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  1. djoye

    EAX emulation without a Sound Blaster card is here

    It has actually been a while, but you can now play most (all?) EAX-based games with a combination of OpenAL Soft and DSOAL without a Sound Blaster card. Relevant sites: -- <- DSOAL's...
  2. djoye

    WSUS Windows Update Downloading stuck at 0% - My Solution

    I'm posting this here because the items I find in a Google search are often related to resetting Windows Update on the workstation/client side, but this was a WSUS server issue. I had a couple Windows updates stuck in the downloading phase at 0%. After having trashed...
  3. djoye

    Good experience with NZXT pre-built

    My niece wanted a gaming PC and specified a budget ($1500), I didn't want to even think about or have to deal parts availability, so I considered pre-built. I remembered either JayZTwoCents or LinusTechTips mentioning that NZXT did well with their pre-builts. I referred my niece to NZXT's...
  4. djoye

    Wronged Us

    No mention of platform in the video, but something this rough around the edges has got to be on PC. All the media on their site ( is screenshots from the video, so that's not particularly encouraging in regards to much more than just a trailer being done. Release is...
  5. djoye

    Windows Update Error 0x800f0922 With Solution (Server 2019)

    Posting this here since my web search results weren't very helpful or I ended up with a different solution. I was receiving error 0x800f0922 when trying to install the 2021-08 KB5005030 update on Server 2019 (2021-08 .NET update also failed with same error), this is what I found in...
  6. djoye

    Create El Capitan recovery media on M1 MackBook?

    Am I correct in assuming that it's not possible to create bootable USB install media for El Capitan using an ARM-based MacBook (Big Sur)? My brother-in-law brought me a Mac to fix, it looks like the OS was wiped or corrupted and the recovery partition was useless. It had El Capitan, but I've...
  7. djoye

    Peerless AV PS200 Component Shelf ❤ For a long time I had been looking for a wall-mount shelf for heavy stuff, particularly my PC and AV receiver, the Peerless PS200 had long since eluded me until last week. Rated to hold 100lbs, adjustable so you can ensure that they're level while...
  8. djoye

    Netgear R700 + Steam/EGS/ download = 200 Mbps globally limited [Resolved]

    I have 600 Mbps internet with Comcast. My game downloads from various storefronts have been limited to around 200 Mbps for a while now, I was beginning to think that Comcast was capping just those downloads or maybe the content delivery networks for those sources were limited. When downloading...
  9. djoye

    FS: Tobii Eye Tracker 4C

    Selling a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. Worked fine (even with glasses) but I bought a curved monitor and it doesn't mount to a curved monitor without a custom mount. It came with two magnetic strips, only one is required for mounting; one is still attached to my old monitor and probably no good if I...
  10. djoye

    PlayStation 4 Gamepad Support on Windows?

    How well does the PS4 gamepad work on Windows? I'm under the impression that a wired connection seems to ensure all functionality and the wireless adapters may be flaky (unless you buy an original Sony BT adapter?). Do games usually have the proper button icons for the PS4 controller?
  11. djoye

    Bought a cheap TV for 4K HDR console gaming

    My last TV was a higher-end 52" Sharp Aquos from 2008 (1080p). I was planning to wait and buy a larger TV with HDMI 2.1 when that becomes more common, but I'm sitting on a stack of PS4 games that support HDR and didn't wanna wait to play them. I decided that a cheap modern TV couldn't be any...
  12. djoye

    i7-6700K to i7-9700K - Nice performance improvement in games

    Within the past couple months I went from an i7-6700K to an i7-9700K (CPU + MB upgrade only), both running their stock clocks but with my DDR4-3000 RAM running its XMP profile in both cases. Same GTX 1080 GPU with the same OC, didn't re-install Windows 10, just installed drivers for the...
  13. djoye

    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

    If I'd have taken the name literally, I wouldn't have bought the game! /s? This game is basically inspired by Donkey Kong Country, David Wise even wrote some of the music. In general, it's not terribly challenging, but there are maybe a few tedious areas. You basically have to rescue bees to...
  14. djoye

    AIO Cooler VS Motherboard Fan Control

    Well, I'm an idiot. Couldn't figure it why my Corsair H100iGTX couldn't cool well on a new setup (i7 9700K), did some research and found recommendations to set the motherboard fan control to full speed, this greatly improved cooling performance putting idle temps closer to where I'd expect them...
  15. djoye

    Anyone PC game with Atmos home theater?

