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    ipod touch release cycle

    Anyone know when the touch is due for an update? They're getting like the iphone and ipad where there's not much else they can do but add better cameras and better processors. I was going to pick one up for the wife/kids but I thought I'd try and dig a little and see if a new gen was on the...
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    iPad remote management

    are there any apps that will let me control / admin an ipad from another ipad, touch, or iphone? I'm planning on picking up an ipad 2 for the kids and I'd like to be able to turn on the camera remotely. Obviously the ipad 2 with a camera isn't out so no one offers this as a feature, but i...
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    What's ATI doing for 3D?

    With Fermi being pretty much fail mode I'm probably switching to ATI for my next card. My only hold out issue is 3D. I've seen a lot of nvidia 3D in person and it rocks. What is ATI doing to compete on that front? McG
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    5.1 sound and ION

    So on this new 330N ION build I've noticed that if I configure the audio output to 5.1 I get a show stopper video error when trying to play DVDs or DVDs ripped to MKV. Anything that actually had a 5.1 source, i.e. blu-ray rips, play just fine, as does all of the generic windows sounds. The SD...
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    Speaker suggestions?

    I've finally gotten permission from The Generalissimo (my wife) to get some home theater speakers. I'd love some suggestions. I can't get anything too hardcore because we live in an apartment, so big bass is pretty much right out. I was looking at the bose acoustimass series because of their...
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    Apple care on a used macbook pro

    anyone know the rules on apple care for used macbook pro's? are they transferable? if it didn't have one to begin with can I buy the apple care after the fact or is it like health insurance and a pre-existing injury? I would assume it is.
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    MC7 MKV audio streams

    is there way to select which one you want in MC7? I hope there's a solution rather than remuxing or completely re-ripping. my blurays are occasionally defaulting to french or the commentary tracks.
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    Hauppauge HVR-1600 $59.99 @ Frys BM

    I was just at the Frys in woodland hills, they have the HVR-1600 on sale for $59.99. Doesn't seem to be on the .com. link for reference:
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    no MKV inside 7MC

    MKVs play just fine in the regular windows media player. but when I jump into media center I get the dreaded "cannot find the specified file" I've tried haali by itself and also the shark pack. I'm sure there's some check box someplace I don't know about. McG
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    7MC and extenders

    So I'm finally getting around to trying to use my xbox 360 as functioning extender for 7MC. I can play back MKVs no problemo. BUT, I can't get the 360 to see anything in video_ts folders. Is this an old 'feature' that I never noticed? I've pulled all the kid's DVDs onto the system in their...
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    Portable AC, any recommendations?

    I'll count this as a gadget, no place else to ask this. Can any of you recommend a portable AC unit? I just need something for a room basically the size of a walk in closet or master bathroom. But it needs to be reasonably quiet and not be a POS. McG
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    Remote Advice

    Is the Harmony One still the best or is there a new flavor of the week? I'd like to be able to control a 360 as a MC extender too. I assume a One can do that but I haven't ever seriously investigated remotes. The kids are finally getting old enough that I can be reasonably sure I won't find...
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    Windows 7 MC

    MC on win7 rc seems to be pretty nice. It streams my re-compressed blu-ray back ups to my 360 painlessly. It won't stream the dvds that are still vob files tho. Looking very good though so far. Any one else give it a go? McG
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    Sony 36" in LA

    Anyone in the LA area interested in my SD 36" Trinitron and it's stand? model # KV-35V36. Its in great shape, perfect picture still, its just not HD. great TV for the wii in the basement. Reply or PM me and offer. McG
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    120hz monitors?

    Are there any 120hz LCD monitors in the 24" range yet? Seems like there should be but I haven't been able to find any.
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    CPU temp question

    So back in the day I had an AMD proc that fried when a fan inside died and the mobo/cpu had no function to shut itself down when it got dangerously hot. Since then I've stuck w/ Intel cause I felt I got burned. Anyhoo, I'm giving AMD another shot with the 4850e in an HTPC and I'd just like...
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    upres/downres on HTPC?

    Most retail blu-ray and HD-DVD players support some type of hardware upresing of older DVD content, my question is whether or not an HTPC does this too. I assume it does but I don't know where in the process it happens, VMC, powerdvd or video card? and how good is it? And also, if I take...
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    Best way to assimilate series on DVD?

    I'm looking for some tips on the best way to ingest all my TV shows from their series DVDs. I'd like to lose all the menus and navigation and just put episodes directly into the system. The system being WMC Vista. The problem seems to be that the tools I used to transfer over my DVD movie...
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    Organizing Media Center, help pls

    Can anyone point me to a guide on organizing WMC? I just picked up Vista Home Premium to install in an old husk I had laying around and its making a pretty decent HTPC so far but I can't find anything about how to organize my DVD library. I've done the regedit to get it to display ripped...
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    [W]arm: Norton Internet Security 2007 3 users $34 AMR @33.95 after mail-in rebate the three user version is what makes this a pretty good deal. If you use Norton anyway. Includes: * Norton AntiVirus * Norton Personal Firewall * Norton AntiSpyware *...