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    3060 Ti LHR Shipping with Hynix Memory - Further Reduced Performance

    Just a heads up that 3060 Ti LHR models are shipping with Hynix memory as a possible option which appears to further limit performance on Ergo. This is besides the normal LHR effect on Ergo you might run into if you happen to push the card too hard or limit power too much. I decided to gamble...
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    Gigabyte 3080 Thermal Pads are Garbage

    I started mining on my Gigabyte 3080 Aorus Master in my off hours recently and noticed the fans would hit 100% almost instantly with memory temps at 110C. Gaming thermals were actually decent, 70% fan speed and ~65C on the core. I checked around and it seemed to be a common complaint with all...
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    Are we headed back to 1 year GPU process cycles?

    According to rumors it looks like 5nm AMD and 7nm Nvidia might be on tap for 2021. Is this just a stop gap since 8nm Samsung didn't seem to work well for Nvidia or are we going back to significant refreshes every year...
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    Pixio PX7 Prime - 27" 1440p 165hz Freesync IPS

    I'm curious if anyone has or is looking at getting this monitor: I am looking to upgrade from a 24" Samsung 1080p 144hz VA panel and was hesitant to go back to IPS but the Pixio caught my eye. It has decent specs and the price is reasonable so I ordered one. My...
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    Help me pick a mechanical keyboard

    I'm currently using a Saitek Eclipse from way back. It works well enough but I want to give mechanical keyboards a try. Not really sold on either TKL or Full but I think I am leaning towards TKL. Budget is under $200CAD, preferably around the $150CAD range though. Wants: Tenkeyless FPS use...
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    Everybody's Golf PS4 (Formerly Hot Shots Golf)

    Everybody's Golf for PS4 is out now. I was a big fan PS3 version so I pre-ordered this before the reviews dropped. Unfortunately I forgot to pre-load it so I am still waiting for the download to finish, but it unlocked at 12 AM EDT. Did anyone else get it? Some new additions to the series are...
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    Interference via ground affecting speakers - options?

    I have some interference and noise affecting my speakers after going with powered monitors (M-Audio Studiophile BX5a) run from from my X-Fi Titanium HD. At first I thought it was EMI from the video cards going over the the RCA cables but it turned out to be interference being dumped out of the...
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    Looking for headphone amp with rca pre-out ($250-$500)

    I'm shopping for an amp, and would like to find one that fits the following: Hybrid or Solid State RCA Pre-outs Under $500 Currently I own Grado SR60i's, Sennheiser HD 25-1's, Beyerdynamic DT 990/250 Pro and I would probably try my Monster Turbine Pro Copper IEMs with it. Future plans would...
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    NHL 12

    Demo Date: August 23, 2011 Release Date: September 13, 2011 [H]ard EASHL Xbox team: Anyone else excited for NHL 12, and if so what system are you getting it for? I didn't play much of 11 but I plan to play a lot of EASHL/OTP in 12 this year. Found...
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    VMDirectPath on Proliant DL360 G6

    Anyone know if an HP Proliant DL360 G6 will support an HBA pass through via VMDirectPath I/O? The processor is a Xeon E5540 and I'm having trouble finding the answer via Google. I believe it does but I can't find any confirmation. Thanks in advance.
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    Rainbow Six Series - Any news?

    Seems like it's been a while since Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was released, and it's still one of my favourite shooters for the 360. In the age of sequels that we live in I find it odd they haven't announced a new Rainbow Six title. Has anyone heard or read anything?
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    Possible to run bigadv and two GPU3 on same rig?

    My main rig is an i7 950 @ 3.8 GHz and a 460 GTX. The 460 is on sale again at a certain Canadian retailer so I was thinking of adding another for SLI gaming. Is it possible to run two of them in the same box and still meet bigadv deadlines? I think my TPF on the slowest bigadv unit was around...
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    NHL 11 Demo to be Released August 17th

    From the EASports NHL blog: I'm pumped, already have my copy pre-ordered for the 360 to get the bonus gear again this year.
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    New Releases for Spring

    I was wondering what games everyone is waiting for over the next few months. I can only think of two myself and there has to be more than that so I am curious what you are waiting for. List the game, console(s) and approx release date if you have it. I'm looking forward to: Super Street...
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    A few quick PSP 3000 questions

    I have a few gift cards and was thinking of getting a PSP 3000 with them. I have a few questions, did a quick search on the net but didn't find much so If figured I'd ask here. 1. Can the latest PSP 3000 firmware have homebrew enabled? 2. If enabled, can I still use integration features...
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    Mac Mail Questions

    I'm about to switch all my mail accounts over to Mac mail, but I have a few questions first. Does it have an easy export option, so if I want to move my mail to another mac I can just export it to a file (like a .pst in Outlook)? Also how well does it handle multiple accounts? Also if I...
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    Turtle Beach EF P21 for PS3 - Opinions?

    So I'm looking for a new PS3 headset since I've had bad luck with the Official BT headset, and even when it works I don't find it comfortable for long sessions. After research, the Ear Force P21 from Turtle Beach looks pretty promising:
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    [H] NHL 10 PS3 Team

    Hooligans - (EA Sports team page) Recruiting Thread - Link EASHLForum Team Page - Link Click the link above for team info or message me to join. [H] hockey returns to the ice for another season! The first month will be in the...
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    Turtles in Time XBLA

    Did anyone pick this up and if so, what are your impressions? I see they dropped the points from 1200 to 800. I'll probably get it, but I need to try the demo first.
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    OS 3.0 on Ipod Touch 2G

    I have an Ipod Touch 2G, and wasn't going to worry about OS 3.0 since it didn't really have any benefit to me. Then I noticed it supports push for IM apps like Beejive IM which may actually be useful. I was about to upgrade, but quick research showed a huge number of people having issues...
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    Xbox 360 Migration Kit Mail-in Offer

    I'm thinking of getting the RE5 360 bundle and selling my old system. I know in the past there was a mail-in deal for a migration kit if you bought the Elite, and the form is available here - Has anyone used this form recently...
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    NHL09 PS3 Team

    Team: Hard Bangers Division: 20 Rank: 21 Record: 90-117-18 Stats: Name GP G A +/- PIM Hits SR BassTek 102 42 31 -70 54 888 B RayZab 69 21 22 -57 78 393 B d3br34k5 61 10 18 -39 85 476 C+...
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    Blog Tags - how vague/precise should I be?

