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    Scratched my motherboard with screwdriver. Am I in trouble?

    It looks properly soldered. The PC is running, I would not worry about it
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    Ordered a 3060Ti got a 3070 instead lol

    Absolutely! You ended up with a win out of this deal!
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    Going from 10900 to 13900 worth it?

    This is a perfect answer. I was going to have a more simplified answer. Do you need to upgrade and will the upgrade benefit you even if its 10% performance improvement? The other thought you may consider is that 10 series Intel does not support 4x NVME, a Shiny new state of the art NVME SSD...
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    Ordered a 3060Ti got a 3070 instead lol

    Besides what HardOCP used to be years ago, Guru3d and their reviews is easily my favorite site. The graphics card and cpu shootout that shows the big list makes things easy to view.
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    Ordered a 3060Ti got a 3070 instead lol

    To me it looks like you made out. Although this is a different brand but the 3070 seems better than 3060ti.,33.html
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    Windows 2H22 Gaming Performance Regressions

    Nice to know, I am working on a Ryzen build for a friend and will look to hold off on 22H2.
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    Windows 2H22 Gaming Performance Regressions

    Interesting and good to know! Glad it is better!
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    Windows 2H22 Gaming Performance Regressions

    Awesome rig none the less!!!
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    Is buying a 13900k as hard as getting the latest GPU? They are sold out everywhere?

    Local microcenter had 11 of them for 629 when I was there today.
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    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    I have no issues with Ad's or anything of the sort. There are minor differences that took a bit getting used to. I find it to be stable and fast, I do not use an online account to log into the system and found it to be quite pleasant from a stability and performance perspective.
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    HURRY - Micro Center - 12700K + ASUS TUF Z690 Combo - $350

    Wow that's a solid deal! It is what I have in my system!
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    Stablebit Drive Pool will not replicate

    Alan Wake in VR is even worse. Do not delete this message!
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    xbox series x controller disconnecting from bluetooth on win 11 during gaming

    I used to until I started using the later versions of controller firmware. Once upgraded a lot of problems went away atleast for me.
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    xbox series x controller disconnecting from bluetooth on win 11 during gaming

    I have learned the Xbox Series X even Xbox One controller is very sensitive compared to the ps5 controller when connected to the PC. Having a Blue Tooth adapter that is visible seemed to help a ton. Not sure why this is as it is not a problem on the XBOX console itself.
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    Any way to force booting from PCI-e nvme card

    Unfortunately the bios wont allow. This came in with more modern mobos. You can do SATA3 all day long. I ran into this issue about 6 months ago.. Thank you,
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    BIOS Updates

    I try to update the bios a few months after it is released to give it time to bake. Only thing I am not too keen on is laptop bios updates.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    This article explains the power usage well.
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    FS: Abit BH6 and Celeron 300A, the original overclocker's combo

    That is too cool lol. Almost sad to see you let it go, no doubt it will go to a good home!!!!
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    FS: Abit BH6 and Celeron 300A, the original overclocker's combo

    Ohhh Man, Abit and their motherboards are amazing. I miss my IT7 P4 mobo! Good luck with Sale!
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    FS: 10600k | B560 | 32GB DDR4 combo - Sold

    If this was going to fall through I was looking at a 4600g cpu/mobo from amazon, not too far off on price.
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    Gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC arrived - fits in Corsair 4000 Case

    Congrats and pretty damn cool, what a beast!
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    Trepang 2 Inspired by F.E.A.R

    My expectations for a F.E.A.R. like game will be sky high. If the AI, Story, Action, Horror Elements are not like F.E.A.R. it should never claim to be F.E.A.R. like in anyway.
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    Is Windows 11 really bad?

    Correct you can bypass the online stuff. I use local account just fine. There are new things about Win11 that drive me a little bonkers like the right click copy and paste is not as simple as it was.
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    DirectStorage (PC)

    Yeah it is Win11 only. My understanding is games need to support it as well?
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    Bootable burn in tester?

    what kind of server is it? Does it have tools to help diagnose?
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    Looking Back At ATI Technologies

    9700pro and x800pro were just awesome.
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    4090 Reviews are up.

    That raytracing and DLSS performance tho. Badass!
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    Older Nvidia Quadro Workstation Graphics cards

    Was 2499 launch price back in 2011.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    This is very true! When I was younger and single it was easy to purchase and update my rig often. Now it is all neat and stuff although I did get a latest and greatest but a bit late in the generation. I leveraged the savings had with discounts seen. I do wish I had more time for quality...
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    Older Nvidia Quadro Workstation Graphics cards

    The MSRP vs what is being sold for on that 5000.. lol Pretty cool to have in a collection.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    This... The money is nice, it is cool to say I have such a PC but it does not get utilized unless my kid uses it, even then it is not pushed to its limits unless I tweak and benchmark.
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    Gaming in your 40s

    I honestly have this happen to me about every 3 or 4 years. I haven't binged any games since the start of the pandemic, I like gamed myself out on Resident Evil series. Now it is like man there is a lot I'd like to do. Although I strangely enough play/idle grind in a Roblox game.. lol
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    Gaming in your 40s

    This! I game but only for a short bit of time and if a game can resume where I left off it is even better. Projects, Stuff to Learn and other things have been occupying me.
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    Hard Disk detecting only after restart.

    Last time I had this problem it ended up being a bad sata cable. They seem to go bad as often as display port cables.
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    Goodbye Origin - EA App is now in session

    I just get the game where the deal is the best, Steam, Origin, Epic, Gamepass whatever with modern computers its simple to have them all running with zero impact and it is easy to add short cuts to games into Steam so it is an all-in-one stop shop in the end for me atleast.
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    Has anyone ever dealt with this site?

    lol is amazing to watch the pro's play. Good to hear about big kid games!