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    Are all AMOLED phones very susceptible to burn in or am I just unlucky?

    I have a Galaxy S7 that I bought when they launched last year. Technically I'm already on my second one because about 2 months after I got it the screen completely died and AT&T replaced it. Now here I am just over a year from then and thus outside of warranty period, and I've got issues with...
  2. J

    Need to replace my R9 290 in a pinch

    So apparently last night my R9 290 decided to go up in blue smoke. Had to throw my 6950 in as a placeholder so my computer is functional, but I can already tell it's struggling with my 4k monitor ("You want HOW MANY pixels???"). While I hold my breath working with ASUS warranty support...
  3. J

    Setting Windows Update to manual in Win10

    Alright so I finally figured out what to do to set Windows Update to manual installation! I have not yet tested this on Win10 Home so I can't confirm if this works for both Home and Pro. If it does work for Home this will be a nice step back for those that preferred to install updates on their...
  4. J

    Liquid cooling in a NZXT H2

    So I'm new to liquid cooling, I've wanted to mess around with it for awhile but didn't have the budget for it. I recently pulled the stock cooler off of my i7-2600K and put an H55 on it and so far I'm loving the noise reduction on that alone, but now I'm wanting to take it a step further and...