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    LG C8 55 stand on a C7 55?? Will it fit?

    Hey folks. Long shot but I have an opportunity to buy a C7 for REALLY cheap but I would need a stand where I would use it. I have a C8 that's wall mounted elsewhere but I kept the stand. Does anyone know if the C8 stand would work on the C7?
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    MSI Releases Beta Bios's with (-) Voltage offset for 5800X3D on certain B550 boards

    Hey folks, This is something I've been bugging MSI about for a little while now and it's finally here!!! We can now undervolt our 5800x3d's on several B550 boards through the bios. This current list is as per below but they're planning on adding this option to all 500 series boards soon...
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    5800X3D hits 90C for REALLY simple things...

    Hey folks. Let me preface this by saying that I know this chip runs really hot... I've got a bit of a headscratcher, though. It might be totally normal but seems like it shouldn't be. I dunno. Backstory. I just put together an all AMD system for fun. 5800X3D. 6900XT. 16GB 4400 DDR4. Evga 280mm...
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    Savegame for CoD: Vanguard

    Hey folks. I've been playing CoD: Vanguard and for the 2nd time my savegame progress was wiped. I have no idea how to recover or if it's even possible so I was wondering if anyone has a savegame file they could share with me. I had just started the Australia campaign with Dez (who happens to be...
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    Warm: 6900XT/6950XT at MSRP ($999/$1099) on AMD store

    Haven't seen availability ever but they're there now. Been refreshing everyday for months. Have at it if you need a card. Not sure how many there are.
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    AMD Pin Repair (3600x)

    Hey folks. I have a 3600x that has several busted, bent, you name it pins and I was wondering if there is a service or any "jeweler" handed solderer that could repair it. I had a few pops when I tried to install this CPU and let me tell you that was a baaaaaaad idea. Anyway, It's been sitting on...
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    WTB: AT Case for retro 486 build. Not a tower but a horizontal desktop

    Hey all! I'm currently pulling together parts to build an old retro gaming PC. Something similar to the attached image. I'd like one that's unbranded and generic as I plan to paint it seafoam green and don't want any logos. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
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    WTB: Phanteks Evolv X Black Case

    Like the title says. Looking for a used Phanteks Evolv X Case.
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    Acer Predator Helios 300, i7 10750H, RTX 2060 6GB $1199

    I'm not sure if this is the going rate these days for this laptop but this seems like a lot of machine for the money. Very similar to my Triton 500 except this has a 10th gen chip and let me tell you that gaming a joy on it...
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    Bose QuietComfort 35 II - Rose Gold color $252

    Nvm, please delete.
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    WTB: Macbook Pro Mid 2014 Retina Display 15inch

    As the title states, looking for a Macbook Pro screen from Mid 2014 in 15 inch. Current screen is cracked and looks pretty crazy. :) Let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    Dilemma...PG278Q with 980ti or RX 5700 XT

    Hey there...I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm moving to Truckee for a couple of months and will be taking my backup computer with me along with an Asus ROG PG278Q. Currently the system specs are as follows: i5 4670K @ 4.4 16GB DDR3 1TB nvme SSD 980TI Asus ROG Swift PG278Q I guess that's all that...
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    WTB: Cooler for evga 980ti

    Hey all. Looking to buy a cooler for an evga 980 ti reference PCB. The hybrid one i have failed but the card still works fine. No longer under warranty. Doesn't need to be an evga. Just something that will work. I'd prefer non founders style coolor for noise. Let me know what you have!
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    LG 55 inch OLED C8 2018 - $1579

    This seems like a pretty good deal for $1579. I'd pick one up if I had the play money or the need.
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    Subnautica - Free Thru Epic Games Launcher (12/14-12/27)

    As the title states, Subnautica is free today until the 27th if you download through the Epic Games Launcher. Already got my copy.
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    Feenix Vitesse Gaming Mouse $5

    I'm pretty sure these guys are out of business now (so don't expect a warranty) since they haven't responded to any request I've made recently and amazon is liquidating everything but for $5 this is a great mouse! I got 4 just to have as spares :P...
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    Feenix Vitesse Gaming Mouse $19.99

    This is a darn good deal on a pretty good mouse. I purchsed 2 of them and they're easily worth $20 each. Only 9 left in stock though so act fast! The feenix logo lights up white...
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    Feenix Autore Backlit Cherry MX Blues $89

    This is a fat deal. Love this keyboard. Own both the browns and the blues.
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    Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEB8000100) - $150 Prime

    8TB external harddrive for $150. Seems pretty good.
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    Self Signed Certificate trust issue...