    I decided to start a Wordpress blog, it's a personal review site for Asian films. I pretty much have all the categories worked out to sort by year, director, country, actor and genre. My question is how should I go about tagging? Should I be redundant and add the director/actor in the tags as...
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    Two PHP installs on one IIS7 server possible?

    I have an existing Drupal site running on Server 2008 with IIS7. Everything on it is working properly, but I want to add a wordpress blog on a different domain to the same server and use the same exchange server to handle the outgoing mail which Wordpress needs to send if a new user registers...
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    VMware Server 2.0 Full Release - No more F8 on x64

    I just installed the full release of VMware Server 2.0 on Vista Ultimate x64 and it looks like they finally signed the drivers. That means it no longer requires hitting F8 and disabling unsigned drivers to get bridged networking to work in Vista x64. In other news the web interface still...
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    A friendy tip regarding power bills

    If you're on estimated billing and you start folding make sure to update the power company with accurate readings monthly. If not this might happen: My last bill based on actual readings before August was May. Now mind you, this is a combination of me not living in the place full time...
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    Do ATI cards whine while folding?

    ATI folding folks, do your 4850/4870's whine while folding like their Nvidia counterparts? I just switched my main PC over to a Silverstone SG-03. The case is about 1/3 wire mesh allowing the whine from my 8800GTS to directly bore to the centre of my skull and I'm not sure if I can handle it...
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    How do folding VMs affect other VMs?

    I'm nearly back to full power, with my three systems running and no tripped breakers in the computer room. All that remains is trying to figure out the VM setups for my two Q6600 systems. One should be easy, I'll just run VMWare and have two Linux VMs to get the new A2 cores. The other...
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    Best setup for dual core + GPU?

    I just got my first dual core chip for my SFF gaming PC and was wondering what people are running on them client wise. The chip is a mildly overclocked 8400 at 3.6ghz running Vista 64. I think it could handle 1 smp plus 1 gpu but other posts on other forums seem to think not. Also if I add...
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    Xubuntu 8.04 + VMWARE Server 2 RC1 Issues

    On my folding only system (SFF, specs in sig) I have a Server 2008 X64 host running 2x Xubuntu Hardy 8.04 VMs on VMWare Server 2 RC1. The VMs were initially created using Server Beta 2 and ran ok. VM1 was rock solid apart from the occasional 100% hang. VM2 was always sketchy, with occasional...
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    PS3 2.42 Update is available

    It looks like an update was just posted for the PS3, 2.42. I'm downloading it now, does anyone know what it adds/addresses?
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    Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD

    I'm thinking of getting MGS4, but haven't played any games in the series since the first one. Has anyone watched the Metal Gear Saga DVD and does it give enough of a recap to enjoy MGS4? I see the dvd is being given away with the game at Best Buy (Canada) today, so if they have any left I...
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    Just got an email from EVGA...

    Looks like they are trying to ramp up their folding team, and are offering free stuff as prizes for those that join. Also they're offering free stuff for certain milestones... The temptation is great but I'll hold off for now... I would hate to think what that team will do when the Nvidia...
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    Neo Geo Stick 2 for the Wii

    SNK has released a Neo Geo controller for the Wii, and I think it looks pretty good. It's supposedly works for both Wii games and Virtual Console games. There are no details as to how it connects to the Wii that I can see, but I would guess it's either wireless or plugs into the Wii-mote. For...
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    PS3 2.20 (BD Live) update is available

    Just a heads up that the PS3 2.20 update is available. It supposedly adds the following: -- BD-Live interactive playback -- Copy photo and music playlists over USB to PSP -- "Resume play" will enable PS3 system to start playing a Blu-ray disc and DVD at the point it was stopped, even if...
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    Sega Bass Fishing for Wii

    Did anyone pick up Sega Bass Fishing on the Wii? I completely missed the release date, but judging from the pre-release videos it looks like it uses the controller well. Sega Fishing games have been pretty good in the past and it's only $30 so I might pick it up later this week . I'm kinda...
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    Steelseries 5L + Razer Deathadder

    I just picked up a Deathadder paired with an original Ratpadz that is many years old now. I find the combo not be that great, and would like to try something larger. I also am kinda tired of hard plastic pads but I don't want a flimsy cloth pad, the plastic coated cloth of the 5L sounds like...
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    Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

    Is anyone else looking forward to Hot Shots Golf 5 (Out of Bounds), set to be released on March 18th? I was a fan of the original games for the Playstation but haven't played the series since. Did anyone import the Japanese version and if so, what did you think?
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    BESL (pad) Mod question

    I got a Dell Vostro 200 for cheap that I mainly use for folding. It has a Pentium 2140 which is pretty slow at it's default speed, but I was thinking of doing the BESL mod to increase the CPU FSB. My question is that if I increase the CPU FSB, will the RAM speed be increased as well? There's...
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    Linksys SLM2008 Impressions?

    I'm looking at purchasing the Linksys SLM2008 10/100/1000 switch and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it? I'm after a lightly managed, gigabit, fanless switch under $200 and so far the Linksys and the HP Procurve 1800-8G are the front runners. I can't see much difference between...