H12M Can't seem to find much detailed info on them online other than this: It seems that they are rated at 14.44 CFM, they certainly do seem to push...
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    Ubiquiti Edge Switch - Noise Level Question

    Interesting you should ask this, just got mine yesterday. powered up with original firmware it was OK, but after it finished booting it stepped up a notch or two and was terrible. Updated the firmware and now it starts quiet, goes berserk for a fraction of a second and then settles to a...
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    Ubiquiti US-48-500W vs ES-48-500W anyone know the difference?

    Sorry to resurrect this but I have another question... Is the edgeswitch capable of selecting 24v or 48v on a per port basis? is this what the 802.3af/at standard is? Not that well versed with POE TBH Can it turn POE off on any given port as well? I have UAP-Pro's (48V), a UAP-LR (24V) and...
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    Best Network Speeds..

    I also would go with no.... Unless of course you have some serious SSD's on some lightening fast raid controller i'd go with your storage being the bottleneck.
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    Metal TV stand as wireless antenna

    Ummmm, no. Antennas work by being tuned to the frequency at which they are intended to work. 2.4Ghz would be a really short antenna, half-wavelenth is about 2.5 inches long, 5Ghz half-wavelength is about 1.25 inches. Best option would be to mount the android box up at the highest point of...
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    Lengthen Cat5e cables

    Just stretch them!;) Not sure you'll get any solution certified, once the spiral and twist rates are disturbed (as in an RJ45 plug or one of those splice box type things) you'll lose any certification the cable had. That said, for home, and gigabit and providing you're using at least cat5...
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    Ubiquiti US-48-500W vs ES-48-500W anyone know the difference?

    Ahhh, right, thanks. So would this Unifi Controller be the same controller that they use to manage the AP's or would it be another one? Now I know what the cloud controller subscription was on the check out page....
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    Ubiquiti US-48-500W vs ES-48-500W anyone know the difference?

    Other than the colour, does anyone know what the differences are between these two switches? Or in fact the US-24-250W and the ES-24-250W Is one L3 and the other L2? I've even downloaded the 2 respective datasheets and unless I can't see the wood for the trees I can't see any obvious...