    Hey all, First off, on a Mac with High Sierra... I have a lab environment that is on my local network. I'm trying to use a self signed SSL certificate to get past the SSL errors but I'm having strange issues. I've added the cert to Keychain Access and set the Allow options which is supposed to...
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    WTB: Func MS-3 R2 Mouse/Mice

    Hey all, I'm looking for a few Func MS-3 R2 mice that are in like-new to good condition. This is my favorite mouse I've ever used and Func is no longer in business so please sell me yours if you don't use it! Thanks!!
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    Middle Earth: Shadow Of War $33.78 after promo code

    Kind of ripping off the Wolfenstein deal, but Shadow Of War is 33.78 after using promo code: HALLOCDKEYS666 Loved the first game and this one seems to be really good too! This is the standard edition + DLC.
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    WTT: MSI 1080 ti Founders Edition for MSI Gaming X

    Hey all, I would love to trade my MSI Founders Edition card for a Gaming X. I know some folks purchased it not realizing how large it is and might want to trade for an FE rather than return and rebuy. I'm of course willing to throw some additional cash into the mix. I might be nuts for this...
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    MSI Afterbuner Alternatives...or

    Hey MSI Afterburner crashes my system. I've been trying to overclock my 4930k from 4Ghz to something in the 4.5 range and I kept getting crashes. Some "KMODE" bsod which I figured out was being caused by MSI Afterburner. Upon uninstalling it, my overclock was totally stable. No crashes...
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    WTB Supermicro X8DAH+-F Motherboard (Working or broken)

    Hey all, had a recent accident with my current board. Put it into a new case and forgot to remove a standoff. It popped off some resistors and I have no idea where they are. The breaks are clean in that there are pads left to solder, so if you have a broken one that I can just swap them, that...
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    Cyclic Redundancy Check in RAID5 but not byu themselves

    Hey all, I have a strange issue that I've never previously encountered. I received several SSD's from a datacenter decommission and tested them out. Low hours, SMART data all checks out, drives detected no problem... I can format the drives and use them fine by themselves but not in RAID5. I've...
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    Func MS-2 Mouse for ~$21

    EDIT: It came out to 21 each for me. Base of 16.99 + whatever shipping is from UK. I took a chance anyway. Hey all. This is an eBay deal, but it's pretty solid. Having owned this mouse before, for the price its awesome (currently using an MS-3. Best mouse I've ever used). I ordered 2. The only...
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    Speck Macbook Pro Cases - 13 and 15 inch 19.99 @ Best Buy

    As the title states, there are a bunch of Macbook Pro Speck Cases on sale at Best Buy. Good deal for someone looking... Click here
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    Razer Naga Chroma $39.99 at Best Buy

    As the title states, Razer Naga Chroma for $39.99 at Best Buy. I was at Fry's and they price matched it.
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    Filco black leather TKL wrist rests 35.99

    This is only hot to some people because most will think that 36 bucks (+ shipping) for a wrist rest is crazy. That being said these are discontinued and nobody, including keypop, had them in stock until recently. I checked a month ago, nope. Today, yep! I have purchased 2 104 key wrist wrests...
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    Feenix Autore Mechanical Keyboard $129

    Hey all. I dunno if this is regular price now, but its worth mentioning. $129 for the Feenix Autore. Not at all hot, but warm at least. This is hands down my favorite keyboard I've ever used. It doesn't have all the fancy macros or volume wheels or lights...just a barebones keyboard that is...
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    4 Intel SSD's. DC S3500 800GB

    Hey all, I'm selling 3 (1 sold) of these bad boys. They each have ~6500 hours on them and work great. See details about the drive here. Asking $300 each. I would be wiling to trade 1 for a GTX 970 as well. Heatware
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    New Samsung and Sandisk 960Gb SSD's

    Hey all. Selling off several brand new 960GB SSD's. I have 10 drives total, 5 SanDisk Extreme PRO's and 5 Samsung PM863 Enterprise grade SSD's. These drives are all brand new. The SanDisks are in original unopened packaging and the Samsung's are packaged OEM. Some discount will be provided if...
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    WTT: Das Ultimate 4 Blues for Das Ultimate 4 Browns

    Hey all. Just like the title says... I have a perfect condition Das Ultimate 4 with MX Blues that I'm looking to trade for Browns. I know its a longshot that anyone will want to do this trade, but I figured I'd try anyway. I've had my keyboard since april but have kept it in perfect condition...
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    WTB: Feenix Autore Mechanical Keyboard

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy a Feenix Autore mechanical keyboard. I used to have one and sold it without really putting much thought into it. Now I realize that was probably my favorite keyboard that I've ever owned. I'm not really willing to drop 150 on a new one just yet :) Looking to spend no...
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    [warm] Cooler Master Rapid-I Mechanical Keyboard $85 AR

    Hey all. This seems like a pretty good deal for those looking for a TKL mechy with backlighting. I'm tempted to pick up the browns myself but will do my best to hold off because I already own several boards... Available in blues, browns and reds...
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    Asus ROG Swift with 24 inch 60hz... everything at 60hz? Windows 10

    Hey all. I recently upgraded to Windows 10. I'm running a ROG Swift and an old 24 inch Asus 60hz panel. For some reason the Swift reverts back to 60hz every time I reboot the machine. I have to manually switch the turbo button to use 144hz. Inside the nVidia control panel, if I select 144hz it...
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    X58 Combo: R3E, X5660, 24GB

    Hey there. Selling off my X58 setup. It includes an Asus Rampage III Extreme with IO shield, X5660 and 24GB Corsair Dominator ram. Half the ram is 1600Mhz, the other is 2000. Also includes ram cooler fan unit thingy. :) One thing to note. The mobo had a busted capacitor by the PCI-E slot which...
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    Went from 980 SLI to a single 980TI...

    So I went from 980's in SLI to single 980TI, and I couldn't be happier. I recently purchased a ROG Swift to go with my 980's and it had been nothing but problems. Even prior with my previous screen, SLI just wasn't working well. When I had SLI 680's and 470's I never had problems, but something...