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    RTX 2080 Super vs. 3060Ti (OEM)

    RGB > YCbCr 4:4:4 > YCbCr 4:2:0 YCbCr adds colorspace conversions. It's mostly harmless, but why add extra steps? 4:2:0 is chroma subsampling. Not great for computers. Or for anything else.
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    Gigabyte 4090OC + CH pedals and Yoke, screen wont shut off?

    Plausible: Not sure how this interacts with CH's archaic mapping software...
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    The Chinese GPU Invasion

    So it's about... 20 years behind US military hardware. Gotcha. Nothing DJI does is magic. All of it, the military has been doing for ages; just mostly on fixed-wing hardware. (The Global Hawk has been around for nearly 25 years...) And it's not like there's some secret sauce that lets them...
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    The Chinese GPU Invasion

    Cool. You know what DJI isn't? Raytheon. Or Lockheed Martin. Or Northrop Grumman. Or one of the handful of other key players in the Military-Industrial Circlejerk. Not all government contracts are equal. National Park Service going lowest bidder so they can get promotional pictures of...
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    The Chinese GPU Invasion

    China makes the GoPros with wings and toys for children. Everything the Pentagon uses to reach out and touch someone is thoroughly domestic.
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    Gigabyte 4090OC + CH pedals and Yoke, screen wont shut off?

    Isopropyl alcohol is generally already a mix of Isopropyl alcohol and water. I wouldn't use anything less than 90% IPA, though 99% is preferable. That said, you can find contact cleaner in your local hardware store.
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    Seagate’s Second Gen Mach.2 Drives Are as Fast as SATA SSDs

    Shouldn't effect the rebuild time, as that should be limited by the write speed of the spare. And shouldn't be any less likely to fail rebuild, as you're pulling no less data from no fewer drives. (Okay; maybe one fewer, if the NetApp appliance doesn't have to hit the second parity drive.)...
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    Seagate’s Second Gen Mach.2 Drives Are as Fast as SATA SSDs

    ...and then less interesting when you realize that you'd actually be running a RAID 05, 06, 050, or 060. The further down that list I get, the more Lovecraftian these things sound. Storage topologies are not supposed to have a Lament Configuration.
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    Seagate’s Second Gen Mach.2 Drives Are as Fast as SATA SSDs Seek time doesn't change. It's not two actuators scrubbing the same platters; each actuator is dedicated to half the platters. So, seek time is the same, but you get double the IOPS and throughput. At the expense, of course, of segmenting your storage in half and risking weird...
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    Seagate’s Second Gen Mach.2 Drives Are as Fast as SATA SSDs

    Bonus points: The previous Exos 2x14 is, like, 2.5x the price of the ordinary single-actuator version. I feel like the window where this makes financial and performance sense is vanishingly small...
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    Nvidia 4090 meltdown maybe an answer

    If bending CPU pins or cracking Athlon XP dies is "user error", how could this not be called the same? That said; yes, shit design. Why are the sense pins a tumor dangling off the top? They should be integrated into the plug, in such an arrangement that a poor connection makes them...
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    Gigabyte 4090OC + CH pedals and Yoke, screen wont shut off?

    I'd still assume it's the potentiometers in the CH Products hardware. There's absolutely no reason why there'd be any interaction between them and the GPU. I'd crack them open and give the pots a squirt of contact cleaner. Or fresh pots. Or a hall-effect sensor conversion.
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    Yet another 'help me upgrade my desktop' post - GTX 970 build

    They're riding a 7 year old processor, indicating it's good odds that it'll probably be the better part of another decade before they feel the itch to upgrade. Even if DDR5 is still a going concern, memory speed will have increased enough that any sticks they buy now will be woefully...
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    ...or, there was an embargo on publication, and they both pressed "publish" when the clock struck zero. Industry press doing industry press things.
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    If only...

    I'm assuming that'd have a 3x2 array of 8-pin power connectors. Just as god intended...
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    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    It's not that Molex connectors were better in the 90s. It's that in the 2000's, you started dealing with a lot more cheap adapters -- Molex to SATA; Molex to 6pin PCI-e; all manner of trash-tier cooling and lighting fire hazards. Actual PSU-end and device connectors were always way more solid...
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Cars see loads in the dozens or hundreds of amps, in inclement weather, while covered with a not-so-fine spray of road salt. Very different situation from your average gamer battlestation. Also, electric cars run battery packs in the hundreds of volts. Meanwhile, broad swathes of the HVAC...
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Easy solution: 90 degree connectors (or 180 degree -- cable can't torque the connector if it's lying on the back of the card). Less-easy solution: maybe the time for ATX24vo (or ATX48vo) has come. Like, 20% of motherboards and video cards (by area) is power regulation as it is. You can...
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    Yes. On the one hand, if you make an idiot-proof connector, the world will make a better idiot. On the other hand... they did not make an idiot-proof connector. Bend radius specifications are for licensed or certified professionals. If your shit's gonna be handled by plebs, you put an...
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    Arc A770 Beats RTX 4090 In Early 8K AV1 Decoding Benchmarks

