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    WTB Corsair AX860i power supply

    I'm looking for a ax860i psu, nothing else, to replace my aging HX1000. Must have box and all cables/accessories. If you have one, let me know! Thanks
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    WTB EVGA X99 Micro 2 matx Motherboard

    I'm looking for a micro atx X99 board with a 32gb/s m.2 slot, the evga micro 2 fits my needs. If you have one let me know! I will also be looking for a 4x4 (16gb) ddr4 kit when I found my board. FOUND THANKS
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    Oculus Rift Development kit 2 (DK2) VR Headset

    I'm selling a DK2! If interested : Oculus Rift Development kit 2 (DK2) VR Headset Thanks!
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    *Found*WTB 3770k / 4770k / 4790k board ram combo

    I'm looking to replace my x58 setup with something better. I don't want to spend too much so a intel i7 3770k would probably be more reasonable (+-300$). I would prefer a micro atx if possible. Must be a Z board and a K cpu. I'm mostly interested in asus, gigabyte, evga and msi. I need a 2x8gb...
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    WTB Xeon X58 CPU (X5650/X5660/X5670/etc)

    EDIT : FOUND THANK YOU I'm looking for two intel xeon cpus (s1366). The models I'm looking for are : X5650 X5660 X5670 X5680 X5690 I'm mainly looking for a X5650 or X5660 as I'm looking for a cheap upgrade for my x58 computers. I might also be interested in a 12GB ram kit DDR3 (3x4gb). Thanks!
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    WTB Mini-ITX board/cpu i5/i7

    I need a z97 mini itx motherboard. I have found my cpu (haswell). Would also be interested in a samsung xp941 m.2 128gb ssd.
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    Benq XL2420TE 299.99$!! (Canadian customers only)

    I just got an awesome deal on a benq XL2420TE, it is usually 430$ and it is 300$ at ( Sorry members from US, it is only available from the canadian website (for once that we have a better deal!).
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    FT/FS Red Faction Guerrilla (4$ or trade on steam)

    I have 5 copies of red faction guerilla that I would like to sell or trade on steam. There's dirt 3, dirt showdown and grid that I don't have that I have in mind. Let me know what you have! Or 4$ each.
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    Hitman: Absolution professional edition 10$ at GMG

    Lowest price I have seen so far, only 10$ with the promo code GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS! EDIT : Deal is dead
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    GG 75% off on some games, homefront at 4$

    Greenmangaming is offering 75% rebate over some war games. Homefront is 5$ and I used the 20% off code so it goes down to 4$.
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    FS: Intel i7 3820 3.6Ghz (s2011) cpu

    I'm selling a intel i7 3820 cpu. It's in perfect condition, it was used for a little more than four months (bought in may 2012). Comes with box and accessories. Price : 250$ shipped to Canada or US Heat : Alxs EDIT : Sold to FastAttack
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    WTS Evga x58 sli bios chip

    Hello, I bricked my bios two weeks ago so I decided to order a new chip for my bios, but I bought two by mistake so I have one left. It works great. I'm asking for 10$, the chip on ebay is 19$. Search for "BIOS CHIP:EVGA X58 3-WAY SLI 132-BL-E758-A1" if you want to see the item listed on ebay.
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    WTB 1155 i3 or basic i5 cpu and a 90gb SSD

    I need a cheap 90GB ssd. I would prefer SATA3. EDIT : CPU found.
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    WTB cheap 1155 i3/i5 combo (board/cpu/ram)

    I'm looking for a cheap solution to upgrade my server. I would need a i3 (2100, 2105, 2120 cpu (or basic i5 such as a 2300 or 2400), a motherboard and maybe ddr3 ram. I'm also interested in each component separately, but I could get a better price with a combo. I also need a 90GB ssd. I want to...
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    WTB Evga X58 SLI3 Bios Chip

    I think I bricked my bios chip last night and I would need a new one. If anyone has a spare chip or a defective x58 sli3 board that could provide my his chip that would be appreciated. Or if someone could give me a place where I could buy one, that would be great. Thanks
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    WTB 2x Corsair Force GT 90GB SSD

    Hi, I'm looking for two corsair force gt 90gb to put in raid in my pc. Thanks
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    Web hosting for Css server fast download problems... Help!

    Hello, I've been trying for the whole day to activate my webserver to be able to host my files on it to give my server faster downloads via sv_downloadurl. I'm tried a free company called It is using the Kloxo panel. I'm a total noob in terms of webhosting, but I'm...
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    Evga GTX 295 Coop only one gpu recognized? Help!