    I've long since had a proper 7.1 HT setup at my PC and I've been getting the itch to buy a proper Atmos receiver. My justification is that maybe 2 games I have or am interested in support Atmos for home theater. I'd be going to an 11.2 Marantz so I can simply install 4 speakers on the ceiling...
  16. djoye

    Snake Pass

    Snake Pass was free with Twitch Prime, I had it on my Steam wishlist for a while because I sometimes like to play puzzle games. I swear to god this is like the QWOP of puzzle games. I want to enjoy it, I typically end up enjoying it, but many times I feel like it's impossible to get the snake to...
  17. djoye

    Held back by old DP<->HDMI cable!

    For many years I used a Dell Optiplex 990 for a simple HTPC, it played movie rips from a NAS using a variant of Media Player Classic; this Optiplex was connected via a DisplayPort<->HDMI cable I purchased years ago for the purpose of connecting this PC to my AV receiver. The Optiplex never...
  18. djoye

    An intranet page that can perform an action with a service account?

    In the past I've seen custom intranet web-based tools that performed actions such as rebuilding a user's Citrix profile while subsequently terminating their Citrix session to ensure the rebuild process was clean and successful. Support had access to a web page where they could input a username...
  19. djoye

    Do you expect full backwards compatibility for next-gen consoles?

    I'm setting my expectations HIGH. Google Now/News keeps feeding me news that the next-gen PlayStation will have an AMD CPU and I don't see why not, it makes financial sense, and with that, I'd expect the PS5 to be fully capable of running PS4 games because that's how it has been in PC land...
  20. djoye

    Is setting in-game refresh rate redundant with adaptive sync?

    I have an Acer XG270HU (FreeSync, 144Hz), I've always had NVIDIA GPUs, so I'm new to adaptive sync with the recent driver update. I've often capped frame rate using NVIDIA Inspector, I've done this based on what I'd determine was the average frame rate of a demanding game. For example, I capped...
  21. djoye

    Anyone use a Marantz AV receiver with their PC?

    I'm interested in a modern Marantz receiver, but I need to know if I can run HDMI from my GPU to the AVR and have HDMI throughput (audio) work without a display connected to the AVR. My Denon does this, but my Onkyos do not and require a display connected before HDMI will activate.
  22. djoye

    Sound Blaster Recon3D, Z, or AE cards and ALchemy quality?

    In the past I had spoken with someone using some form of USB Sound Blaster device that had ALchemy support. The discussion was regarding audio quality issues while using ALchemy with the USB SB device; apparently ALchemy settings that worked with internal SB cards didn't seem to work with the...
  23. djoye

    Synology users--check SMB settings

    I was digging around in Programs and Features in Windows 10 today looking for something unrelated and I found "SMB Direct", which is a feature of SMB 3, so I enabled it. I decided to look around in my Synology DS413j for SMB settings and found its SMB settings in Control Panel --> File Services...
  24. djoye

    Time to move ~1TB data on a network share VS local drive. Windows Server

    I had a drive connected to a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM, moving ~1TB data around when it was connected locally to that VM was instantaneous. I disconnected that drive and connected it to a Server 2012 R2 server and am connecting to it from the Server 2008 R2 server as a network drive. Now when...
  25. djoye

    Get rid of Windows 8/Server 2012 Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen? (Not auto-login)

    I'm a System Admin, when pushing updates to servers, I like to be able to see if a server is installing those updates. Problem with Windows 8/Server 2012 is that, when updates are applying before the reboot, you can't see the progress! These are VMs, I go to the console and send the Ctrl+Alt+Del...
  26. djoye

    Sony Sales (Even Without PSN!)