    Today, in "things nobody actually cares about..." You'd have to work really hard to prove to me that a statistically significant portion of 8k hardware owners can even tell when they've got an 8k source playing.
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    Article: iPhone 14 might call emergency services when on a rollercoaster

    Meh. A perfectly fine idea with a few teething issues. All it needs is a little finessing to dial it in. Geofence off areas with repeat false-positives. Use the data that is no-doubt collected around incidents to refine the trigger conditions. Expand the window between incident and call a...
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    Nvidia has "Unlaunched" the RTX 4080 12GB

    Wonder if any AIBs molded the now-defunct model number directly into the fan shroud... I mean, I assume not, considering how late the decision on the naming schema was. But it's possible some marketroid was waiting for the release presentation with bated breath, so he could find out which of...
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    Nvidia 522.25 drivers (DX12 boost for all RTX GPU's)

    Then I guess they'll have to wait for the next driver release. *shrug*
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    Quest Pro

    QPro is the teaser for the Q3. "Here's all the stuff we hope to cram in the next consumer headset... a thousand bucks cheaper and a year or so later." An early announcement for a headset that's not coming out until holiday season next year would be absolutely disastrous. Not just for Meta...
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    Quest Pro

    I, too, remember the riots two years after the PS1 released when there was no immediate replacement. Same with the PS2. Also the tumultuous Xbox upheavals. And the many, differently named Nintendo furors. Even now, we are poised to fall into the churning masses of the combined PS5/XBseries...
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    The A16 chip is expensive to make

    Pretty sure fabbing on Samsung would absolutely tank the A-series performance/efficiency. So, that's just a non-starter. Until someone else comes up with some secret sauce, Apple's pretty well married to TSMC.
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    The A16 chip is expensive to make

    Because the 14 (and 14 Plus) are still rocking the A15. Only the 14 Pro line has the A16. And between the lower volume of the Pro and being the only manufacturer that hasn't squeezed all the margins out of their product lines, Apple probably figures that the market goodwill of not jacking up...
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    Has anyone ever dealt with this site? is great. Tons of small indie games. And I mean proper indie, not Devolver Digital indie. Genre mix skews about how you'd expect for an indie indie storefront. Lots of visual novels, retro inspired games, horror games, top-down/side-scroller games, and -- of course -- porn games...
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    Insane GPU prices in 2022 WTF?

    Sounds like a good way to burn out the compressor in your minifridge. Those things don't do continuous loads... On the other hand, also sounds like a great opportunity for a window-mount outdoor liquid cooling loop. No reason for the radiator to be anywhere near the computer chassis...
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    Intel ARC A750 & A770 Reviews

    LTT did a 4 hour livestream of side-by-side performance between A770 and RTX3060 with viewer requested games. Pretty rough-and-ready, as they're installing and configuring games on the fly, and not doing rigorous benchmarking. But, might be worth scrubbing through the timeline, if you want...
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    You don't need to sell to literally every person in the world to succeed. It's okay to only aim to have millions of users, and make billions of dollars. And if Joe Shmoe in Idaho is stuck on ADSL and can't use your service? Bummer. But, not your problem. It failed because Google is...
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    Consoles drive a 4k TV with -- roughly -- an RX 6700, and will continue to do so for at least the next half-decade. Meanwhile, the Steam Hardware Survey pegs PC 4k display market penetration at about 2.5%.
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    It's Dead, Jim.......and by Dead I mean Stadia

    There was nothing wrong with the tech. Maybe there were a couple twitch esports titles which wouldn't have lended themselves to an extra frame of latency, but those are few and far between. And most people are barely qualified to put one foot in front of the other, let alone opine on the...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070: up to 30% faster than RTX 3090 in gaming

    Generally more like 75-150w; but yeah, it's non-zero.
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    Per the iFixit teardown, it's got a Texas Instruments TUSB1044 chip which does: So... maybe.
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    They're probably using DisplayPort Alt Mode (or some functionally-equivalent proprietary abomination). There's plenty of bandwidth on a USB-C cable to losslessly feed a VR headset.
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    More DLSS...

    No, there'd be additional latency. You can't just insert the frame; you'd have to present the tweened frame "now", and delay the "now" frame by half-a-frame. So, total additional latency would be half-a-frame plus a couple milliseconds for image generation. Call it an extra 10-20ms. That...