    Hello! I've had a 295 coop edition for about a year now and never had any problem with it. I was playing BF3 at high settings just fine. Last week, I decided to sell it. Today, the guy came back, angry at me, saying only one gpu is detected in the device manager. He says he tried it on 3...
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    WTB: Video Cards EVGA 2x 560 GTX, 2x 570 GTX or 1x 580 GTX

    Found, thanks Hardforum!
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    WTB Netgear WNDR3700 v1

    I'm looking for a router Netgear WNDR3700 version 1 only. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
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    Red Faction Guerrilla + Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes from Liberty City (Steam)

    I have copies left over from the black friday sales on steam. I have 5 copies of Red Faction Guerilla for 6$ each. GTA is sold. Red faction 6$
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    WTB cheap pcie video card

    FOUND I'm looking for the cheapest pci express card for my server, like a 6200gt or something. I'm looking for a card that doesn't need a power supply plug and that doesn't have a fan (heatsink). If anyone has one to give or sale, let me know.
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    WTB Micro ATX am3/i7 quad core ram mobo + combo

    Found, thanks. I am building my server, and I would like to have a quad core (athlon, phenom, 860, 920) or a low six core (1055t) on a MATX board. I can consider am2 and ddr2, but would prefer am3 and ddr3. I'm trying to keep a certain budget and I believe my best shot will be amd, but I'll...
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    WTB Evga x58 matx (micro)

    I might want to build myself a server and I would start with a evga x58 microATX. If you have one let me know how much you want. I found one earlier on hardforum for 80$, but it's pending for someone else :( Will consider i7 and ram combo as well.
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    Use ftp as http for counter-strike source (sv_downloadurl)

    I want to have fast download for custom maps on my server so I created a ftp server. It works, but the downloads are not faster. I read that it was because sv_downloadurl only accepts http server. The thing is, my host ( is currently bugged when I try to install a web script...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 275

    I'm selling a EVGA Gtx 275 in good condition. I only have the card since it came in a computer that I bought. I'm looking to get 145$ shipped. I'm selling it because I bought a GTX 285. I live in Canada/Quebec but I will ship in the US. I accept paypal non CC. Heat ...
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    WTB 3x i7 950 / Linksys E3000 / EVGA GTX 285 or 465 / Corsair HX1000 or HX850

    I'm looking for the following specific items : GOT EVERYTHING I NEEDED, THANKS HARDFORUM :D Items found : - Evga GTX 285 or 465 - Linksys E3000 router - Corsair 1000HX or 850HX psu - 3x intel i7 950 cpus - Thermalright Venomous X Heat is Alxs. Thanks
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    WTB 2 SSD OCZ Vertex 2 60Gb

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    Quick question about ssd/raid/trim

    I know that there is actually no trim support for ssd raid, but I really want to do it. My question is : I know the ssd will have a performance drop from time to time, but if I format them, will they have their initial transfer speed back? I guess it would be yes, but I just want to make sure...
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    WTB Razer mamba and Razer megasoma

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    WTB DDR3 1600Mhz+ and 750W+ modular psu

    Found everything I needed. Thanks!
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    WTB OCZ platinum 1600Mhz,corsair hx750/hx850,razer mamba and antec 1200

    Hello, I'm almost done building my computer. What I still need : - Ram : OCZ platinum or reaper 3x2Gb PC12800 1600Mhz (might be looking for gold if the price is good) - Power supply : Corsair 750hx or 850hx (would prefer 750w since it's cheaper and I don't really need more power) - Case ...
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    Building new comp, WTB parts!

    I'm building a computer for my father. What I am looking for is : -DDR3 AM3 Asus motherboard (M4A77TD, M4A78T-E, M4A79T, M4A79XTD, Crosshair III Formula) -AMD Phenom II Quad processor with at least 3.0Ghz (945, 955, 965) -1600Mhz DDR3 ram 2x2GB at least (OCZ platinum) -A good power...
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    Hard choice, Antec 1200 and Armor Thermaltake VA8000BWS

    I'm really debating on which case to choose. I've heard many good things on both of them so I'm pretty confused. They both look great. What I'm looking for is a case with, of course, good air cooling, but more for it's functions. I'm not a big overclocker, so I'm more aiming for a complete and...
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    WTB Evga X58, i7 920 and OCZ ram

    What I am looking for : - 3x2GB OCZ platinum 1600Mhz - Corsair HX750W or HX850 power supply - Razer mamba in good condition - Razer megasoma in good condition - Antec 1200 (twelve hundred) or apevia x-jupiterg I have found the motherboard and the cpu. Thanks
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    WTB 2x 260 GTX 216 cores

    Hi! I'm looking for two 260 GTX 216 cores only for a good price. I could buy one if you only have one but would prefer two. thanks
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    32mb hdd

    I was wondering, does it worth to change to a 32mb hdd from a 16mb? I'm interested in those but I don't know if I should make the move. thanks
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    Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

    Has anyone tried the g25 racing wheel? I'm really interested in buying one, it looks so nice, but I don't know if it worth the price, it's so expensive. Has anyone tried it out?
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    WTB 700W power supply or around/WTS 4600x2 computer

    Hi, I am looking for a power supply that could hold my Evga 8800GTS 640mb superclocked, my Asus m2n32-sli deluxe and my amd 6000x2. I would like to pay up to 70-75$. I am also willing to sell a complete computer I made myself. Parts are : Amd 4600x2 Asus M2A-VM HDMI (radeon x1250 integrated...