    Is Sony changing their tune!? I'm mostly a PC gamer (I'm cheap and wait for sales or free games), but I enjoy PS4 as well. It seems almost impossible to find those awesome PS4 exclusive games on sale unless you're a PSN member; I can't justify PSN membership because I don't use any PSN features...
  27. djoye


    I had Observer on my Steam wish list for a while but picked it up for free with Twitch Prime; played it, probably at least 2/3 through the game but dropped out when I was about to be chased by the Jabberwock or whatever the hell it is. I'll be hopefully finishing it this weekend. The game takes...
  28. djoye

    Xbox Wireless Gamepad - Any compatibility issues on Windows?

    My 360 wired gamepad is showing some wear (sometimes the left analog moves forward without me pushing it) so I'm thinking about going with a wireless Xbox One gamepad. In the past, any compatibility issue that turned up with the 360 gamepad on Windows seemed to be related to the wireless 360...
  29. djoye

    Non-Cave Flying Shoot-'em-ups on Steam?

    I used to enjoy games like R-Type and Gradius, realized maybe I could find some games like this on Steam. Does anyone have suggestions for shooters? I am too casual to deal with Cave-style shooters where I have to dodge a barrage of projectiles, anything else should be manageable.
  30. djoye

    Creative brings '3D' sound to headphones after US$100m R&D Looks like Creative has developed a calibration tool for headphone 3D audio.
  31. djoye

    I hate Keychain. Need advice for managing Macs in workplace.

    Help me understand how Keychain works. I have users that store credentials in Keychain, if they change their Microsoft Active Directory (email, network access, etc.) password elsewhere, then power on their Mac that has the old password cached in Keychain, it seems that Keychain blows up Office...
  32. djoye

    Need to create local Windows self-help account (kiosk)

    I need to create a Windows account (can be local (preferred) or domain) that just launches a web browser so that users can access self-help. I've seen Windows machines where a domain user could login but there was also a self-help account that just launched a web browser, I assume it's called a...
  33. djoye

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Steam

    I think I only ever played the Crash demo on the original PlayStation, surprised to see it on Steam. Not sure I'll buy it, but I found this interesting.
  34. djoye

    What have you lost to digital distribution?

    I actually like digital distribution for games because, so far, it has been reliable and I've not lost anything; I currently own more games than I would care to have physical media for. I recently decided I wanted to crank up F.E.A.R. 2 for a few minutes (that's usually what I do before closing...
  35. djoye

    Any non-Xbox members uploaded Windows 10 Game DVR videos through the Xbox app?

    I decided to play with the Windows 10 Xbox app where I'm logged in with my GFWL/Xbox account using an offline Windows 10 profile, I used the Game DVR feature to record video from a supported/recognized game, but I get an extremely generic error of "There was a problem uploading your capture"...
  36. djoye

    Load Balancing: Dedicated Appliance VS Software Application

    Anyone familiar with network load balancing? Say you have a handful (5-10) of network services that you want load balanced, is it best to use a dedicated appliance or is something like the Network Load Balancer that is included with Windows Server adequate?
  37. djoye

    Question about digital 'signing' of documents

    I'm trying to understand digital document signing. I see there are some free solutions, but if I'm using self-signed certs from a CA server I create, how is that even considered trusted?
  38. djoye

    Windows 10 1709 Audio Options

    Image attached. Right-click on the speaker icon and you get options like this now. This is awesome if you have 7.1 speakers, but don't want games that only output 5.1 sending surround audio to the wrong (back) surround speakers.
  39. djoye

    HP Folio 9470m no bootable image found (informational)

    I'm posting this here because I'm not going to register on HP's forum; I rarely find anything of value on those forums. This is just for informational purposes and contains a solution. I installed Windows 10 on an HP Folio 9470m laptop months ago, it booted and worked properly until I updated...
  40. djoye

    Help with modular page elements (PHP or CSS?). Need search terms.

    I'd like to learn more about what I would call 'modular' web page elements, but I don't know what search terms to use. For example, I'd like to be able to have a navigation bar that isn't hard-coded in each page, but is loaded from another single source. I've read that PHP could insert code from...